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So, they waited until prime time to say "We Got Him"!

This is like a bad B

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Nice Show...

Complete with an applauding crowd....and notice the prime time narrative that "perpetrator" had been caught.

Last I heard, he was a suspect. But hey, if the "news" says he's guilty, why do we even need courts or a justice system at all?

Trust the FBI and news...everything will be fine. The war on terror coming to a town near you soon. Prepare to be ordered to strip in public, you never know, we Americans might have a bomb up our but. Forget about rights or dignity, can't you see we have a terror threat here? Bend over.

If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear...but with hundreds of thousands of laws on the books, chances are you've violated the law several times already today.

They Didn't Get Him - An Alert Citizen Got Him

All that overtime and expense and a lady looking out her window said hey look -

Now watch how Homeland Security gets more funding as "we need to Secure the Homeland" - What a crock of Sh*t

Meanwhile the sheep sat glued to their TVs all day, becoming totally brainwashed

Papers Please is almost upon us

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

Amazing, huh?

4,000 cops on a manhunt and he was right under their nose.

Military or semi-military at the Boston Marathon looking for bad guys, and TWO bombs go off right under their nose.

Police state is not only a bad idea, it doesn't even work.

Like Dorner

He was staying right next to the police command post.

SteveMT's picture

Propaganda "Mission Accomplished"

The next time, we'll be asked to go into a special chamber at the local FEMA Camp.

Okay...Thats a rap!

Good set boys. The Sheeple should have loved it.

If we can the POTUS to pop on the tube and stroke all the statists and tell everyone what brave men and women work for the State, that would be great. If not, no big deal...our mission was accomplished.

We got to put all our police state toys out on the streets all at once and do unannounced searches of peoples homes and told everyone to be very afraid. Nice. :-(

Link Please?

I don't have TV


Lol! I was just going to post the same thing!

Remember that article on DP this week from some 'insider' saying the culprit would be caught on Friday?

Leathal Weapon 5


Think they will take him alive?

I am guessing not. Dead men don't talk.

No B movie is this bad.

All we are waiting for now is the narrative...which will be total bullshit.

speak for yourself, im

speak for yourself, im waiting for the bikini clad babes

i kid, i kid

edit: Jurasic Congress...mmm....Park.....mmmm, has a nice ring to it