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MIT officer killed; Shootout & Explosions in Watertown; One Marathon Bomber Suspect Dead; Second Surrounded

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Police Scanner:


Boston Globe:

Search for marathon bombing suspect locks down Watertown, surrounding communities

Police Capture One Marathon Bombing Suspect

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RT Livestream: http://rt.com/on-air/police-watertown-boston-marathon/

YouTube - Shootout in Watertown:


Google Map:


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Video Livestream: http://www1.whdh.com/video/7newslive

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11:46pm - That helicopter has been hovering for the past half hour now...I can hear it.

I thought it had something to do with the Boston Marathon bombers. An MIT police officer just got shot, less than a mile from my house, according to the Boston Globe:


CAMBRIDGE -- An MIT police officer suffered life-threatening injuries Thursday night and was taken to a hospital, according to a State Police spokesman.

MIT and Cambridge police responded to a report of shots fired about 10:30 p.m. Thursday near Main and Vassar streets, said State Police spokesman Dave Procopio.

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Officer down, shooter on the loose:


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Go to a military base in

Go to a military base in Afghanistan and you'll find electricians, truck drivers, secretaries, IT guys, and countless other contractors wearing similar getups. It's common gear. I agree they probably are security contractors, but again, nothing "mysterious" about this. Perfectly reasonable for the police to hire contractors to help with security or even themselves work "undercover" out of uniform. This could simply be the BPD undercover outfit of choice by the department.


Despite your best efforts to silence our questions, there is something suspicious about their presence at the finish line of the marathon. I guess we'd have to assume that either their presence is a regular occurrence at events like this and if that's so then I'd like to see pictures of past Boston Marathons or the Superbowl or other large-scale events like this to verify that this is a common occurrence like you assert. If not, then one could make the assumption or question whether a threat was called in before hand and that would ultimately mean that the federal authorities knew beforehand and failed to prevent the disaster. Either way, their presence feels out of place in a city like Boston.

And I was in the military as well (worked with TCNs and many other contractors at Al Udeid, Qatar in 2006) and I've been to various NFL games and major league sporting events and I've never seen any domestic security detail dressed uniformedly in desert camo.

Why don't you accept that as

Why don't you accept that as lawful? Tell me, if you have a special event taking place with tens of thousands of new people in town how do you provide security for the event while still covering your normal police duties at the same time? It's not cost effective to permanently hire more officers that are only needed for this once/year event. I've got an idea, let's hire some security contractors. This is common practice. Nothing strange about it, and certainly nothing illegal.

Exercise some common sense rather than ASSUMING that you know more than everybody else. Just asinine that people would ASSUME that the Boston Police Force must be trying to kill Bostonians. This is your first thought? Shameful.

What makes you think America is exempt from the evils of other


You think somehow, even though other governments, WESTERN governments have murdered their own that WE are immune to such behavior?

Germany ca. 1938 is a prime example.

There was no looming dark cloud there. Everything wasn't grey and drab.

Life there looked like life HERE does now.

Our own government murdered 80+ in Waco Texas, they murdered a man's wife and infant son in Ruby Ridge, local police murdered an innocent family of five in Chicago...

There's no proof as of yet that these guys or anyone else there in Boston were military working the race.

But you going off the rails because someone doesn't put it past our own to do something heinous is just plain head in the sand BLIND.

When will you admit our own government has the power, and if given the opportunity (if they don't create it) WILL murder our own people for their own ends?

When it's your family that they kill?

Do we have to wait for that to happen before you take your head out of your rectal cavity?

What about all the people they kill in the meantime till they get around to you and yours?

There you go, making more

There you go, making more assumptions. Here's the problem with your thought process. Instead of having some common sense and approaching things in a balanced manner, you go way out of your way to conjure up these crazy narratives that have absolutely no basis on fact or even common sense reason. In your world the government is this well oiled machine that resembles something from star trek. Everybody is a super human evil genius plotting to enslave the rest of us. Here's a suggestion, go get a government job. Pick any branch of government at any level. Do that for a couple months and then tell me if your conspiracies make any sense whatsoever.

I'm not advocating a conspiracy. No where at all did I say I

did, or even suggest that this was a government job. (by definition, if two or more people were involved - it was a conspiracy - but I'm sure you meant 'inside job' conspiracy)

I said denying it flat out is equally stupid as claiming it is, at this time.

We don't have all the evidence in yet.

And yes, the burden of proof should always be against the government and the presumption should be in favor of the innocence of the Citizen - always.

Otherwise, the resulting landscape will more closely resemble the 3rd Reich or the Soviet Union.

So you criticize his post

So you criticize his post because he makes assumptions and then you subsequently spout a slew of assumptions about him in return. Nice. If that's not trolling done well, I don't know what is.

Cute ... not. Why not have

Cute ... not. Why not have the county sheriff deputize trustworthy and KNOWN members of their own community as temporary help instead of hiring a distant, private army? Could the result have been much worse? I see you're taking a page from Glen Beck's smear book in order to prevent legitimate inquiry into this tragedy and likely others as well. I don't view mercenaries as "security contractors", but rather as a private army trained to assassinate people which might be appropriate overseas, but not in the USA. At a minimum, the unfortunate folks participating in the Boston marathon were sitting ducks between paid killers on one hand and bombers on the other. The FBI is directly responsible for the carnage IF this tragedy was a sting operation gone horribly awry.

LOL. Case in point. Look at

LOL. Case in point. Look at this paranoid loon. Yes, let's deputize people with no experience. Brilliant idea. Perhaps the bombers could have applied, after all, they were "trusted and known" local members of the community, right?

Military and/or law enforcement vets with active security clearances, thorough background checks, and up to date training qualifications working as contractors, we can't trust them, not at all.

Your description is just hillarious. "trained to assassinate". LOL. You have no idea what in the world you are talking about. I've been through these elite military schools that you clearly know nothing about. Let me educate you, it's not hollywood. It's not Jason Bourne. No super human skills. But the truth of what these programs are like don't make for very good recruiting posters. The military is a bureaucracy just like the local social security office. It is filled with stupidity and inefficiency. I'm honored that you have this super-human image of me, hate to bust that bubble, but that's not what people who work for Xe or Blackwater or any other contracting firm are like. If they appear super human it is only because they spend more time outside than behind their computer trolling the internet. If you went outside and worked out a little you could be in shape too.

You are a nut. You do not live in the real world my friend.

Only in your silly and

Only in your silly and delusional mind would a sheriff deputize local people with no experience. I suspect ANY county sheriff knows many folks, e.g. former military, in his local area with more than enough experience to help with security as required on a temporary basis without the need for paid killers from a private army. LoL

Despite your silly and intentional misrepresentation of my remarks concerning Craft International, they ARE hired assassins from a private army which has absolutely no place on American soil. I'm all too familiar with private contractors operating overseas and I'm fully aware of the limitations of their members as part of humanity. LoL Only a pompous mind would twist my remarks of trained killers into beings with "super human skills". Again, members of Craft International are trained to assassinate as members of a private army and have absolutely NO place on American soil....nada, zilch, or none for the slow. Despite your silly impression that assassins appear "super human" to me, they don't. Members of Craft International who participated in the tragedy in Boston should definitely be on the list of suspects to be interrogated. Maybe some readers might find your silly remarks enlightening, but I find them merely amusing given my background. Even at my age, I'm so confident of my physical ability and condition that I'm willing to post images of my body on-line for comparison. Readers, should I accept the nutty guy's challenge? ;)

Nice ad hominem.

Why can't you just talk to the people on here with respect? Why the LOLs? Answer the questions without that nonsense. You're just making yourself look foolish and disingenuous. People here are simply hungry for answers and we have good reason not to trust the official story coming down from a centralized, supposedly altruistic "authority". When we see photos that are suspicious and then we're told not to look at those just because the FBI thinks they have the monopoly on intelligence, then we're going to be suspicious and question everything. We have the ability to investigate on our own with the internet and other sources, and you're damn right we're going to use that ability to the fullest. It's not paranoia, it's a divine right.

Ad hominem? Oooh, big word.

Ad hominem? Oooh, big word. Let me tell you about ad hominem. How about serving your country in the military, seeing the reality of all these things first hand and then having crazy people on the internet accuse you of bombing a public event in Boston? And then when you politely try and reason when them they tell you to pull your head out of the sand, accuse you of being some kind of a government disinformation plant, call you names, etc. Excuse me for laughing at you. You don't seem to realize how incredibly offensive your "theories" are.

Tell me. Let's say you were a cop. A little girl was just kidnapped. Parents are distraught. The little girls dead body is found. It's your job to inform the parents of their horrible loss. Right after informing the parents would you then, and without any evidence whatsoever I might add, accuse them of being the kidnappers/murders and then grill them with questions and wild speculation?

Military and law enforcement have very dangerous jobs. I never like it when people thank me for my service, I didn't volunteer for recognition or to be patronized by people... but I darn sure don't like getting spit on either.

I did serve.

I just don't like bragging about it. I prefer to keep it a hidden and ultimately unnecessary detail since addressing it only seeks desperate approval of one's opinion based on irrelevant background information.

Sorry to offend you, but you don't seem to realize that your attacks on the people here asking question's character is equally offensive and it only turns an otherwise important topic with important questions that people are passionate about into some tangential, immature argument. That, and your appeal to emotion in your second paragraph seems incredibly out of place, but whatever.

But just because you may have served in the military or been a police officer does not deem everyone else's opinions and questions or theories null and void. I think you need to try and understand that. Sorry. This is coming from someone who also served. But I'm sure you'll just throw that in my face and tell me my term of service was less noble than your own.


never needed military contractors associated with Xe or blackwater to provide security for these events in the past. Go ahead and tell me that things are different after 911. Do you also support the patriot act? What good did this "security" do? What was the cost?

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

No, I don't support the

No, I don't support the Patriot Act. What does warantless wiretaps have to do with extra police at a special event?

I'm a SOF veteran. I've served in these "secret units" that you guys like to conspiracy theorize about. I've worked as a contractor in Afghanistan. I've had lots of interaction with private security and know a lot of guys that work in this community. They FREQUENTLY help with public events. It is commonplace in large cities. COMMON!

And yes, things are different after 911. LOL, doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that fact. Newsflash, 911 wasn't an inside job, it wasn't hollywood fiction, that actually happened. While I would agree with you that the threat is waaaaaaaaaay overblown, waaay overblown, a real threat does exist. We've had numerous mass shooting incidents. The police, especially in larger cities, take public events seriously. As they should. This is their job. This is what the public hired them to do. Don't like it, go somewhere else.

What good did those contractors do, apparently not much. What do you expect from a handful of guys in a dynamic crowd of tens of thousands?

We've had numerous mass shooting incidents and bombings

for the entirety of our history.

This is nothing new.

It's just novel for us lately, and it's more known because of the 24 hour news cycle.

Incidents like this and more and worse, happened in the early 20th century during prohibition and the "labor wars."

You just might not have read about it in the papers because it wasn't "national" news until the violence got to your town.

People have gone missing and been abducted and murdered for all of history.

We just hear about particular cases now for weeks on end because of the cable news channels.

The world isn't going to hell any faster than it always was.

You just are waking up to how much of a hell it always has been and still is.

There is nothing "different" since 9/11 or any other event.

That's just an excuse to eviscerate protections for inalienable rights and evolve the current police state into a panopticon prison.

And even that is nothing new.

People in power have been attempting this for centuries.

The debate over an all powerful central government and a diversified confederation has been raging since before the ink was dry at Yorktown.

This battle has been going on all around the world.

It will likely never end.

There will always be some asshole who thinks he knows what's best for others and a bunch of asshats who makes excuses for him.


Besides, there is no proof that they are contractors. I see these guys at the airports all over they country. They work for the DHS.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

AJ is making MSM look

AJ is making MSM look credible! Aj is just a ratings whore like beck. oooo i get neg rep for touching the golden aj media whore.

Ron Paul 2016

We should have an AJ STFU

We should have an AJ STFU MONEYBOMB, and if he can stfu for 30 days. See how long he can shut his mouth to raise money for liberty. Would be a great idea.

Ron Paul 2016

ooo noooo's i better get back

ooo noooo's i better get back in the program and start supporting the media whore AJ who cannot stfu for 1 minute.

AJ makes the MSM have more credibility

AJ is probably counter ops for the media to regain credibility!

If only AJ could stfu for once!

Ron Paul 2016

The unfortunate thing is that

The unfortunate thing is that AJ does sometimes break some very good news. Plenty of legitimate conspiracies to cover, like liberals wanting to ban guns, etc, they want to wreak havoc on the economy, corrupt banks colluding with goverment, media bias, refusing to mention even a word about this abortion psyco doctor, I'm totally with him. There are real conspiracies. But for all the good information he puts out, it gets overshadowed with all the crazy and he does damage to his own cause. Even if it's a legitimate story, the fact that it came from infowars makes it immediately suspect.

Cyril's picture

"Is this is a big Hollywood production?"

"Is this is a big Hollywood production?"

Well, granted, it isn't. Hence the outrage, precisely:


I sure wish it were Hollywood crews, only.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

What? You're upset because

What? You're upset because they've locked down this part of town while they try to apprehend this nut case? Seriously? An active law enforcement operation underway to apprehend a man responsible for bombing a public event that left numerous dead and dozens of people amputated, who furthermore engaged in a rather spectacular shootout with the police all night, throwing bombs at them and killing at least one officer, and you're upset that they are telling people to stay inside?

There is no reasoning with people like you. You're little miss contrarian, nothing will satisfy you. Too many police, sign of a conspiracy. Not enough police, oh, well sign of a conspiracy. Hollywood camera, oh, sign of a conspiracy.

You're a nut.

Cyril's picture

So, locking down an entire city is standard procedure, now?

So, locking down an entire city is standard procedure, now?

What's next? I'd just like an update.

Ever heard of the Boiling Frog?

The experiment is known to work, actually.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

it's the new normal

... with foreign troops on the streets of your town, Federales arresting Constitutional sheriffs, armed drones patrolling the skies, martial law and total surveillance extended indefinitely per presidential executive order, SS agents roaming the countryside ... vast new jails sitting empty awaiting some future "trigger event"

nothing to see here folks move along ... move along

Cyril's picture

Yes. :(

Yes. :(

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Would you rather...

...that the killer get away?

I'm guessing you're very young and this is the first time you've observed or heard of a city in lockdown.

Cyril's picture

Pick one:

Pick one:

1. killer getting away

2. the Bill of Rights entirely gone, 10 years from now

(Not to mention: when you're killer, it's not super easy to get away with it... for the rest of your life. Or so I heard anyway.)

Young? Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not. Not exactly.

My kids are.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Jefferson's picture


I was just looking at a map. This looks like it was right in your back yard. (according to Texas standards) I was reading some of your comments from early this morning as well. GEEZ!

I was out til late last night and got home and flipped on the news before I passed out. I woke up about 6am with the TV on and turned it off, and then came and saw this. Crazy..

Michael Nystrom's picture


According to this ID:


He lived less than a mile away from here. I could hear the helicopters, the sirens & some of the explosions last night - I was up until about 3am watching all of this unfold on twitter.

Weird that the whole city & surroundings are on lockdown, except my city, Somerville: