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Glenn Beck Gives Government Until Monday to Come Clean About Boston Bombing Cover-Up -vid

Glenn Beck says the response to the Boston Marathon bombing will determine whether America survives and says The Blaze will expose the government cover-up on Monday.

For all the Beck haters this is just posted as an FYI.


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I don't think so. That's all been out there.

Beck is saying that the government (and now he himself) knows something *about* this kid, things he's done that make him a "very bad, bad, bad man." He's implying that he is going to expose what those things are.

But what he is getting at here, cryptically saying there is "no depth to which they will not stoop?" Who does he mean by "they?" Glenn better speak plainly on Monday and have something credible to back it up.

(Btw, that summary of events left out, for one, that the First Lady apparently visited the Saudi kid in the hospital.)

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That story seems to link the other twitter user

whose handle is/was @therealAbdul_.

Some of the other twitter accounts known to be in communication with Tsarnaev (@J_tsar) have been deleted or made private.

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If GB died in a suspicious accident this weekend we will know this was an inside job. I doubt the government is going to address this at all so we will see if he's bluffing in a few days.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

expect this

ZIONIST shill to derail the public with some oil rich sheiks from saudi arabia buying leniency from us agencies........


and, what do they ALL have in common?



...so if you don't pay me the sum of

X amount of dollars... I will release all this information to the public.


glenn beck on the front of the DailyPaul?



Hmm...so I am not one of "EVERYONE"?

The ONE thing I dislike the MOST with DailyPaul, a site I visit almost every day, - is the strong language coming forth when discussing Glenn Beck. It is a sad sad sad thing that there are so many here who really does HATE him!

Apart from the point that you are not supposed to hate any other human being, - I am very SURPRISED about how many here who KNOWS all the reasons to hate him. What a lot of crap!

I for one, and there are many others, even here in DP, does NOT know whatever it is you claim to know. I for one does NOT hate Glenn Beck. This does not mean I agree with him all the time, - but I most certainly do not hate him, and to some degree I do even admire him. And often I have asked God to bless him!

But since "Everyone" knows this and that about him, (and I assume therefore should hate him) I am one of man who is not allowed to be part of "Everyone". Excuse me, but this kid of stupid language should not appear on Daily Paul. Ron Paul himself for sure would not agree with this! And I am 100% sure he does not hate Glenn Beck either.

Which also makes Ron Paul one of those who is not counted in "Everyone"....

Apparently not everyone knows

but maybe by Tuesday one more will get it...
If Beck exposes wants to expose something, how about he starts with MK Ultra?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Certainly not a Beck fan or follower, BUT

I am a student of human behaviour.

The vibrato/quiver in his voice and his body language seem to indicate that he is sincere in what he is saying. Perhaps to the point of genuine nervousness.

We know what we know. We don't know what he knows.

Time will reveal the rest.

An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

Glenn Beck is a student of

the vibrato/quiver.



When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

He's a professional liar

This story he tells on the View is bizarre. He doesn't need a reason to lie. You'll never know if he's being honest. He's not a credible person.


Hadn't seen this "lyin sacka dog mess"


An alternative to the MSM Machine http://freedombroadcastingnetwork.com/
Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

"Why did I lie? I don't know."

He lies because he breathes, they are the same thing to him.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Dum dum dummmmmm... and now a

Dum dum dummmmmm... and now a word from life lock. duh.

"do you want to pay people to tell you after the fact things banks should be responsible for anyway??? well life lock is for you blah blah blah....

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Glen we all ready known !!!!!
You are talking to the wrong crowd

Please tell us some thing we don't known please

Like the Laser of to evils is still evil just a little less

Go on stay there!


And BTW!

All your base are belong to us!

Are you suggesting...

someone set us up the bomb?

A signature used to be here!

Glenn's Twitter

has been pretty great tonight


Hey, Glenn!

If you're willing to admit that Presidential administrations secretly corroborate with Saudi nationals to execute terrorist strikes on American soil with incredibly limited evidence, why the hell do you still decry 9/11 Truth, which has so much?

Glenda Beckenridge is a shill and a broken clock is right twice a day. The end.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

Yeah right GB says this is

Yeah right GB says this is perhaps the most important thing he has come across and it will determine the fate of the country but he's going to wait till Monday and if the gov does not expose themselves he will do it Monday... Sigh!

Could this guy be anymore of a tool... This is pure sales technique build suspense intrigue and momentum to attract a larger audience for opening day...

Gee Glen if you love your country and this was as serious as you claim it should have been on the air as soon as you got hold of it! What do you want to bet that after talking to secret insiders that only GB knows and claims are credible and influential but he can't reveal their names he has decided its better to not reveal it for now... Sigh!

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"Coming up next, it may be in

"Coming up next, it may be in your house and it may be killing you as we speak. Stay tuned."

Glenn is coming to save us!


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

I hope he doesn't get Breitbarted...

...at least that is what kept going thru my mind.

bad, bad, bad sounded like 3 bad events to me.

Pure sensationalism; not a

Pure sensationalism; not a chance that there is real evidence behind it. GB and AJ have completely destroyed their credibility through stunts like this. Even worse, they have spun focus away from real issues.

Seems Like The Trolls

Seems the trolls are trying to equate Alex Jones and Glenn Beck. Obviously this is intended to drive us away from Jones, and toward Beck. We know that Beck is a total fraud, so logically we can conclude that Alex Jones is the real deal. Interesting, I did not expect that.

I hope that was a joke

The poster is saying s/he thinks both are full of it. How that could possibly 'drive' anyone toward Beck is beyond me; must not be as "obvious" to others as it is you.

Also, saying AJ is the real deal just because Beck is phony is *not* a logical conclusion. That's like me saying "Bill O'Reilly is a lying scumbag, therefore Chris Matthews tells the truth." AJ is all fine and dandy, but that sort of reasoning only makes his supporters sound like 'shills/trolls/labeloftheweek' themselves.

I don't agree with the other poster's opinion, but what you posted doesn't even begin to approach logical.

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What? That isn't what I

What? That isn't what I meant; they both pound on their desks daily and act childishly. Look at this tantrum from today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvtXHotC4Mw