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Question about real estate

I am just searching for a home and everything I find is gone immediately. I have just learned of a term called "pocket listings". Has anyone had any experience in finding a home this way? I have always known there must be a way some people find such good deals when I have never seen the particular home on the market!

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I have been looking on Zillow for various foreclosures and you can tailor your search for just them, or (pre-foreclosures) and I have seen some pretty decent things. But the best way I have found is to have a friend that has access to bank owned, and inside info on things. Unfortunately I don't have anyone quite that close any longer. I lost that with the passing of a relative.

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...for your loss and thanks for responding. When you google "pocket listings", much info comes up on that and it seems it is becoming more popular. I have tailored my searches on Zillow, Trulia and others, but every time something pops up new, there is already an accepted offer on it. I check it daily and it almost seems like whomever put in the offer did so before it was even listed! It gets real frustrating. It says that you must form a relationship with a realtor and be ready/prepared to buy to get these listings. It also says you cannot walk into an office and expect them to give you those listings just by asking.

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...the DP people seem to have widest variety of knowledge and appreciate anyone with knowledge on this matter. Ahh...and I am sure some of you are real estate agents!