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What if these two kids are in fact innocent?

Could it be possible these two were framed?

What if there was no explosives being thrown and it was hearsay? Could they be Patsies?

Do you remember when you were 19 and 20? Were you capable of these elaborate plots?

Reading the accounts of these kids character are inconsistent with being terrorist perpetrators.

And how did they come upon all this military grade grenades and vests? No criminal record no record of acquiring firearms etc...

Family members and friends in the community are professing their innocence.

I don't have all the facts and am not saying they are not to be treated as a suspect but you have to agree something does not add up.

Paramilitary sighted at the scene of the explosion, robbing a seven eleven, carjackings.....

Something is not right.

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I still think its guy in white hat, but THIS guy in white hat


How was this guy ruled out as a suspect anyway?

The Bizarre stories from today should be treated as hearsay.

Umm they are innocent

until proven Guilty, They are suspects of a crime and have not yet been committed by a judge in trial. What I know there were 60 shots taken on law enforcements which ended in a suicide. These kids seemed pretty committed to use violence on people. Perhaps they were taking medication, or perhaps there are just sick twisted people out there who are not living in luxury of "the American Dream"... in America.

We must stand for The Right to Bear Arms more Now than ever these days.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Then They Shouldn't Have

thrown bombs at cops when the ran...


Can you imagine? It sounds like a stupid movie plot.

What if...

..you wait for the trial so you don't take the chance in asking a dumb question?

Troll alert

Troll alert

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Don't Believe Anything, They Are Coming For Your Rights

If it's reported by the state-run MSM, just assume its a lie. Don't believe the casualty reports, the reports about the suspects, the official sequence of events, the supposed witnesses, or even that a "real" bomb ever detonated. Just assume that none of it is real.

We know there was a "scheduled" bomb-drill. We can assume that ALL of the footage we've seen on TV is just footage shot during the drill, under controlled conditions. We can assume that all of the witnesses, victims, etc. are either actors or fictitious persons (ala "Wag the Dog"). This is pure theater, designed to manipulate the public.

If you see a guy on TV who lost his legs, just assume he never had legs and is a paid actor. If you see a family member of the victim, just assume the victim is a fictitious name attached to an invented social-security number (like Obama). It's all staged, even the supposed "shootout" with the suspects.

If any "real" person died or was injured during the filming, then it was negligence by the film producers. This is just the government creating an elaborate story from which they intend to "manufacture consent". Consent for what? We will find out during the "solution" phase of the Hegelian dialectic.


What if they are

What if they are innocent?

Well then I'd have to say they are pretty stupid for running from the police and robbing convenient stores and stealing cars, instead of doing like the other guys thought to be suspects at first and claiming their innocence and turning themselves in.

The robbery of the 7-11 has been discounted.

Turns out t was a false flag. Now that they have the kid in custody does any one care to wager that he some how finds an opportunity to make a break for it and is gunned down out of the view of the omni present cameras? I smell a Jack Ruby with an AR 15 in the making.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Ok they only ran from the

Ok they only ran from the cops & shot at them, and stole a car instead of just saying they are innocent and turning themselves in. Either way I still say they are pretty stupid if they are innocent.

I cant get over that the carjack victim

Allegedly said the carjackers told him they were "the marathon bombers"


Sorry, I made a mistake

You obviously were an eye witness able to verify what you have relayed as the official account. Have you ever experienced a gang of armed thugs chasing you and witnessing what those so called" public servants" are capable of when they get their hands on you? I've had first hand experience of witnessing three kids I was with being cuffed and tossed down stairs while I was hidden. If, by chance,any had had their necks broken there would have been a complete cover up. Luckily it didn't happen and we all had to pay fines for under age drinking. One of the other three dimed me out after being severely brutalized. If under age drinking can initiate such brutality, what do you think an individual who was being hunted for such an egregious crime as a terrorist bombing, whether guilty or not, should expect?

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Something that makes it all smell fishy to me

is when at the morgue says the one kid who is dead had too many bullets in it to count them, and one kid walked away that is what puzzles me. I dont know what it means but it is very odd.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

This is my biggest problem with the official BS

How can SO many cops, fbi etc chase a car with two guys. One guy is shot to pieces. The other guy jumps out, run and GETS AWAY?
So not one of those cops/agents could manage to hit a running target?
Not one was in good enough shape to pursue?
Not one helicopter in the sky?

IF this is all true - then it is a monumental failure of leadership and those officers on the ground.

Now it is rumored whole 7-11 thing may have been false.

Just like Sandy Hook - when it doesn't make sense - they change the story.

What if they're guilty?

What if people are so accustomed to looking for clues that every national disaster is a false flag event, that they miss all the evidence that might persuade them the alleged criminals are guilty?

We'll never know either way.

the question is, should we

the question is, should we naturally assume "suspects" as innocent, guilty or neutral, my two cents says, its definatly not one of those three choices


Then I'd say...

... I'd rather a guilty person be thought innocent than an innocent thought guilty. I'd rather a guilty man go free than an innocent condemned.

I'm not talking about moral judgments, but critical thinking.

If we analyze a puzzle with a bias, our deductions will be off.

At the DP, there is a chronic, collective bias that assumes everything is a false flag.

If you want to assume people are innocent, why not entertain the idea that the FBI is also innocent?

How can you frame people with

How can you frame people with backpacks and then them not having backpacks after the explosions?.. Unless its some mind control MK ULTRA shit I think this is real.

Dude, where are these images

Dude, where are these images of not having backpacks?

You don't even know that these images are real.

They were controlled by someone.

Their folks claim set-up. The mom said the FBI was involved in some fashion with her son(s) for five years. She said she knows because the FBI would talk to her about her son(s).

It didn't take me long to wonder if the bombing was executed by these guys as controlled patsies of agents of our own government, much like in the plots of many action thrillers these days. Why? Well, look at how easy it was to impose martial law in a major US city in the wake of the bombings.

As for HOW, we really have to consider the potential of scopolamine in horrific attacks like these. It's easy to get. Who knows, maybe it can even be derived form loco weed, our local form of Datura. Check it out if you're unfamiliar with it:


New Hampshire and Ecuador.


However, they have been tried already and have been found guilty. Rick Sanchez was on the radio calling them killers with no evidence whatsoever. That is what passes for intelligence these days. We're in big trouble.

Zbignjev Brezinski has openly

Zbignjev Brezinski has openly said both in his speeches and in his books that he believes Russia is America's greatest hegemonic threat and that the U.S should put a lot of focus on Central Asia...

It so happens that these two kids happen to be from Central Asia maybe giving the U.S. government the impetus to link the Boston bombings to Chechnya/Central Asia etc...

Just something to think about

Anyway, after seeing all those pictures of people with big black backpacks and those navy seal guys, along with the coach who said he heard the loudspeaker telling people to be calm during a drill, my gut feeling is that these two kids were participating in that military/police drill during the marathon and they were given two live bombs instead of mock bombs.

the real problem

and question we need to find the solution to is did these two throw bombs out the window at the police during chase. How the hell did one of them get riddled with too many bullets to count and one just ran away, something smells in that instance.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

That would be horrible!

That would make total sense, in a totally horrible way.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Cops just said they did NOT rob the 7/11 ...

... that was someone else and they just happen to be in that area at the same time.

I am not clear if they think the 7/11 robber(s) killed the cop or if they think these guys killed him.

Tell it

to Lee Harvey Oswald I'm sure that last thought that went through his mind was "something is not right". After it's over they will commission a top-notch investigation, the likes not seen since 9/11 and the Warren Commission.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

How dare you question the

How dare you question the official story. You must be a communist, I mean terrorist (Were still using terrorist as the focal point right? Or did they finally change to Constitutionalists?) if you don't believe them.

Of course they are guilty, although we will never show you conclusive evidence of it, and will kill them so there will never be a trial where they are required to show evidence.

So shut up, turn your tv back on, eat your McDonald's, and remember to submit all your private information to federal authorities like a good American.

Not everything is a ff. The

Not everything is a ff. The narrative is too sloppy. This could very well be an example of blow back. "Terrorism" is a direct symptom of our foreign policy. It wouldn't be too hard to believe that these kids were recruited.

I must say I like your use of

I must say I like your use of the word "hearsay" in your post,, when in fact that is all I ever see the conspiracy folks using on here as "proof" of a conspiracy. Its good to be skeptical, but not everything is always something other than what it appears to be. If you reach, if you don't have some actual proof, you just look like a bat sh*t crazy nutjob. It's also ok to actually debunk things once in awhile.

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.