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TEDx and the "death throes" of scientific dogma

Larry Malerba D.O.
Thu, 18 Apr 2013 00:00 CDT

Recent developments within the TEDx conference (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) community of organizers are indicative of a rising tide of intolerance in the world of science. Historically, TED has provided an influential forum for cutting edge ideas that may not otherwise have had a fair hearing in the public arena. Recent events, however, should cause one to question the credibility of TED and are a reflection of the increasingly polarized debate between science and religion in American culture.

Responding to charges that TEDx conferences were booking speakers who were not representative of its mission statement, the organization sent a memo to the TEDx community of organizers regarding the need to be aware of and vigilant against would-be promoters of "bad science" (full memo here). TED's knee jerk response to the potential diminution of its reputation has been to circle the wagons against all forms of "pseudoscience" and "health hoaxes."

Reality Sandwich's Ken Jordan addressed a respectfully written letter (full text here) of concern to TED conference curator, Chris Anderson, asking if the organization hadn't overreacted, especially regarding speakers who had presented topics related to the concept of non-locality and the brain/consciousness question. My own interest here is to pick up on this theme of intolerance as it pertains to alternative forms of medicine and holistic forms of healing. Forgive me if my comments may not seem as kind as Ken Jordan's. I believe that the only solution to this dualistic dilemma is to lift the veil of authority and sanctimony that hides the underlying imperialistic impulses of contemporary science.

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