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Suspect number 1 Dead, suspect number 2 still at large...what happened to number 1?

According to WFXT one suspect is dead at Beth Israel hospital. Initial reports indicate it was the man who was stripped naked when arrested. The photos of that suspect show no visible signs of injury.


If this is one and the same person, one wonders what caused his death.


The reporter covering the death states "I don't know where he died.."

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Correction to Title

The naked man (unharmed) is the actor portraying suspect 1. The body on display at the hospital is a random corpse, disfigured so that it is indistinguishable from the actor portraying suspect 1. Try to follow events from the standpoint that everything happening is nothing more than the filming of a Hollywood movie.

They are actively filming all of the "footage" which will be packaged into a "story" for general consumption later. Somebody accidentally snapped a picture of the actors while they were on the set (the naked man, unharmed). This is the same as the photos of all the "Craft" agents prior to the bombing. As far as the MSM is concerned, these photos do not exist.

I'm just waiting to see why they are going to so much trouble to "manufacture consent". The criminal elites must be planning to dissolve our last traces of freedom.

It's time for a break man.

It's time for a break man.

Suspects mother LIVE on RT@ "I'm 100% sure this is a set up"

RT has been featuring this coverage non-stop for the last few hours.

Mother also said she would know if her son was keeping secrets.

The aunt who resides in Canada, says there is no convincing evidence, apart from a photo with a circle around the face, that her nephews were involved.

Local (Boston) students who know the younger brother seem to be consistently saying that attack of this sort would be out of character for him. Some immediately dismissed any possibility that the photos given by the FBI could be of the younger brother because he simply wasn't the type of person capable of such an act.

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To paraphrase John Huston's

To paraphrase John Huston's character in the movie Chinatown, 'anyone is capable of the most monstrous of acts, given the right circumstances'. In other words, past behavior is never a guarantee of future actions or behavior.

I'm a little confused. Maybe

I'm a little confused. Maybe someone can explain. I saw a picture of a man getting arrested..Naked..and then saw what was supposed to be the same person lying on the ground..supposedly dead or near death. question..was this not supposed to be the same guy? was one arrest earlier and then they killed him? help straighten this out for me please.

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It's Very Simple

The naked man is an actor, on the set of a movie. The movie is titled "The Boston Marathon Bombing". They were filming act-2 of the movie, "The Shootout", where "suspect 1" goes down in a hail of gunfire.

The photo of the naked man shows the actor, in-between scenes, probably about to have make-up applied (which should look like bloody gunshot wounds). Hollywood has found that this happens all the time when filming in-public. A random member of the public captures a photo of an actor that makes it onto the internet. In this case, it kinda ruins the story.

From what I can recall...

Last night (On the West Coast) CNN came on with some, get this, breaking news when the MIT shooting was going on.

Now...With that said. CNN was apparently the first and only media org. on site initially. There was also video of a man (suspect #1, supposedly) on the ground with police surrounding him. The guy was face down and looked pretty dead to me aside from elevated fingers.


Now mind you, there are reports that he was "run over" by the younger brother? His positioning doesn't seem to correlate with being run over. Seemed to be complying with police...?

So how he died is not quite clear to me. I'm sure a few of you are aware of the significance of early video evidence as opposed to the media's jump-the-gun way of relaying spotty information to viewers hours later when people start to wake up.

FOX News: Something doesn't add up

Jennifer Griffin, Fox News correspondent reflects on the lifestyle of the "suspects". She mentions that it doesn't make sense that they would want to attack the US, and that given aspirations of one to be a US Olympic boxer, among other things. "...something doesn't quite add up"

Martha McCallum reponds: "very little attempt to disguise himself....you know obviously, that there is so much more to this story..."

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Oh, Jennifer... curiousity is NOT a desirable trait at FOX

Maybe you can get in touch with Ben Swann.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

One Current Report Indicates Suspect #1 Didn't Blow Himself Up

Now, one of the current reports says the two "suspects" are brothers of Russian ancestry and the older one didn't blow himself up, but was run over by a vehicle. Then, we should have a body to examine, yes, and not just body parts? Unfortunate but not a surprise, we're left with a another lone gunman, at least for the moment.

Personally, I won't put a lot of faith in this current version of the story or any part of it actually. Again, why were mercenaries hired by someone involved with running the Boston marathon? The people DEMAND to hear their story unedited in front of a grand jury whether in person or remotely via a live link.


the "Authorities" now ask that you don't go outside...

..and stay away.

Could it be they don't want any citizen journalist capturing evidence?

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these guys got Oswald'd.

these guys got Oswald'd.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

PATSY #1 and PATSY #2

OK, I've had enough. I do not believe EITHER of these men are guilty of ANYTHING except being in the wrong place at the wrong time with backpacks.
I SAW the photos of the goons with backpacks, and saw the FBI demand that I not look at those pictures, and saw the FBI refuse to answer a question about the drill, and saw the FBI direct EVERYONE'S attention to these boys - and now THEY ARE GOING TO MURDER THEM TO COVER FOR THEIR GOONS.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

keep your bearings, fishy!

...you and I butted heads a little bit when I was expressing my disgust over all of us Ron Paul people being marginalized as all-conspiracy, all-knowing, AJ followers exclusively and mainstream-rejecting nut jobs; then you articulated well what you dislike about his "delivery" yesterday which was MORE popular than my disgust for his theater, and very well received...

I'm just way backing off over this for now; I'll take in the MSM reports, I also listen to other AJ subscribers and their take, I peruse right-wing talk radio; but in the end, I now know it's best I don't get
over-passionate that my suspicions are THE conclusive truth....

What we're after, with Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, Lew.Rockwell, Brian Williams, Judge Napolitano(and presumably AJ and Jesse Ventura) is such a noble and American cause, and we just need to not be so jumpy and "hateful" in collective conclusion.

This whole manhunt has been going on in Michael Nystrom's neighborhood for some nearly dozen hours now; I just can't "conclude" this is live play of some written script to deceive the public away from the "truth" that .... (insert 'conspriracy theory' that asserts FBI or Navy Seals or some other arm of our government killed and maimed their own citizens, including children, to take our guns tomorrow and implement a communist military police state; with EVERY LAST military serviceman and law enforcement personnel locked, loaded, and ready to violently shove me around and strike me in the back of the head with the butt of a rifle if I voice any political dissension whatsoever).

Please, we have to calm down...despite much righteous indignation over a great many crimes against us by the privileged, and the ungodly...

:) Luv ya', PAG!

We may bump heads, but you are one of those people that I KNOW are working from what is good in you.
Understand that I have been diagnosed with a "mental illness" and when they come for me, my family will all stand around and believe whatever lie they tell. They wrote me out of their life when I tried to tell them our government was corrupt, have not talked to me in 6 years... but they will not utter one word in my defense. It is a little personal for me. When I see things like the one kid "disappeared" for a month.... He left a good student, nice kid, and came back a bomber? I just don't buy it, and if their friends and family won't defend them, I will.
I've known some hard core "anti government" people, I've known people who were pretty much nits, but I have NEVER known anyone who walks into a crowd if innocent people and blows them up - the ONLY time it happens is when it looks an awful lot like they were programmed by the government to do so.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

BREAKING: AP: Surviving

BREAKING: AP: Surviving #bostonmarathon bomb suspect identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass.

Barak Caesar will be struttin' today

Neither man has been identified, but sources tell the Associated Press that the suspects are from Russia, and have lived in the U.S. for a year.

Reports that 1st suspect may have had an explosive

device strapped to his chest that blew up, naked guy not suspect:


I guess cops today just

I guess cops today just randomly strip a guy naked and put him in the back of a patrol car for grins, eh? For a guy with an alleged name and a face, that strip-search was evidently a pretty big booboo. Now we're to believe that REAL suspect #1 blew himself up. Who else did the poor unfortunate soul take with him to paradise?

Will the REAL suspects please stand-up? The FBI, a modern incarnation of the Keystone cops, needs your cooperation.


dont think this is a Keystone cops thing.

thats what they want you to think. More like; the FBI, modern incarnation of the stazi or Stalin's secret police are good at making you THINK, they're the keystone cops, thereby having no way to hold them accountable for their actions.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

I'll admit that I've been

I'll admit that I've been quite facetious at times over the government's portrayal of the tragedy in Boston which sometimes becomes lost in my translation. I want the real culprits of this tragedy and many other similar tragedies in our recent past brought to justice. Believe me. Until we do identify and judge those higher level players, we'll continue to face one tragedy after another, one bombing after another, one dead soul after another.

that twitter pic

doesnt look like an MIT, Brown, or any other student. Maybe a Black Water or a CIA student, Seal Team student!

I agree. The naked suspect's

I agree. The naked suspect's body is that of a weightlifter, mass on both the upper and lower body. I should know. ;)

I want to see the alleged dead body. Once alive and naked, then suddenly dead apparently. Was he an agent and his apparent demise simply a cover story? Fishy until proven otherwise.

not dead

He doesnt look dead or almost dead, His hands are out and his ankles are crossed with no blood! Then he died in the Hospital?? I call bullcrap http://video.msnbc.msn.com/msnbc/51592637#51592637

what hospital

did he die at? . . . . .

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson