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Is anyone else here anticipating something profound and irreversible?

It is becoming hard to work. My mind is flooded with anticipation and excitement by the events occuring everyday. It is amazing to me how rapid the change is happening. I cannot believe that it will end in their favor. I will not believe it.

Something profound is about to occur...this is not an eccentric or phophetic statement...I cannot help feeling the way I feel...

do you believe we are about to ascend to the next dimension of reality and being?

Peace and Love always. Do not despair!

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I don't know, but . . .

I keep getting a 504 (?) or something like that when I try to post; DP must be busy; the internet must be hopping--

I wonder if war is imminent. I do not want war, but I wonder if it will take that to wake up a majority of Americans, and at that point what will happen? I don't know--

Most of my friends are still believing everything the MSM has to say--

Right now I am focusing on my faith in God.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

You should check out this site.


Dr. Stankov discusses ascension from a scientific basis.