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What Happens If One Person...

...says "he's not here, no, you cannot come in and search my home!"

FoxNewsChannel Megan Kelly reporting 70% of door-to-door sweeps are complete so far; but they only have one video real of armed personnel coming out of a residence...

I think that, ONE REFUSAL TO CONSENT anywhere this search goes, could be turned into a media sh*t storm against "Constitutional/Bill of Rights activists"....

Anyone agree?

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A pattern

A pattern seems to exist when a government black opps goes down. Think of Oswald, David Koresh, Osama bin Laden, Adam Lanza, Chris Dorner and now the incident in Boston. The MO is to identify a "suspect" but do everything possible to convince everyone that he is guilty and then kill him and eliminate the possibility of a trial and a defense.

And the beat goes on.

I look at this in the same

I look at this in the same manner of the Chris Donner incident. They were searching everyone's cars at gun point.
You wanna talk about traumatized think of the kids that had to go through that, it is worse when it is your own government and not some lone guy doing it, but somehow they wont mention that.

But in the wake of everything that is happening most people are still in shock and fear. Most haven't begun to think about events instantly, so they give into fear and pressure.

But I always have to wonder when I hear things like this. What would happen if it was me? What would happen when I refuse? I can tell them to get a warrant and by law they can not enter my home without it. Sure they could get one fairly quickly, but would they even wait? Would they just shoot me and make up one more lie on top of all the other?

And I have to say I agree with the guy who mentioned the amount of resources used. I have noticed every event uses more and more resources and more and more force. Is it because they think they can consistently get away with more? Or is it because they are more worried about events getting out of their control because of people like us on alert and watching their every more?

I though the Chris Donner incident was excessive force, just think back to how quickly things unfolded and escalated. Now compare it to this incident. What are we at? About half of the Donner timeline?

Smokin' hot points you make!

I think a lot more of us would cooperate than we may like to admit.

About force: rolling out all the toys in public view is certainly a way to attempt to justify the expenditure, to be sure, in addition to conditioning people to accept such a presence in their realities and to add the right dose of fear to society to encourage pliability.

Your right: the "Sick 'em!" mentality of so-called law enforcement is over-the-top and really cannot be adequately justified, in my view.

What would the Founders do?

To me it is all just done

To me it is all just done little by little to indoctrinate you into your new lifestyle under complete rule.

Look at the Sandy Hook Performance, I mean tragedy. They want to talk about how traumatic it is to everyone involved and how they will be providing counseling, but just weeks after, schools all over are running terror drills of break ins. Some of them including blank rounds being shot inside the schools. And how is that justified?

Or the continuous military drills within our boarders in major cities where again blank shots are being fired.
So when the time comes to lock you into a camp, you accept it as normal. And don't forget we have to educate the kids early on that this is normal.

What really got me pissed was they told people stay inside and don't open the door for anyone except police. Screw that, those are the last ones I want to open my door to. Another way of getting the people use to unlawful searches.

I can rant on for hours about this, I have been watching this unravel waiting for the end for a few years now. In a way I want it to hold out for a few more months until I am in a better housing situation, but on the other hand I want it to just come crashing down already so we can try to start over.

We are currently to the point where these 'terrorist' attacks are happening so rapidly we cant even process the information, let along expose false flags. This week alone we have had 3 separate incidents (or did I miss some?) It cant get much worse.

They could try

however, many constitutional activists understand that the patriot acts are now in place, and the activists are not being singled out, so they will tolerate it, and while they may agree with the loner.. they will not back him because their own actions were to co-operate.

Actually I was kinda

Actually I was kinda wondering this. What happens if someone refuses to allow them to search their house?
A possibly more important question is why are they expending such a massed amount of resources on catching this one guy compared to what has been used in other instances? Really I would have to say this probably ranks as the most resources, man power, and effort ever used to catch one person.

I mean, what other times have they practically locked down an entire city to catch anyone?
Something seems a bit odd here.

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