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Liberty Solution: Boston PD Could Have Handled This Without Violating Rights

Now that the smoke has cleared, we can take a better look.

The Boston Police Department could have handled this entire thing without violating anyone's rights. Without house-to-house searches. Without federal government. Without military personnel. Without Army helicopters. Without tanks.

The police department could have done this without the big show of a police state.

Two bombs go off at the Boston Marathon. Secure the area. Tend to the wounded. Consider it a murder case, not a "terrorism" case. Check surveillance and appeal to public to help with any information. Identify suspects and make public. Report of car jacking. Respond. Let's assume Suspect #1's death was unavoidable. Let public know Suspect #2 is on the loose. Be on high alert. Walk neighborhoods and ASK questions. When the little old lady calls in to say somebody might be hiding in her boat, surround him and wait him out. Just like the guy in Alabama who had the kid hostage, there is no reason to "get it over with now." Just wait and take him in when he surrenders.

There is no need for a police state. There is no need for the federal government to act like bosses of state or local police forces, and thereby violating the separation of powers.

There is no need to violate the rights of the people.

If you give up your liberty for security, you will end up with neither. Ben Franklin was right.

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how much does a crowd like that cost?

The liberties we have lost, is my answer. (Or a 'secure' state prison)

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Yes, the event could have certainly been handled

Without violating the rights of the accused, or an entire city. It could have easily been handled without explosions, grenades, tanks, 4000 troops, and so much gunfire in the public.

But, then it wouldn't be the show that it is!!! Cheer on the police state! They saved us from the evil doers!!

Nah, those two kids had a formal relationship with the FBI. This whole incident is more about pushing a police state and instilling fear of terror into the American people to allow and justify an increased police presence nationwide. It was the prime time scripted show for the entertainment networks.....nevermind the tragedy in TX which had far more loss of life......the TERROR, TERROR, TERROR zone was top story. Sorry, I just see that word terror far too much, and always in association with our government.

In my view, police has done an awesome job.

1. FBI and police remember another case few months ago when a deranged policeman had broken into winter sky house (when he was on the run) and held two women hostage. Back to Boston: breaking into houses was the only way to make sure residents were not being held at gun point by the terrorist.

2. Our populists do not care about individual rights of the victims or justice. They simply push their agressive agenda against the state at any cost. So in their mindless populism they lose logic. For example, the populists were the ones whining AGAINST cameras in the streets. Many of the populists are Rothbardian-type anarchists. In that case, victims would never get justice if Chechen and muslim folks could get a stronger private security firm to defend their terrorist against those who would chip in to hire another security firm to catch the terrorist... In any case, private arbitrations would argue about what rules to adapt since there would be no government to set universal laws. :)

Define "populist" and "libertarian" ...

... as you see it.

Freedom comes from reason

Popular conjectures based on emotions or weak irrational mind is populism. For example, wanting police to spend days for a siege and wanting not to pay for police at the same time. Wanting no cameras in the street and wanting victims to be able to afford private security firm, detectives, arbitration, prison. Wanting cameras in the street but not wanting to pay taxes. Wanting Libertarian political movement and praying to god to come ASAP and end this world, and so on.

What to do? Learn how reason operates. Discard Alex Jones and Rothbard and read Ayn Rand non-fiction works.

my guess

He'll define it the same way he defines anti-Semite and Anarchist--- which is everyone who disagrees with him.

And of course, what liberty_last post would be complete without telling others to read Ayn Rand? Because, y'know, actually formulating one's own unique arguments are far too much work.

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True, let me make a special case

for your little brain. Populism is to blame Obama for inflation and not Bush. Blame Jews for orchestrating Bolshevik revolution and not credit Jews for orchestrating Libertarian movement. Blame Rothschilds (Jews) for having too much money and control and blame Marx, Lassale and Trotski(Jews) for trying to prevent capitalists from having too much money and control.



I sincerely hope

I sincerely hope constitutional civil liberties champions from throughout the political spectrum in the US will unite and go door to door in Watertown collecting evidence of violations of the constitution for the mother of all class action suits.

This whole thing stinks from top to bottom look at what the criminals behind the patriot act have built today in full view. We should all be sickened.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

You are living in a Ron Paul

You are living in a Ron Paul country fantasy. You are absolutely correct however we need a strict principled libertarian like Dr. Paul to pull off something like that and reserve this progressing police state. Sorry to say but Rand Paul I don't think could/would even pull it off. We need leadership. Real liberty leadership.

I respectfully disagree (sort of)

I don't see it as a lack of leadership, but a lack of people willing to take responsibility for their actions and/or "play the tape all the way through", and that applies to government and non-government alike.

Many Americans have spent their lives being told to blindly obey authority figures to the point where few people actually *want* to take care of themselves. So, maybe it's a lack of self/personal leadership?

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The extensiveness of the

The extensiveness of the police state is the actual thing making us all act crazy. This is psychology 101.

It's all to acclimate us

to the police state.

And people cheered

Makes me ill.

but first...

Going back a step further, Black Hat was guilty of domestic assault in 2009 before he was a citizen. Having committed a crime, he should have been kicked out of the Country. The federal government's lax and selective enforcement of laws allowed him to stay. Had immigration laws been followed, non of this would have happened.



What if

there were 365 bombing fugitives, one on each day of the year? Would we stay in lock-down or learn to live with the risk?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Food for thought.

Food for thought.



Yup, I was just thinking that.

Those house-to-house searches did nothing, searching people's bags did nothing, shutting down the city did nothing, the helicopters and APCs did nothing. What did it in the end was a vigilant citizen and a hostage negotiator.