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Homeschoolers getting WAAY ahead

Meet the family who sent six kids to college by age 12


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thx for post

When I have kids....Home school all the way.

Very nice

Good for them! It's kinda funny that they had to go to college to get the depth of specialized information that they were interested in learning. It makes me wonder if I can get over that mental hurdle myself: I'd probably hold them back from taking college courses, for no other reason than because they are "too young."

Paradigm shift for the better. I could always use one of those.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Not that impressive

Consider this- one of the kids is going to work in the Navy at your expense. The other kid is designing spacecraft- another taxpayer fed job.

The father made part of his living working for the military.

Now, which one of the kids is working for peace?

Going to college simply means the kids couldn't come up with their own ideas for creating a business.

we're not anarchists here....

Most of us here want a very strong military. We just don't want it to be used for nation building and needless/endless wars. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for or being apart of the military.

Why are you even here? By your logic we should question Ron Paul - I mean that f*cker was a Surgeon in the Air Force!! What an prick using our tax dollars like that!!

Most of us?

Most of you on here want a strong military?! That is so far opposed to what your country's Founders had in mind. They regarded Standing Armies as the greatest enemy to liberty. You have standing armies and look where your country is now? Wrecked and wrecking the world.

In working for a government sector you take from the productive and give to the unproductive. You have the strongest military in the world yet they've not been able to stop one single attack against the people.

Your country is a police state with full surveillance.

Ron Paul became a flight surgeon when he realized he would be drafted anyway, so he enlisted. If you're going to call him names I'd suggest you go on some other forum.


"She's about to become a Navy doctor at age 22 -- one of the youngest physicians in American history.

You're right... What a disgrace...

Awesome story

Makes me wonder where the world would be without government ran schools!

(The audio is horrible. Can't Today do any better than this?)