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Video: Mother of Boston Marathon Bombing suspects says this is a setup. Claims prior FBI connections.

Mother interviewed on RT


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No offense,

but she just sounds to me like a distraught mother in denial. Though, I would like to hear an explanation about whether the FBI has really been following her son and why.

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I think you misunderstood her

She wasn't saying that he had FBI connections. She was saying that he was being watched by the FBI for "being a leader" who was getting info from radical websites and dispersing it. She's claiming "my sons could never do this." "It's impossible." "If anyone would know, it's me, mother."


Assuming that's really the mother, because anything can be staged in the news, what she is saying is INCREDIBLY naive. The FBI kept calling her to say that her son was dangerous, and she remained in disbelief for years?

Why didn't the FBI deport him? Don't they have those legal tools yet? If not, what's the Patriot Act even for?

How the FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists

The mother speaks the truth!

"The Boston Marathon bombing has provoked shock, grief and outrage from around the world. After decades of conditioning, the public automatically equates such terrorism with Muslim radicals. But the evidence shows that every major terror plot on American soil in the past 10 years has been fostered, funded and equipped by one organization: the FBI."

It is rather amazing that we have to get the news from UK or Russia for real investigative reporting. Everyone discounts the American media.

wow Wow WOW

"The FBI is setting my son up."

*Sigh* I can't lie: this shit is getting to me.

How can we ever question the FBI if they have "state secrets" in their corner? Or "National Security Concerns"?

They can't be questioned. They can't be prosecuted. They can't be fired. They can't speak pubically on ACTUAL details. All the symptoms of "secret police." They can't be touched.

So what-do-we-do-about-this?

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

What do we do? Calm down...

What do we do? Calm down... listen to her for real this time.

She's saying she can't believe this happened cause he sons are such good people so it must have been a setup. She doesn't claim to know anything else about it other than the FBI was monitoring her children.

"FBI counseled him"

which leads us back to exactly the question Ben Swann brought forward in his reality check.

Hard to make out what she was saying ...

... anybody figure out what she was saying about FBI?

sounds like

She said that FBI was counseling him. To me this means they have been in contact with him. They were perhaps using him to get at others? Or perhaps they were entrapping and baiting him like they have done to so many others. She said they were afraid of him since he is a leader. Either way, he was working with the FBI in some way or another. At least that is how it is from the mom's perspective. So, she thinks they set her sons up.

The FBI told her that they thought her son was DANGEROUS.

That's inconsistent with the idea he was working "with" them. I think you're getting ahead of yourself here.

fbi thinks he is dangerous because he is a leader

and since he is a leader he is useful to the FBI. "working with" is just an expression that can mean many things. It doesn't necessarily mean they are on the same side all of the time. But if what she says is true (maybe it is, maybe not) then the FBI was familiar with this guy and this guy was familiar with the FBI and they communicated multiple times. They were aware of him already, if true.

Yeah, that's how I thought I heard it, too ...

... but "counseling" by the FBI??? WTF???

I saw an interview on TV with an auto repair guy who said the younger kid and his friends bring their cars in to have fixed all the time. He said the friends all are from other countries, like Turkey, and they all have money and drive expensive cars -- Range Rover, Porsche, etc.

But, he said the kid did not have that kind of money but the girlfriend had a Mercedes, which the kid had brought in for her to have worked on. On Tuesday, day after bombing, kid is nervous and wants car back.

So, I was thinking that maybe there might have been a money motive of some sort, since friends live good, but they don't have the cool stuff.

But then they rob the 7/11. WTF?

As I write this, I am watching cop give press conference and he says (a) the guys did NOT rob the 7/11, they were just there around the same time, and (b) cop has no idea what kind of car they might have. When asked, he was "not aware of any Mercedes." ????????

English is her second

English is her second language and misused the word. Otherwise, it makes no sense even if you try to read into it.

yes, it is difficult to tell

exactly what she really meant. We can really only guess. Get another interview!

Please embed

Please embed

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Was not sure how use to not

Was not sure how use to not be able to.

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Like this:


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