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John McCain brags about his speech on gun control on Facebook

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An honest poll

would reveal that most REAL veterans do not support gun control.

Emphasis on REAL.

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Of my family are veterans and they can't stand McCain.

Looking at the posters that

Looking at the posters that are complimenting his treason, they are fake fb profiles that are slightly leaning right but no other activity etc.

Plus their comments look like spun comments!

Let McCain know how you feel on his Facebook

Lindsey Graham too

I let them both have it!


Left him a nice "thank you."

"John McCain, you are an idiot and an out-of-the-closet fascist. Thank you for continuing to expose yourself as a treasonous, anti-constitutional RINO."

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He's the Sweetheart of MSNBC today.

He's on every show saying he "Just thought it was the right thing to do".

For whom?

For whom?

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Just guess...

Just guess...

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