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The Story of How We All Murdered A Sixteen Year Old Boy

On October 14th, 2011, we all murdered Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki. To understand why we are to blame, we must understand the nature of government and the circumstances surrounding his death. Ultimately, it is nationalism, taxation, and apathy that incriminate us.

The United States has both a socialized military and nationalistic attitude. We all pay for national defense through our taxes and thus, are purchasing the product that they deliver. Furthermore, we decide who leads this socialistic institution through the collective practice of voting. In November of 2008, the nation spoke and elected Barack Obama into office. Voting is the action that pushes collectivization through in this nation. Every four years we encounter the same cliché about coming together “as a nation” to decide on who our next leader will be. This political process is how we supposedly choose the person who will “represent” our nation in the larger world. Our participating in the political process is what led to the election of the man who authorized the drone strike that took young Al-Awlaki’s life.

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How collectivist

Victims are not responsible for the actions of the masters. I am only responsible for my own actions and decisions, not for the actions and decisions of someone outside of my sphere of influence.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Did you read the article?

Did you read the article?

Some of it

I got kinda tired of the "you're all taxed, so your money is being used to kill people, so it's your fault," lingo, let alone the "people vote, and the guys a bunch of brainwashed people voted for are killing people, so it's everyone's fault" nonsense. If there was some kind of twist at the end, I didn't get that far.

I find it very collectivist to blame every citizen in the entire US for the murder of a teenager. Might as well blame every single person even remotely related to anyone committing a crime OF the crime that criminal did.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine