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Is There Such Thing As A Good False Flag?

Think about it first...please.

IF - and I seriously mean IF - this was a false flag staged event by some other faction within our government....they did a damn good job on this one!

Pressure cookers aside, the whole thing does feel real even if it probably isn't. Makes Sandy Hook look like a school play.

The "suspect," is in custody, his brother is, "dead," and America is happy and eating pizza.

When the news broke that 2 Muslim guys were the primary suspects, admit it....you were relieved that it wasn't a white, "Patriot," because if that was the case, we'd all be kissing our guns away right now, Chris Matthews would be creaming his pants and foaming at the mouth, and every Obammunist in the media would be licking their chops.

Suspect #1 and #2 could be on the FBI or CIA payroll.

Who knows? But I must say...this terror attack did us a huge favor on 2 major fronts.

Who benefits, and who loses after the ballgame?

Obama's "Immigration reform," just received a major political blow from what happened in Boston on Patriot's Day.

Talks in Congress were scheduled to start today, how ironic.

Make no mistake about it, the immigration legislation currently being proposed just got a huge kick in the groin.

Guns? What guns? Ban pressure cookers now! At no time did the media ever say the suspects were using, "illegal guns."

Obama's anti-gun Agenda just took a huge blow...not only will the media be forced to concentrate on something other than demonizing gun owners, they will be forced to talk about terrorists from Russia instead.

When Americans get attacked, they get defensive.

Try taking our guns away now.

If there ever was a silver lining, I hope this is it.

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Suspect #2 is in critical

Suspect #2 is in critical condition....

Will he live to tell his side of the story?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.