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PRAY he survives and lives

Let's pray the teenager survives, and that he's not drugged, and that we find out the real truth.

IF HE IS INNOCENT, then, I hope he will be spared in every way.

First, we've never seen the VIDEO EVIDENCE that they claim the FBI saw, and I mean, decisive clear video facial evidence of him leaving THE backpack and walking away.

Second, if he was asked simply to drop a bag off 'over there' for someone he didn't know, then, I hope that comes out, too.

If he is innocent, let's hope & pray for his life, first & foremost. I have to say I was worried looking at the ER vehicle go at a snail's pace, reminded me the night they took Princess Diana at 4 mph to the hospital.

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Remember NDAA passed?

Indefinite detention WITHOUT access to a lawyer. I don't see a good outcome even if he lives. :(

The police have NO right to not read him

His Miranda rights, unless they don't want him to have any...and yes Obummer signed the NDAA, but that's only paper.

JUDGE NAPOLITANO.. ....might defend him.

we will never get

the truth.

It is EXTREMELY DOUBTFUL that teen was an Actor

Why? Well, how did his brother have to act? He's DEAD now...some acting! And, this boy? Well, he may be gone, too. All those gunshots? And a bomb go off there at that house? I doubt he even had a gun, you know? it's too bad the owner wasn't able to talk to the boy and get him to give himself up, and/ or at least talk to the owner BEFORE Law Enforcement Military decended on them.

I saw the dead photo of his older brother.

Don't worry about this acting crap. Just pray for his life!

Check Out the Picture of The Actor, Alive and Well

Alive at the seen of the bloody shootout (before having wound-makeup applied). The corpse on display at the hospital is just some random body they found, with matching height/weight/hair/complexion.


Don't pray for the actor, pray four our constitutional rights.

That photo needs further investigation

As there is a resemblance, but I can say that that forced stripping of his clothes is ILLEGAL.

Troll alert...if you think these guys "acted".

Do You Really Think

Do you actually think the "suspect" is a real person, and not an actor? Do you think that if video of him dropping a bag at the scene emerges, that it wasn't staged? Are you really going to spend time praying for an actor who is in on the scam? Will you hang on his every word as he recites his lines at the "trial"?

We know that there was a bomb-drill announcement, which allowed actors to be moved into place, innocent victims to be moved away, and cameras to be properly located, prior to the staged bombing. This is all so obvious that I can't believe anyone is fooled by it. I guess most people have never seen what it looks like when Hollywood is filming a movie in-public.

Try to understand the meaning of "manufactured consent".

Yeah, I'm not sure what to

Yeah, I'm not sure what to think about the real vs actor aspect. Is he being framed completely, was he told to do something unknowingly, or is he a complete actor?

We can guess till kingdom come,

but the truth could be any one of a 1001 scenarios.

I hope they don't kill him in

I hope they don't kill him in the operating room and allow him to be interviewed in the Boston police presence, not just by the FBI. Maybe FBI were disposing of those 5 extra pressure cooker bombs found, planting them as false evidence during the police chase. I hope the police dash cams have that video evidence.