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Keep your Guns - Ban Assault Immigrants Now!

Wether the Islamic Chechens caused the Boston Marathon bombings or not, the fact that one of them has been allowed to come to the United States, even after being interviewed by the FBI a couple years ago just goes to show you why MASS immigration causes havoc to the integrity of the United States.

This happening in Massachusetts, a state with one of the toughest gun laws in the US, where people must hide and scurry into their homes because they basically live in a state that has been disarmed and they can't protect themselves, where the police can't even catch a teen without several hundreds of bumbling police involved, a simple call from an elderly lady does the job.

The government can't protect you, only you can protect you.

We don't need more gun laws, we need less.

We don't need more mass immigration, we need less.

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The Government Is Way Too Busy

Invading our privacy to guard the border. This problem isn't immigrants anyhow, it's the criminal elite.

Video report

"Avra Valley man displays migrant litter on front yard"

Actual video: should work.

Thought it might be of interest.

"AVRA VALLEY, Ariz.- You won't find flowers or garden gnomes in AJ Duncan's front yard.

But you will find a clothing line filled with carpet shoes he says drug smugglers wear to cover their tracks, along with a pile of backpacks and blankets, and more than 400 black water jugs."


disrespectful, we have way too much mass immigration.


Says immigration bill is dead.