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Jim from Gold Rush came in today Wow...he is very awake.

As I go about my day...many people come into our store...and today Jim from the show Gold Rush came in to have one of his trucks taken care of with a new stereo.. and he was so pleasant to talk to. Also he is "Very Awake"....I am not going to get into any details of our conversation out of pure respect...but as a miner of precious metals, he and all of his fellow friends are very clear minded on what they think is going to happen in regards to precious metals. Silver and Gold are on SUPER SALE right now.....keep stacking people. Here is a photo of Jim and I.

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Takeaction, I see your

Takeaction, I see your commercials all the time, that's awesome your on DP!

Good to hear

from the Oregon remnant.


I love the show, and think he is awesome

cool thanks for the info

cool thanks for the info