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Trolls Here, There, Everywhere

The comment sections are the juicy part of most articles nowadays. Especially here on the Daily Paul sometimes. It is very interesting to read other's perspectives and viewpoints, it is also VERY educational.

There are more and more troll arguments in the comments now, taking much from important information that can be garnered by a reader of those comments. A good way to deal with any influx of such activity is to simply give it a thumbs down and move on. When the posts are responded to, then it takes away from the discussion...as it is meant to do.

There are claims of "Obama" creating a 3,500 man team of social networking warriors. There is also information out there that allegedly comes from persons who have worked in such positions for shady political interest groups. The tactics they describe are extremely plausible and well thought out.

From first hand experience, there is an obvious presence of these social networking individuals at the Yahoo website. You can click names there to see the viewers past comments. The same inflammatory comments are made in great numbers there, which effectively keeps a flow of comments that moves any meaningful ones out of view fast. Anyways, it probably happens all across the net, but the wisest thing to do is ignore them and not engage.

Not to mention the hysteria...I've even been called a troll here! Ok, I'll admit that sometimes I might be off base on my opinions, misinformed, say things I shouldn't sometimes, or even start spewing after too big a dose of AJ.....but come on... lol

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Message received...

I will stop firing back, I just get frustrated when the board is taken over by unintellectual non-arguments, which are a disservice to everyone.

Sometimes its unclear if any of the Liberty people are even still coming to this site because their comments are difficult to find amongst the homophobia, name calling, and those whose claim to be offended by someone else's exercise of personal liberty.

Just call 'em out and down

Just call 'em out and down vote 'em.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Goddamn right. They've been working long hours since

the Boston Blast(s).

(I wonder if they get time-and-a-half... naw, probably salaried with benefits and all the rest!)

What would the Founders do?

They were slamming my twitter tweets last night.

Never before have I ever had so many negative comments hurled at my tweets. I blocked them all, but it ended up to be 18 total. I usually avg. about 3 or 4 negative comments a month.

It's crazy isn't it? This

It's crazy isn't it? This place is swarming with them right now. But they still stick out, no matter how subtle they try to be.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Yep, it a trollathon the last few days.

Take advantage and save! Two trolls for the price of one!

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

We must figure out what the

We must figure out what the perfect topic to draw in trolls would be and use it as troll-bait.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

I've been onto this for

I've been onto this for years. For a long time on Youtube etc. they all seemed to be reading from the same script with the same order of talking points. They have become more sophisticated than that, but you can tell by how they try to steer the narrative to meet the establishment's story.

On here they seem to get activated in pairs or teams. To make it seem like they are the consensus, but you can smell the BS a mile away.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.