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Suspect 2 was not mirandized

The Federal Attorney just said the decision to not Mirandize Suspect 2 was first an option "due to public safety" and then said they had that prerogative in cases of national security. He is a US Citizen, correct?

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These dudes terrorized an

These dudes terrorized an entire city. Killed a cop. Blew people into pieces. I guess I wouldn't mind if he didn't have a right to remain silent. It would be nice to get some answers from this guy without some over payed lawyer getting in the way. He's still alive...I'm sure there going to interrogate him and find out some shit. He'll get his due process after they get what they need.

The Constitution applies to

The Constitution applies to the worst of us, not just the "best" of us. We're entering a time of lawlessness and selective punishment like never before in American history.


I would suggest that law enforcement terrorized a city.

I would say he is ACCUSED of killing a cop. He is ACCUSED of setting off a bomb.

Where is Judge Dread when we need him? That would make things like this so much easier.

I would say blowing up a

I would say blowing up a marathon, hijacking a car, killing a cop, injuring another, while throwing pressure cookers at them is terrorizing a city.

So you are Judge Dread

You are now Judge, Jury, and Executioner?

The FBI says he did it so that is it?

Does the FBI need our

Does the FBI need our approval because we are all such experts?

wouldn't it be silly to

wouldn't it be silly to mirandize someone that is going to be declared an enemy combatant, taken off to a secret prison and tortured?

Maybe he wasn't

sufficiently cognizant.

I'm a criminal justice major

I'm a criminal justice major in college (no expert by any means) and I know that you don't necessarily have to read a Miranda warning to someone your arresting, UNLESS you are going to question him right then and there. They can read him his rights at the hospital, station, etc. but by law he can say whatever he wants and it can't be used against him unless he is read his rights.

"National Security"

is the bogus catch-all term which magically allows the PTB to do whatever they want violating any law, right, etc. at will.

They call it a

"Public Safety Exemption"

Constitutional rights have

Constitutional rights have become a meaningless soundbite.

"Constitutional Rights

"Constitutional Rights Bypass"

That phrase suggests a

That phrase suggests a medical procedure I wouldn't recommend for anyone.

Nah, i was talking about the

Nah, i was talking about the freeway outside boston, but yeah, i'd advice no one to take that procedure, i heard its dictorial......nasty stuff, i wouldnt wish it on anyone *shivers*

Remember NDAA ...

... Obomba can just tell them to slit his throat and it would be "legal" (though, not constitutional).

Off to Gitmo he goes

where he will be water boarded. Pass the popcorn please.

Due To Public Safety: "We Are Going To Take Away Your Guns"

They can authorize anything because they can - I can imagine how weak and pitiful they think we are..

National Security?: Who's National Security, ours or theirs?

Yea I heard that too

but after all the gun fire that went on, I don't even think he is alive.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James