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28 Still Photos of What Martial Law In Boston Looks Like.

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looking over the comments--

why are so many people defending the governmental operation here?

One person at large and crowds of scary-looking people going after them; people remaining in their houses, etc.--

and what else can it be called?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

all meant to be fear-instilling, *I* believe--

but why are so many people-who-look-like-scary bugs or plastic warriors needed to find one young man?

Absurd! Bizarre! What a show!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

the cyclist

is an example of an individuals rights being infringed upon, as are the instances where they are searching innocent citizens homes without search warrants. Even though, based on the story provided to the public and their technique to deal with it, it does make for a more efficient man hunt. This IS what martial law will look like, except they will say you MUST stay inside your home and we ARE searching everyone's home.

still scary and have no done enough research, but all in all... a massive waste of resources to find one 19 year old kid

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...

It was not martial law. They

It was not martial law. They asked the people...who willfully complied...to stay in their homes while they search out a dangerous suspect who has the capability of blowing shit up. I believe it was in the name of safety.

kinda like when...

they "ASK" you to step out of the car? and you "Willfully comply" (at gunpoint)


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I sent this link to a few friends and this is a reply

I got from one: "Since my ___________was a cop for 24 years, I do not find it chilling. I am all for the cops dong what they need to do... As long as they do not infringe our constitutional rights. I do believe in the rule of law, and the cops enforcing it. So far, I have seen nothing that would alarm me." Anyone care to comment. This same person said there were only the proper law enforcement official involved, no federal troops, etc. What say you?

Omg! A little dramatic. Most

Omg! A little dramatic. Most people stayed inside because there was a suspect on the loose who could possibly have a bomb strapped to his chest.

Here's a scenario I'd be willing to go with which falls more in line with blowback.

FBI gets a tip
They send their peeps on location hoping to stop the threat
Bombs explode and people die

Who do you think would be to blame if the public knew that the FBI had prior knowledge?

Looks a little more like damage control to me.

Reporters told to move away from the scene.


"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

You could be reading into

You could be reading into this too much. Perhaps it was a safety concern. There were explosives involved.

Why do they need 'weapons of war?' This is a manhunt, not a war.

Upon whom do those 'soldiers' point their 'assault rifles?'

If they aren't trained on a criminal, but merely pointing them in general, that itself is 'assault' and a serious crime. That means anyone within the path of the bullet fired or not, was placed in grave and mortal danger by those cops. It is not within any policy of any police department to "wontonly endanger random citizens."

Anyhow, I'm surprised the guy lived, and no innocent citizens were murdered by SWAT. SWAT generally has the policy that if they get called out "someone is going to die." (or maybe that's just the L.A. SWAT)

the war of terrorism

comes to america

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Because they had explosives.

Because they had explosives.

Quit using sensational statements

All it does is makes you sound like an over reacting individual. Were there a lot of police? Yes. Why was the (I'm guessing) Air Guard and Army Guard called to the scene? Seems unnecessary. Why does it seem like the police are becoming the Army with all their MRAPS and tank-like vehicles? I donno, but its not good.

These are all valid questions. But this hunt is not an example of martial law. Call it like it is and don't sensationalize the situation.

Don't use the term martial law unless you know what it means. Know the 4th amendment and understand what exclusionary rules that the Supreme Court has allowed. If you don't like these exclusions, fight back in court, through your reps, and at the grassroots level.

The Surpreme Court has no authority to diminish the rights of

the People or the protections of those rights in the Constitution.

Can you point to the part of the Constitution that you think gives them such authority?

If the government can unlimit itself, what point is the document in the first place?

Your contention that it can is patently absurd.

It means the Framers intentionally wasted their time through arduous debate, over a document that could simply be re-interpreted at whim by the Court they created.

That is pure bunkum.

It was not martial law. They

It was not martial law. They were not forced to stay on their homes and arrested if they did not comply.

Government is guilty until proven innocent.

Government has not provided proof that no rights were violated.

Will anyone dare come forward if their rights were violated.

Who has jurisdiction?

Free includes debt-free!

I generally

would fall on your side I think, in that I can't stand sensationalizing, conspiracies and all that garbage, but in this case I must disagree with you, this is martial law, and it makes me sick that everyone is cheering it. This was a massive overreaction and it will now become the new normal. This was a bad day for America in the long term. Glad we got the ass hat though.

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Even for the Blaze, many people's comments are interesting.

Even for the Blaze, many people's comments are interesting.

Not all americans are brainwashed idiots before the nature of this govt's demonstration of force... (unless someone breaks it to me it's only Daily Paulers commenting on there)

Let's keep educating, shall we.

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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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Saw something troubling today: his pupils on MSM

I saw this today on a public TV and had to take a picture:


I thought it might be useful at a future date, because his pupils appear rather dilated -- just like other recent mass murderers. I've read speculation that their pupils were dilated digitally, to make them seem more frightening. I've also read that it could be the result of MK ULTRA conditioning.

While browsing through the pictures of the attached article, I saw this one:


In it, his pupils are not dilated. He also appears to be younger, so if it's not digital it could be before the conditioning.

Or perhaps he was just walking from a dark place to a well-lit place, and the picture was snapped at the exact moment. There are likely other possibilities. Still, I thought I'd share what I saw.

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They're testing a relatively

They're testing a relatively medium-sized city in Boston as the guinea pig before rolling it out to every major US city.

This is not shocking.

Actually, I'm not entirely

Actually, I'm not entirely correct. The first test was Los Angeles with Dorner.

There, they locked down a portion of a highway and searched every car that passed.

Oh? Didn't know about that

I know that NYC is more or less a city-sized prison at this point, though. Looks like Boston is playing catch up.

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Nail, meet hammer

One of the biggest reasons why I left that hellhole last year and now basically live in the woods.

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im envious to your proximity

im envious to your proximity of nature...

it has its drawbacks

like the fact that I have to drive everywhere rather than walking, and the property taxes here are high (by NH standards, anyway).

I do have several neighbors, but at least they're quiet (except for this one couple....grrr)

Still, I'll always have the 'city' in me.

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The comments all call this a police state

It's very refreshing that all the comments on Glenn Beck's article are lamenting this obvious martial law reaction. Everyone is calling it a Police State.


Michael PLEASE put this one the front page!


Well Folks We All Wondered

what martial law would look like. And the scary part is that if the people of Boston retaliate and start standing up to these thugs they will likely be doing exactly what Obama wants in order to have an excuse to make it the REAL martial law.


if you want them to leave,

if you want them to leave, point a camera at them

terror living vicariously

terror living vicariously through government

well done guys, GOOD job