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The Boston "Lockdown" Was a Lie. People Were Everywhere

April 19, 6pm ET, Cambridge

I have spent most of the day at the corner of Norfolk and Cambridge Street in Cambridge where the media is camped out near the house of the brothers suspected of the Boston Marathon bombings. It was a bit of a circus with neighbors and people from all over Boston eating pizza from whatever stores were open and media soundtruck leftovers. On seeing reports in the media of the Boston "lockdown" it is important to understand that the main reason the streets are lightly populated, is because the subways have not been running, and most, but not all, businesses are closed, at the request of the governor. From what I see people are out everywhere looking for what is open. The Dunkin Donuts in Central Square did a brisk business all day.

The perception that Bostonians are inside trembling in fear is all wrong. Many of us are inside because there is nowhere to go. This is Boston. Not in a million years would one suspect on the loose keep this entire city inside.

So far I count the S&S in Inman Square as open, another coffee shop, and of course the Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square, whose manager told me was doing a brisk, ordinary business all day. People are out with their kids and enjoying the day off. Of course the talk is all of the crime and the latest updates. But it is a lie to say we are all holed up inside.

To be sure there is a twenty street radius in Watertown where the second suspect is reportedly hiding, and a commonsense request for people to stay inside as a cordoned area is searched, house by house. (Question: where are the dogs, the bloodhounds?)

But to say that Boston is inside trembling is an inaccurate portrayal of the situation. That is not my town.

Added later:

The Boston "lockdown" didn't make any sense, except as a way to get us used to a fascist state. The surviving suspect had crashed the getaway car and fled on foot way over in Watertown anyway, nowhere near Boston. They had the area blocked off, all roads in and out of the town sealed, and the police were going house to house. And you want people in Dorchester to "stay inside" for THAT? Never happen.

Gov. Duvall Patrick tried to issue an "order," as it was portrayed in the media, to not leave your house. Problem: Bostonians don't do orders. On closer examination, the governor's press release does indeed say "request." Now that's more like it.

But the true spirit of Boston was perhaps best captured by a caller into the Avi Nelson show that night or the next day, I forget which. The radio talk show host opened the lines, and right out of the gate came a lady who had a problem with "this lockdown business." "We're not hiders!" she said. When the radio host tried to calmly explain to her it was for her "own protection" she cut him off and screamed "Don't protect me!"

Now that's the Boston I know.

Street life near open stores at approximately 6pm in Central Square, Cambridge. Manhunt ended at 8:15pm. This shot is just two doors down from the 7-11 where suspect was captured on video last night, and quarter mile from MIT killing of campus police officer

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It's not like the entire city was empty

or that everyone in Boston is curling up in the fetal position, actually there are a (not so?) shocking number of Bostonians who seem perfectly content with what happened (with the door-to-door stuff, not the bombing...obviously), at most a bit annoyed. That's the part that worries me.

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There were people out everywhere in Cambridge, mostly

looking for a place to get their coffee. Thank God for Dunkee. Then once everyone heard they were supposed to be control-blowing bombs on Norfolk street, everyone headed over there to watch. We never heard any explosions though.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I think it's hard to underestimate

the honesty of the news organizations. I'm inclined to believe that most of the electronic media we receive daily is fantasy created by someone at a keyboard. Remember how they reported on our hero, through 2 primaries? I only read two or three articles, that got it all right, in 8 years of campaigning. How many times have you read about Ron Paul's isolationist foreign policy?

Can more Bostonians contribute anecdotes of a city, functioning in the face of mortal threat, from a lone, well-regarded teenager who likes to smoke pot?

Yahoo ran a headline photo essay of empty Boston

streets taken early in the morning. Of course if you shut down the subway most people can't get to work. This is a subway town. Only fatcats can afford to park all day. Most offices and stores were closed for this reason. No one gave a hoot about some suspect. Gov. Patrick can give no damn "order" to stay inside. I spoke with two people who said, the minute they heard there was an "order" to stay inside, that is when they knew they had to go out. It makes no sense because they knew the kid was on foot in a Watertown neighborhood, which is nowhere near Boston. They just used this to start walking in the mentality of a police state.

On the good side, ran into a couple of long-lost friends I hadn't seen in years, also out looking at what was going on. One fella just got married got to meet his new wife!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

update WBZ radio, last night after final soot-out

the first caller's comment was outrage about this "lock-down." She said we are not a city of "hiders." We need a lot more threads on this right away, obviously the trial balloon to get us used to a police state. The radio was portraying it as an "order" from the governor but he cannot issue such an "order." gov. Patrick used the word request but they are trying to blur the two. This may be the endgame for this whole episode.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

just getting word of the shoot out in Watertown now

at the chessboards in Harvard Sq., 8:15 ET suspect "covered in blood."

Release the Sandy Hook video.

thankyou for the on the

thankyou for the on the street update report, your a star