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We sure are a paranoid bunch...

I mean it.

Whenever anything bad happens, we tend to look to the govt instead of the perpetrators. Do I believe that elements in our govt could do heinous things? Yup. Do I believe that every single time something happens its govt sponsored? Nope.

I find it kinda funny that the same govt we have zero faith in accomplishing anything is capable of pulling off one conspiracy after another.

If its true.. its the ONLY damn thing that they are good at!!!


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You criticize Alex Jones, but

You criticize Alex Jones, but why don't you scrutinize the countless documents he's referenced ? And then realize that anyone with a microphone could do what he's doing. if you have the documents and read their script then you will see past the dialectic vipers that poison your mind.


Despite their ineptitude, the government CAN get away...

...with these false flags because:

1) Only the leadership has to be bought/ controlled, and not the remaining 99% of the local police or whatever dept is being managed by the top brass.

2) The MSM is completely controlled and follows a script. Need I remind anybody about Ron Paul's total blackout? The media will provide cover for their mistakes, like the idiotic "magic bullet theory". Or the WMD storyline.

3) The suspects are drugged up or killed or kept in solitary confinement (Holmes, Lee Harvey, Manning), and witnesses are intimidated or killed.

4) There is nobody who dares prosecute the real criminals. No arrests are made, ever. Like right now, Obama and Bush Jr. should be arrested, tried, and executed. But nothing happens. In other words, the devil has promised them immunity and though they COULD be exposed, #2 & 3 prevent that from occurring.

The govt usually picks patsies with controlled parents or no family, and that's where their cover is being blown here, it appears.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Very good

The Weapon of Mass Deception (WMD) is more powerful than the fiction Government. If you can control the WMD/MSM, you have total control on the election process. You will never get the keys to the White Hose unless you can be controlled by the people who control the WMD/MSM (say the candidate for POTUS isn't an natural born citizen). Better for the gang who control the media to have someone else to get the blame, and have a new puppet in the office every 4 or 8 years. Members of the gang almost never changes. Just make sure the head of Government is one of the controllable guys.

I don't agree with the need for all these real killings in these operations. Real killings are not good. As long as the operation is based on fake news reports only, they will very likely be protected by the First Amendment as free speech. With real killings in these operations, everyone could become involved in a conspiracy to murder with no Statute of Limitations. Would also make it harder to recruit people to these operations. And usually, they don't have to kill anyone. Just make up the guy instead and REPORT it. Almost everyone will believe the story anyway. I promise.

if you ever get bad vibes

if you ever get bad vibes while you walk outside, while you are still in the spirit world and "the dream time" (australian aborigine phrase), then i think it might be the moon matrix that David Icke is talking about.

What if the moon is a giant spaceship !?


Absolutely correct

It is paranoia and many so called leaders are feeding it.

There is a difference between being for limited government and being anti-government. This event has been a display of good governance and of people working together with local and federal authorities to rise to the occasion to repel a threat to the community.

But on Daily Paul there are already all sorts of skeptics and outright defenders of the terrorists. It is embarrassing.

Time to disassociate yourself, perhaps?

It's still a "free-ish" country after all....

What would the Founders do?

Thank you for saying it,

Thank you for saying it, because I was certainly thinking it.

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I don't know if it is the

I don't know if it is the Gov't or not. But I do know that they have given plenty of reason to doubt them. So much so that it would be a "shame on me" if I didn't situation.
Remember when Bush decided to go to war with Iraq for weapons of mass destruction? I kept asking how we would know they have weapons of mass destruction and do you know what the answer was? because the president said so. And that is why people beleived it for so many years. We never had any proof other than their "word" and we know how that turned out.
You talk as if you now know we are wrong to doubt because now we have the answers to what really happened at the Boston bombing. Do you have proof that this happened? other than the gov't says so? if this was your brother, would the information that you have today be enough to make you beleive that that is what happened?
All I'm saying is if I've learned anything over the past years it is not to stop using your own senses or logic until your have all of the real facts. not what MSM tells you, not what your freinds are saying, and not just becasue the gov't says so. That kid needs due process, even if he is the bomber he needs it because we don't want to loose it for ourselves or for our loved ones that this could happen to next.
just imagine all of the poeple killed in iraq for something that our gov't made up. Then....wake up.

Amen brother

'But I do know that they have given plenty of reason to doubt them.'

Im with you 100%. We have been lied to so many times that it nearly feels like the beaten wife syndrome... 'He will change!!!'

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

actually, we knew they had weapons of mass destruction because


I just read an article on the Vicar of

Baghdad. He said that those chemical weapons were flown to Syria a couple of months before we attacked Iraq.

Anyone bet Dzhokhar does not survive and dies in the hospital?

Or was perhaps already dead and all staged to make sure we think they made every effort to keep him alive to satisfy the thought we would get to hear his side of the story? Was there even one picture of the boy being put in the ambulance that showed he was alive and could be identified by the average person to truly be this kid? Every aspect of this tragedy as it unfolded was hidden from the public view. At night and in areas where only law enforcement were still allowed access. Why do the police always clear out the people and create their own private venue to carry out their operations? Has there been any evidence that actually shows the alleged shoot out with police or any other details of the post marathon incident where these suspects were undeniably identifiable? It is a horrible feeling to not trust our government to tell us the truth, but virtually everyone who knew these two kids supports the idea that it would be virtually unthinkable they would perpetrate these horrible crimes. Really do not think he will live to tell his story. Sorry to have virtually lost all faith in our once amazing concept in freedom and a constitutional republic. I actually hope I am dead wrong and this kid lives to tell everyone straight in the eye that he and his brother fooled everyone and absolutely did these atrocities. That is perhaps the one and only way any remaining faith I have in our government to act in our interest might be preserved.


I'm sure uncle sam has a confession in one hand

and the life-support in the other.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Well put. Probably the scenario behind the scene.

Your confession and we might let you live! It makes me sad I have become am so jaded by the corruption and the evil of some people.


I totally agree

These boys were NOT dressed so they would be hard to identify. Mother said son was working for FBI. Planned controlled explosions for the SAME day as the Boston Marathon? - no other date was available? Paid patsies who had NO idea they would be set up - perhaps they thought they were only part of the drill.

All to continue to instill fear in the population, and to practice Martial Law.

Why should we trust this govt, everyday they sneak legislation through which no one has read! It's outrageous and yet it continues to happen.

That is why they were so disappointed the gun ban didn't pass - was the LAST piece of the plan...

You hit the real point that there is a relentless overall agenda

It is like keeping your eye on the money and it will almost always reveal someones true motives. Your idea of the set up part would also explain one of the big questions I had about why these two guys would be there in the first place. As a professional run event and marathon organizer, almost no one goes to spectate at a running event unless they have a friend or loved one participating that they go to watch and support. Boston is somewhat different, as like in New York, London and some of the other major world city marathons the event is enough of a spectacle many more people come out than just friends and family, but I was struggling with why not one participant in the marathon had not stepped forward and said that either of these two was there to watch them finish the race and join in the post race celebration. If they truly did this heinous act, I hope the kid lives to confess, but if they were there as part of a drill that would certainly answer the question. Either way, the whole thing is horrible and the tremendous expense and over allocation of resources to find one 19 old kid boggles the mind. Someone is still taking advantage of the situation to exploit an agenda.


Keep comin around son...

eventually you will drop that party line.

You find it kinda funny. I find it kinda sad.

You're conflating two things. Governments can't do anything economically, because their purpose is to oppose freedom, which economic efficiency depends upon.
Their ability to deceive, defraud, and coerce, however are the exact tools they use to accomplish opposing freedom. They are relatively good at this, as deception, fraud, and coercion is their entire raison d'être.

What I'd like to know

What I'd like to know is
"Who told you I was paranoid?"

ha, thanks--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Well, just consider how the

Well, just consider how the great financial crisis was created and the TARP bailouts executed (see David Stockman's THE GREAT DEFORMATION) and you will understand the magic combination of necessary 'skills' to create historic, life-changing events--all of them abundantly available in both major parties. (The heroes in this book are very few, and Ron Paul is among them.)


honestly I don't think the details matter the state always wins

Consparcy here, there, this one, or that one...doesn't matter the state won this week. Or as I usually put it..."The terrorists have won." To those outside libertarian circles that means the state took the bait and helped the terrorists terrorize citizens; To those on the hardcore side of libertarian-ism it simple means the state won, since the state is the true terrorist to all free people.

Look they had a huge city on lock down over a wounded 19 year old kid that may or may not have been armed and dangerous with a crock pot. Boston lost any and all respect from me. What an utter bunch of wussies. The Government says stay in your house because a skinny little punk might have a gun? STFU!

And look He was caught as soon as a scared pussy ass Bostonian was finally told by fatherland security it was safe to go outside and grab some fresh air. The state didn't catch him the people of Boston did. Note: If any of you are in a similar situation disobey all orders. Wander your lawn, look around and if you see a body don't expect it to jump out and bite you! Its another human being, not some monster like the state would have you believe. Talk, to him maybe, help his wounds? The best thing anyone in this situation could have done was haul the poor kid out and take him to the hospital and then tell police " you know that skinny 19 year old kid you were so scared of? Yea I just took him to the hospital...he is here if you want him; pussies!" " and no I didn't have to shoot my gun!"

And look if they would have released the photo's right away they would have caught them sooner. Instead the stare got every ounce of power out of this they could. They played their cards just right so everyone quivered and waited for the fatherland to protect them. Of course the media plays a crucial role in cranking up the fear, but the state always wants everyone to be scared and look to it as the great protector.

Lew Rockwell had a great post up today about how the fire fighters in West Texas are not getting honored like the first responders in Boston because they are all volunteer so there for they are private forces not state forces.

They govern the masses by fear and this event they played the fear fiddle like a champ!

Now they will parlay this new fear into more power...you wait and see.

Robert Higgs can explain it to you just watch his YouTube vids.

I Don't Think So

THIS was the reason for the whole thing. Experiment. Bet the kids didn't do it. Paranoid? What do you call these photos?



I watched an

all day long government sponsored terrorist event today. The economic damage to the area alone is mind boggling, nevermind the cost of paramilitary and the national security apparatus. They did more to shut down an entire city than the original bombing. It was intentional in every way shape and form. You're seeing their methods and procedures on display and in High Def. Paranoid? I'd say there is every right to be.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

Its the same M.O. over and over

innocent people terrorized for no reason. Shady circumstances all around. Media talking heads playing the script. Targeted disinformation being intertwined from all angles. A deep event with no real answers. Evidence destroyed and hidden. Pictures that do not show details. And as always the tyrannical barbarians expanding their tyranny over the population.

Now the "FBI" tells us that we should only look at their information and disregard all other information all while saying we are the eyes and ears. Double speak from a bureaucratic bobble head tool bag at its worst.

The M.O tells me this is another false flag by the rogue criminal elements in and ultimately supported by a fiat currency under the control of centralized power. The FBI statements and complete lockdown of Boston demonstrates that this operation just took us one step closer to their dream of an all out NAZI style authoritarian state tyranny. The rogue cops, FBI, CIA, Mercenaries and others out there that are actively conspiring and facilitating these acts of terrorism for the purpose of expanding their unlawful power and police state need to be routed out brought before a jury and given the death penalty. It is clear they want to build a police state and implement their camps for total control and these deep events are their same M.O. for achieving their ends.

The sooner We the People turn our investigations to them the sooner we can have justice.

After seeing how the FBI handled the 9-11 cover-up, all of these repeated bobble head psyop patsy entrapment schemes, OKC and WTC bombings, WACO, cointelpro and more it is clear that the FBI is so damn corrupt it should be disbanded.

To the psychopathic terrorists out there you can go to hell with your police state. The camps is the line in the sand. You open the camps and attempt mass round ups then the gloves will come off the American People and you will find out how badly mistaken your assumptions are.

Oh wait that's why you need to take the guns away. That way you can just ask people to get on the train for their safety. Same story different tyrants.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Eloquenty written.

Would add build and disseminate non grid sources of free energy. Their state of development is almost now beyond repression. With means of self sustaining and defending in the hands of enough people,any attempt to open and fill those camps is bound to fail.

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+1. A no-brainer. Or almost. One just needs memory.

+1. A no-brainer. Or almost.

One just needs memory.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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OMG powerful words.

DUDE. This is one of the best apologia for liberty I have ever read.


Chris here.

Thanks for your efforts.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I agree

It seems like some people are determined that every evil act is committed by the government. I guess they assume that all bad people work for the government. I don't understand why so many refuse to believe that there might be anybody else out there who is bad enough or crazy enough to shoot or bomb people. It's not that I don't think our government is capable of horrible things. It's just that I am unable to accept a crazy, complicated "theory" just so that I can blame all of it on the government.

Why the Down-votes?

Seems like a smart decent comment to me.