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Official Story Surrounding Manhunt for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Riddled with Inconsistencies

Official Story Surrounding Manhunt for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects Riddled with Inconsistencies

The events related to the Boston Marathon bombings are moving increasingly fast. Yesterday afternoon the FBI posted photos and video of two men that they claimed were connected to the bombings. Curiously enough the FBI said that people should pay attention only to the photos of these two men. This is despite the fact that there was a treasure trove of photos showing several suspicious looking people around the finish line right before the bombs went off. There were military types roaming around the finish line and a number of odd looking individuals carrying backpacks similar to what may have been used to carry the bombs. Thus far there has been no official explanation as to why there were military types roaming around the area of the finish line. There has also been no official explanation as to why there were strange drills and exercises being run in the general area of the Boston Marathon that have been reported by eyewitness accounts. As stated in my previous article pointing the finger at government involvement in these events, these types of drills are typically used as cover for a larger government sponsored terror operation as seen with events like the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 bombings in London. If the government was more open and honest with what was actually taking place, people wouldn’t be asking all of these questions. They are the ones that are fueling speculation and distrust by engaging the public in this manner.


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Let me add my two cents to counter the crazy posts below

Suspect #2 is in custody. Why not be patient and wait to see how things transpire before blaming the government and pushing conspiracy BS. Be happy, they captured a terrorist.

You meant 'alleged' terrorist


It's highly likely a giant

It's highly likely a giant con job, a "magic" trick which was partially revealed by the spokesman from the FBI who instructed the public precisely WHERE to look for the truth, i.e. the FBI and only the FBI.

Despite the low probability

Despite the low probability that uniformed personnel near the finish line MIGHT be ANG CST, my main focus continues to be the hired mercenaries of Craft International who MIGHT have been involved in a sting operation with the FBI or even actions more nefarious. If so, the result was reckless carnage and total irresponsibility of the planners in conducting an operation amidst a large crowd. Why were hired mercenaries involved? Why were ANG CST apparently deployed away from the finish line with personnel from Craft International assuming a "support" role at the finish line with some of them wearing CST placards? These questions need to be seriously pursued, not the circus in outlying areas of Boston where the 2nd and 4th amendments were more heavily infringed while federal agencies ran roughshod over the area in pursuit of their patsies. Granted, we don't know the whole truth. We know only what is available from evidence and the propaganda machine.

Yeah, the Story is Pretty Convoluted

Moral of the story is....Militant police in the streets is ok. Ordered strip searches of Americans because they might have a bomb up their a$$.

Remember, they are here to protect us. They even managed to get a round of applause for the great protectors.

What a show. Meanwhile the tragedy in Texas cost far more lives, yet all this boston thing is front page everywhere. They don't even mess around...they refer to the suspects as perpetrators in their scripts. The unwitting viewers of that brainwashing infused disaster porn, cheer blindly without ever thinking for a second that there has been no evidence shown to convict these young men. The million dollars a year talking heads will read whatever script they are told to.

Just the fact that is the prime time show on the reality news networks.....makes one suspicious.