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Grisly Post-Mortem Photo Of Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Leaked - Warning - very graphic

I saw this on twitter and was brave enough to go there - my first thought was he looks eerily similar to the "naked guy" they arrested. Anyone hear who he is or what happened to him?

Picture of naked arrest:

Earlier today, CNN said this but the link now goes to a different article: "Police were in a standoff with the vehicle just down the hill," Ramirez said. They ordered one suspect out and commanded him to strip down completely naked before putting him in a patrol car, which did not leave the scene.

FBI agents approached the squad car, and police ordered the suspect back out of the car. FBI agents questioned him -- still fully undressed -- on the sidewalk.

Later, police lead the man in handcuffs to a patrol car.

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Another picture of 26 year old

Note he has shrapnel wounds that are shown in this photo but blurred out in above post.

Note the emergency doctor says he had more gun shot wounds than he could count and also shrapnel wounds and thermal wounds from an explosion. Watch round 1:20 to end.

I'm confused about the reports that he was wearing a suicide

vest and remember hearing too many bullet wounds to count plus extensive damage from the vest explosion. No medical knowledge, but I had imagined his chest would have massive wounds and damage. Not seeing it in this photo.

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Grisly reports. I was thinking of Saddam Hussein's sons,

I thought the display of the grisly images of the boys in bad taste. Designed to terrorize Iraqis not win hearts and minds in Baghdad.

What't the purpose in using this in Boston?

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I appreciate having photos

I appreciate having photos like this and it doesn't bother me, as I have seen things like this thousands of times in the movies, in pictures of US drone killed children, and elsewhere. No need to caution of graphicness.

I'd really like to see pictures of the dead Osama Bin Laden.

Regarding the "graphic" nature, I concur.

The image provided of the dead "terrorist," really is far less graphic than many images of Iraq, Afghan or Pakistan victims of real terrorism. The majority of imagery of innocent women and children drone striked by Obama are much worse.

What's confusing - and I am seriously confused about this - is how that guy had been photographed being arrested by police, with no visible injuries (he had WALKED with them, not injured,) to then suddenly be DEAD, with severe facial and upper body injury.

WTF happened in custody?! Holy f u c k. He was seemingly "offed." Seriously, WTF.

That was a different bare

That was a different bare chested guy. I still don't know who that naked guy was they arrested.

No name for "naked guy" and no explanation of how the first

suspect died. And now, now open trial of patsy #2.

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Lots of conflicting information.

Dzhokar Tsarnaev is currently registered as a student at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, which ordered its campus evacuated on Friday. The school is located 65 miles south of Cambridge, just west of New Bedford.

Larry Aaronson, Dzhokar Tsarnaev's neighbor and a former teacher at the high school Tsarnaev attended, called him a "wonderful kid."

"He was so grateful to be here, he was compassionate, he was caring, he was jovial," Aaronson told CNN.

I believe they made him strip because...

they believed he may have had explosives on his body.

But if he is handcuffed and in custody with none of the damage seen in the post-mortem photo, then what happened to him while in custody?

Are these two separate pictures of the same man?

The man being arrested looks more muscular than the man on the autopsy table.

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Warning GraphicSide by side

Warning Graphic

Side by side comparison - scroll down
edit: image uploader issues no pic, sorry

Dont think their the same guy, cant see a hint of a hairy chest on the other guy

i want to know what happened to the dead man, who is he, how he died, why he died, and if he is a boston suspect, i want to see the proof that makes them say that

I'm not saying they are the same man, they do look similar

to me though, particularly large upper arms. I'd like to know who the guy arrested is and why they didn't feel it was appropriate to at least search his pants and let him put them back on. Instead they put him in a cop car, wait for the FBI so they can make him stand naked & hand cuffed on the sidewalk for all the media to photograph?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I thought one of them died?

I thought one of them died?

I dont see any tire marks

or anything consistant with being run over as reported

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Maybe his legs

got run over.

I hope that guy sues the hell

I hope that guy sues the hell out of them. What can possibly be the purpose of leaving a man naked after he has been obviously and thoroughly searched. It was for the cameras to see how we react to seeing that(period) What will the ratings show? What will be the online chat about that? Sick thugs want to know...

How the people of Watertown react to this city shutdown and house to house will be telling about how they may control the rest of us too. I hope Watertown documents what happens and stands up for Liberty but I am not hopeful being the average Americans understanding of their own rights and what this country is supposed to be all about.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

on another note...

I saw the cops bring out a lady from I guess where the brothers lived. Well anyway, they brought her out with her baby and a police officer began to pat her down when he saw the cameras. I saw that and was like WTF. You know she was patted down inside.

I think you're right and hope he does sue the hell out them

if he's still alive.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I'm no doctor

but these injuries don't look like those of somebody who died in a gun battle.

But didnt you stay

at a Holiday Inn Express?

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

I'm not sure I understand. If

I'm not sure I understand. If they arrested him and told him to strip down...why is he dead?

See here

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