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Suspect number 2, Djohar Tsarnaev VK (Facebook like?) account! Can anyone interpret Russian?

Does anyone know how to read Russian, perhaps you could interpret?


This is Suspect 2, aka Djohar Tsarnaev's, VK account, he has accessed it only hours ago, there isn't much there but there are quite a few msgs building up on his profile pic, and a lot of Russian ones, also a lot of (trolls?) ignorant Americans spouting a fair bit of racism and bigotry. can anyone interpret the russian and give us an idea of what is being said?

And also this video which is one of the posts of Djohar's, is the man in the video his brother? Aka suspect number one?


What is the video all about?

This stuff is crazy, love too all those in Boston! Stay safe!


Or is this page a complete set up? simply there to create tensions, and confirm the case to the Internet sleuths? there does seem to be a lot of trolling going on, I suppose that can be expected. I still would like to know what that video is all about though?

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Some interesting comments on that website ...

... it looks like he only had 4 posts and they were all on 3/19/2012.

But there are posts being put on by other people right now, some of which seem like they have nothing to do with anything and some are about what is going on in Boston. I don't read Russian, but using an online translator, I picked out a few that you will never see in the American media:

- If true, it is up to the mark! and so it should! Let the American House will return all the evil they have created in Iraq and Yugoslavia.

- So you got the Devils in the ass drûčili

- Ahmad, I navral do you think ahahahahah))) that you're Muslim? ...PADI at the mosque had never been

- Che, wear cloths on the FBI, the Devils, they're the same you all and perestrelâût, ahahahhaha

- Thank you for Boston, you made my day

- Anton, C'mon, you remember how many Afghan amerikosy carried out coups in Africa has forgotten??? and then how many people died. or the same Syria, Syrian opposition amerikosy supplying firearms are (terrorists) because they kill civilians

We won't be seeing any of those comments on the talk shows.

His "noteworthy pages" are:

3 non-radical Islam related pages

And 2 humor pages

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Conspiracy Or Truth -

Saudis Say MOSSAD “Hit Squad” Responsible For Boston Massacre


Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5


I want to know why there where Mercs, national guard, or was it craft?? Right there at the scene, and what about this drill? And the supposed controlled explosions that where going to take place? The sniffer dogs, and the snipers was it?

These guys could be patsies.


They could be the guys, and the Mercs where there to make sure it all went to plan, and now it is time to tie up all the lose ends?

Can we trust what the governrnent or media says?

The father warned "If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame," the father told ABC News. "Someone, some organization is out to get them." HE SAYS HIS SONS ARE INNOCENT

Father says this of his sons now hunted by police:
Shot and dead 26 year old Tamerlan's life did not seem all bad: He was competing as a boxer, enrolled in Bunker Hill Community College, and pursuing a career as an engineer,

Of the son still alive “My son is a true angel,” “Dzhokhar is a second-year medical student in the US, He is such an intelligent boy. We expected him to come on holidays here.”

Let us keep in mind all the things sent to distract us at this time:

- geoengineered snowstorms gloablly
- resolution to aid Israel in war with Iran http:
- Bostom bombing and lockdown; the beginning of martial law?
- gun control law defeated; Obama VERY angry. Now executive orders.