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Need help with these photos: Bombing suspect

OK these two photos appear to be taken from the same angle seconds apart. However there are big changes in the photos especially around the suspects head. Yet the women in front are in the exact same position. What do you make of it?

Also the bag position doesn't match where the blast marks are in the after photos. It wasn't that close to the gate/fence.

I don't know. Something is screwy.

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It appears to me

It would appear to me that the change has to do with the people walking in front of the suspect. In the top picture, his face is somewhat obscured by that guys yellow hat.

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I'm not sure I'm seeing what

I'm not sure I'm seeing what you see.

agreed, i see a bunch of

agreed, i see a bunch of people who may have stood on the same spot for more then a few seconds, as its known to happen, what specifically are you looking at.

I think distintions need to be made between the pictures and to which bomb explosion they belong to, theres to much confusion