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I've heard "It's not like an episode of NCIS" by 3 separate "experts" today (re: Boston Investigation)

Geraldo made the comment on his radio show this morning. Hannity had some ex-fbi guy on his radio show that said "people have to remember they aren’t watching NCIS", and then I just watched a clip of cousin Janet saying the same damn thing in her briefing before some congressional committee today.

Geraldo also dumped Rand ie: just HAD to go to commercial when Rand was schooling him on the 2nd amendment.

Hannity is plain queer. I just want to punch my radio as he CONSTANTLY refers to 9/11 as if it the official story is accurate. Whoever was talking to him on the radio today actually said that (terrorists) HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOMS and whoever is arrested for the Boston Bombing should be sent to GITMO and renditioned to get all the information possible. "Terrorists don't deserve Miranda rights...or any other rights" said expert asshat...NEVER EVEN CONSIDERING that FBI Sting operations are responsible for virtually ALL of the so called "terrorist" plots since 9/11.

I also KEEP hearing the media compare the anthrax letters to the ricin letters and the underwear bomber to the Boston Bomber...The Anthrax came from a Government Lab, and the underwear bomber was LET ON THE PLANE BY an "unknown" official that walked him past security.

It’s all just too much listening to these ass clowns!

I only listen because it makes they make me laugh (or wanna punch them) and because its important to know our enemies.