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We sure are a paranoid bunch...

I mean it.

Whenever anything bad happens, we tend to look to the govt instead of the perpetrators. Do I believe that elements in our govt could do heinous things? Yup. Do I believe that every single time something happens its govt sponsored? Nope.

I find it kinda funny that the same govt we have zero faith in accomplishing anything is capable of pulling off one conspiracy after another.

If its true.. its the ONLY damn thing that they are good at!!!


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Kudos to your reasonable argument!

What is the over/under the kid is drugged and confesses

in the next 48 hours before he is Mirandized?


hardly surprising..

it's a natural reaction to being manipulated, misdirected, misled and lied to by your parents, your teachers, your "representatives", the news, and hollywood, everyday of your life until you unwittingly stumble upon the truth (if you ever do.)

perhaps people should learn to withhold judgement until there's more evidence.. but i personally wish MORE people just assumed the bastards were inherently nefarious and maliciously involved in all tragic events and wanted proof that they WEREN'T. it would be a far more comfortable world to live in.

maybe then you wouldn't have the federal reserve or aggressive wars.

and if you really believe they aren't good at what they do, i suggest you go back and look at ANY war the US government was involved in. any at all. every last one of them was a result of blatant lies, calculations and omissions with the government and media walking in lock-step with one another. how many people understand this?

if they can get away with what they have, they can get away with anything.

just because their terror ops were mostly relegated to the 3rd world or destroyed countries, doesn't mean it's impossible here. considering the lack of objectivity in the press, it seems like we're primed for exactly that.

a healthy dose of paranoia could do everyone some good.

I don't know.....

Maybe I'm wrong, but when you have a number one suspect, for some reason, common sense just seems to say to me, "hey self, this is common sense talking to ya, you should look at number one suspect first"........

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Who do you perceive to be the

Who do you perceive to be the No 1 suspect? For this could be taken two ways: 1) The No 1 suspect is the government -in which case you are opposing the OP or, 2) The No 1 suspect is the kid identified by the government, in which case you are supportive of the OP.

Hi Philosopher

Not trying to be disrespectful, but my point was clearly made.

The "number one suspect" would be, the ones who hold the biggest track record for doing henious acts like this AND it sure ain't two young men we've never heard of.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

Ok, I wasn't sure. There

Ok, I wasn't sure. There seems to be quite a few people on here, which despite all historical evidence to the contrary, still accept and believe a government story without any kind of proof whatsoever that they(the government) are being truthful; like this OP.

I believe the gov't can accomplish tyranny. Don't you?

And paranoia is an "UNREASONABLE fear of being persecuted."

Do you remember those news stories about the feds entrapping groups targeted as "extremist"? The gov was sending agents provocateurs to infiltrate these groups and persuade them to commit acts of terrorism, and then those "cells" were arrested and the headlines would read "fed's foil terror plot." How can we be sure this latest episode isn't a case of that?

It isn't paranoia when your representatives right a blank check for perpetual war (AUMF), and the president believes the whole world, including your country, is a battlefield, and so all of your rights can be suspended because the gov't must protect you (NDAA)...

if you gave me the power of secrecy I bet eventually I could

make you think I was on your side no matter whether I was or not.

I could hire tens of thousands of people on my payroll to do things they can't tell each other about under my secret authority,

or I could be saving you under my secret authority, or both.

which one of my options justifies my existence as secret?


A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I believe that you are

I believe that you are operating under false premises:
1) Paranoid -the definition can basically be boiled down to -suspicion without cause -the qualifying clause 'without cause' is what differentiates paranoid with suspicious, cautious,etc.
2) That the government is actually trying to do something beneficial for the people in general

The government has been shown to lie, cheat, and steel, to get what it wants. This should not need be a profound epiphany for anybody to realize -especially not somebody who's been around here. Therefore, one should automatically operate under the premise that if something 'bad' happens then most likely it was the government, unless or until, evidence proves otherwise -especially if the government gains something from the initial action. To think otherwise would be to blindly overlook the vast historical evidence of the government lying, cheating, and steeling to get what it wants. This would not be logical or wise behaviour for an individual to partake in. It would be the frog and scorpion scenario with the government being the scorpion.

You state, the same govt we have zero faith in accomplishing anything is capable of pulling off one conspiracy after another.
What is it that the government isn't capable of accomplishing? As you try to answer that question you will notice that you are operating under a false belief
that the government actually wants a different result then the one that occurs. The government knows that printing excess FRNs leads to inflation -this is not something which escapes them, they just lie about it to the general mindless masses. For if it was something which escapes them, then they would have never have changed the inflation indexing process to indicate the opposite of the truth.

Also, if this kind of fact escaped them, then what would that say about every College and University in existence? This is but one example of how the government/international bankers does realize the reality which is inverse to what it(the Government) claims.

Since it appears that you operate without consistency -the government lies to us except in this case and others like it; one must ask, how -without any proof- do you differentiate when the government is lying and when it isn't?
I'm sure the vast majority of us would like to know your process for identifying a government lie; it would certainly help save some time.

ha, should have read yours first, but I said pretty much . . .

the same thing without reading what you had to say, and maybe that's not so bad either.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

What Do You Believe? WTC, 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin.....What?

Most of the time the government is behind events such as these. The average moron could't plan, stage or carry out events as we have seen for over 50 years..

I like many of your posts my friend of liberty but you need to stop being so naive, fellow patriot..

But this is about our inability, for whatever reason, to pay attention to whom we vote for and to keep our eyes on our so called government leaders and lawmakers..

I cring everytime congress is in session

It's not like they took out

It's not like they took out an embassy or an aircraft carrier. The average idiot might not be able to do this but the average person with an interest in explosives certainly could. These devices were not sophisticated at all. Everything off the shelf.

Evil and Chaos

is always easy.

Simple enough to explain for at least three reasons:

#1 - the government has lost the trust of the People.

When you prove yourself untrustworthy, everything you do is considered "suspect."

That's just human nature.

It is a premise of our country that the government is NEVER to be trusted - the institutions, yes, the Men who temporarily hold the power of those institutions, never.

#2 - the same traits that enable clandestine success are a detriment to providing what should be offered by the private sector.

Compartmentalization doesn't lend to providing "services" in an efficient or effective manner.

However it does enable thousands of people to facilitate an inside job without ever knowing about it - they only know what they are told to do, usually, just a part of their regular jobs. Only a few need to know, or even do know, the bigger picture.

#3 - there is profit in clandestine activity and there is profit in bureaucracy - the first profits in power and loot, the second profits by inertia of purpose to continue taking tax dollars. (aka looting)

There is little power in transparent and lawful government.

If the government isn't pretending to provide services, they can't give kickbacks to their friends and maintain their own salaries,but would have to go out in the real world and be productive.

Two words

LIBOR Scandal?



You can't blame us for being a cynical bunch

given the history of false flags and spook instigated terror plots, along with the lapdog media who are nothing more than a propaganda arm of the state. I like Lew Rockwell's rule of thumb: Whatever they say, believe the opposite; you'll usually be right.

Innocent until proven guilty

I think that's a natural reaction by a free society that the MSM has beaten out of us. i think it's healthy. And really there is no other consistently questionable organization than the government so it's natural to be suspicious of them. Maybe we reach a little with our reasoning, but our hearts are in the right place


Well said

and going beyond that - all of us here know what our foreign policy does to this country in the eyes of foreigners. We know about blowback....blowback does happen every once in awhile because of our presence in their lands.

I agree with the poster. Should we be skeptical of things? Absolutely....but that doesn't mean every little thing in the world that happens is a conspiracy.

Part of me wonders if the "team" that was spotted at the boston marathon thats caused so much controversy was there because they suspected something was going to happen....but they just didn't tell the public. Then afterwards, the last thing you'd want to do is come clean about it because you didn't stop it...."yeah, we used everyone there as guinea pigs because we suspected a terrorist attack." This is assuming though....which i'm sitting here telling the other side not to do....so who knows what was going on.

Now this I can go with. Blow

Now this I can go with. Blow back.

Did the authorities have prior knowledge? Likely? To me this seems to be more like damage control. They weren't able to unfoil a terrorist plot in time to protect the public. So they flex some muscle in pursuit of one kid to show the country "we are tough on terrorists". Incompatance is most likely the culprit here. Somebody didn't do their job. They should have called the event off. But that event is a big money maker for the city. Oops.

FiresofFreedom's picture

I get what youre saying P.

I usually give the benefit of the doubt when these tragedies happen and wait for the smoke to clear before making accusations but there are so many things in this case that scream "staged". In many of these mass murder-tragedies you see there are people who say the perpetrator was quiet and saw it coming. Everyone who knew these suspects minus the uncle are in complete disbelief over what has happened. Not just family but friends and acquaintances are shocked because its so out of there character. I have also not seen any pictures of these guys dropping there bags or any form of evidence, I have only seen the FBI point there fingers and say "these are the guys". They also don't take into account the other bombs found or not questioning why those national guards who were right next to to the blast zone but didn't notice anyone dropping there bag.

Go to the smoking gun.com

Go to the smoking gun.com there is a photo of the younger brother walking back towards the corner they came from in the video. The young boy who died is standing along the fence and the bag that was on the brothers shoulder is laying in the ground. I'll post the link when I get to a computer.



Meh......I don't think it

Meh......I don't think it shows that

What doesn't it show?

Suspect walking away, bag that he was shown carrying on the ground, boy who died standing nearby.

It's not absolute proof but that is exactly what can be seen. How is it not? What do you see?

FiresofFreedom's picture

The bag did look a bit thin,

The bag did look a bit thin, do you think the pressure cooker could fit in there?

Do you have a pressure

Do you have a pressure cooker? I have 2. One is half the size of the other. Yes they could fit in a bag and you wouldn't think, "WOW, that bag sure is full of something."


depending on how it was placed in the bag.

The thing that gets me the most.. is that they were involved in a carjacking and shoot out... and tossed fkn bombs too!!!

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you understanding where I am coming from. Im not dissing anybody.. just trying to be rational during a stressful time, full of questions.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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interesting I'll have to look

interesting I'll have to look at it.If they aren't Patsy's they certainly have a lot of explaining to do. I guess those national guards could just be another example of federal efficiency. Lol

i was a teenager and i knew

i was a teenager and i knew instantly that Oklahoma City was a false flag,- even though i didn't know of the term, "false flag". i didn't have the internet and cable was only a luxury for the middle class, i just had rabbit ears and a few channels, and felt the disgust of having such a limited matrix pushed on people with their controlled medium.

if you can't see that they have control of most mediums of communication, you will never get far in your understanding of these Satanic devil worshippers that sit on the elite power structure.