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An opportunity to crowdsource the identities of the tyrants

A few days ago the FBI said "only pay attention to these pictures we're showing you, do not give any other pictures attention."

RobHino posted an image of a little girl watching two terrorizing trucks, machinery of war, on her street. The man in the next video said they woke to the FBI agents rifling through his garage, and he doesn't want to wake up to it again.

Both these individuals were victimized by the FBI.

While thinking about the tragedy of this occurrence (and many others like it that happened today throughout the greater Boston area), I came to a potential solution: identify those who perpetrated the lockdown.

Cameras are very high-resolution these days. It should be simple to make use of social media to match images up, or have friends/family identify them on the social media sites.

Actors in state terror events should be known.

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Make No Mistake

Without declaration of martial law, law-enforcement is engaging in criminal violation against each of these citizens. Illegal search, illegal detainment, criminal trespass, brandishing weapons. What they are doing is by definition "terrorism". Gather evidence for the future prosecution of these criminals.