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Mother Of Boston Bombing Suspects: "He was controlled by the FBI, like for three, five years"

Zubeidat K. Tsarnaeva, the mother of Boston bombing suspects Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, suggested Friday that the FBI had been surveilling her older son for several years prior to Monday's attack.

In an interview with Russia Today Friday, Tsarnaeva said that Tamerlan Tsarnaev got involved in "religious politics" five years ago, and that the FBI had previously contacted her about her son's activities.

"He was controlled by the FBI, like for three, five years," she said. "They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions and what sites on the Internet he was going [to], they used to come...and talk to me...they were telling me that he was really a serious leader and they were afraid of him."

"How could this happen?...They were controlling every step of him, and they are telling today that this is a terrorist attack," she added.


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the motive?

what have you seen take place since the OKC bombing?
are you aware the ACT AGAINST PATRIOTS was written then?
are you aware the VP had a hand in writing it?
what have you seen taken away since that lie took place?
do you know the abc agencies all had a field day that fateful day?
but they left the women and children behind( that creates a bigger impact and more hysteria)
what took place after columbine? were them inappropriately named
assault weapons banned?
did that take place the way the feds said it did?
were there more than 2 shooters identified by eye witnesses,but their claims never heard?
what is their motive? it has always been the same,what is it?
what took place with the fed gov after sandy hook?
what happened at the sykk (sp) temple? did the feds get that right?
eye witnesses say no
how about the theater shooting,did that go down how we were told?
again eye witnesses say no
so i ask again,what is their motive?
what has happened to americans rights since the wtc bombing?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

not making any conclusions but...

the motive would be to justify the tsa &/or homeland security to have a magnified presence in our lives. Particularly at sporting and music events. Seems like a no brainer to me.

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