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Lessons Learned from Boston

Lessons learned from Boston over these past few days.

First: Give the people something to be scared about, and they will accept anything if it makes them feel "safe." Ben Franklin warned us about this.

Second: Martial law can not only be blatantly set in place, it will also be embraced by those who live under it if the proper excuse is present.

Third: Under said martial law, the police can and will completely ignore anything resembling civil liberties and WILL search you, your belongings, and your home without a warrant or probable cause.

Fourth: We're already set up for this to happen across the U.S. Concerns are already arising that this bombing may be the first in a wave of attacks. How convenient.

You asked for it, Amerika. Get ready for the new reality of the overt police state. They will grind you into the dirt, and you will love them for it.


I posted this on Facebook; the future is not going to be pretty.

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