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Photos of Private Military Operatives Working the Boston Marathon

Mike Adams | Natural News | April 18, 2013

Natural News has now confirmed that at least five private military contractors were operating on scene at the Boston marathon, and that they all carried black backpacks which look very similar to the backpack carrying the pressure cooker bomb (see pictures below).

The mainstream media is completely censoring any mention of these “Craft” operatives, pretending they don’t even exist. Only the alternative media is conducting real investigative journalism on these bombings. The mainstream media isn’t interested in the truth; they only want to spin the attack into a new way to somehow blame conservative Americans for something they had no part in.

Thanks to the help of researchers posting on 4Chan, plus a bit of our own analysis, we’ve been able to bring new research to light as you’ll see in the photos below.

Who is this guy and what is he holding in his hand?

The following photo was snapped mere moments after the first bomb detonation. Many people are asking, “Who is this guy?” and why is he dressed in combat boots and military BDUs (pants)? More importantly, what is he carrying in his hand?

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We have to be idiots

To believe that former navy SEALs would truck in with an easily identified car, wearing easily identified gear, wearing backpacks, to blow up some bombs on American soil is laughable. For all the discret and covert operations they have done worldwide, did they just suddenly forget to wear different clothes and drive an unmarked vehicle, especially in America where they can be most easily spotted? Yea, OK.

Alex Jones is smarter than that (well, maybe not). Maybe they were just beefed up security that failed. But to blame them? Come on. That's a joke. We have to be smarter than that or people will never take us seriously!

sounds like a basic police

sounds like a basic police cover up on the fact, They knew there was a bomb threat and instead of stopping everything and clearing out all the people. They tried to find the bomb and it literally blew up in their faces. this is the root of the police cover up i am sure of it.

Ron Paul 2016

Or else its FBI sting operation gone totally wrong

Or else its FBI sting operation gone totally wrong. We always steam over the FBI justifying its overpriced anti-terror bureaucracy by luring lonely sociopaths through the internet, giving them plans and fake bombs and trips to the target site, only to spring upon them and claim they stopped another terror attack.

Now, what if the patsies were a little smarter this time round, and swapped out fake bombs for real ones while their fat, pompous handlers were in starbucks?

I've been waiting for the FBI to screw up royally like that for some time now. And, naturally, you're not gonna hear about it.

You'll just hear about the need for cameras in every bathroom stall to "stop the terrorists". But that alone will make things very hard for the FBI. If there are cameras everywhere, the FBI screw-ups and their average day-to-day incompetence will be recorded as well.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Possible, but why were

Possible, but why were mercenaries allegedly hired? Mercenaries are physically fit, paid killers, not overweight cops waiting for someone to harass. Surely, Boston PD has a bomb squad.

I'll bet they...

I'll bet they hate that so many people have so many photos of them. Anybody out there with facial recognition software and access to photo data bases? Please help find out who are the real good guys and who are the real bad guys.


Working with House Intellegence Committee, helping CISPA?

What stunt will the Senate pull to distract?

Free includes debt-free!