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Proof of constitutional RIGHTS being trampled in Boston!

There is now talk about the boat being "lit up" as we speak. Looks like all evidence and story's that could be gathered from taking this "suspect" alive is going down the drain just like with Dorner.

Here is an image that PROVES this country has no boundaries. They will enter your house without warrants and trample our constitutional rights.

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Thats interesting. I have the

Thats interesting. I have the same taste in shoes as those guys. I think thos are regular hiking shoes, not army boots. The guy going through the doorway is wearing the shoes I had before my current pair, and the guy closest is wearing what I currently, which is a pair of steel toed hiking shoes. Or at least that is abotu as close a look as I can get without it being less blurry.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

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