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Bombings, Explosions Continue

Its not over. And as long as these US Government strikes continue, the violence will not end.

US drone attack destroys kills five in Pakistan:

The attack, which consisted of two fired missiles, was in the Baber Ghar area of the South Waziristan tribal district on the Afghan border, a stronghold of Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked militants.
The attack was confirmed by another official, who also spoke to AFP, saying the drone targeted a base of Pakistan's umbrella Taliban faction, Tehreek-e-Taliban.

The covert strikes are publicly criticized by the Pakistani government as a violation of sovereignty but American officials believe they are a vital weapon in the war against Islamist militants.

US drone strikes kill 4 in Yemen

A witness in a nearby village said he saw columns of smoke rising into the sky after two explosions rocked the area. He said that US drones have been flying over his village for three days and are still in the sky.

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In the Vietnam era

these "drone strikes" (agent orange) were getting the kind of coverage the marathon bombs are getting, and eventually it ended the war. Does the nation still have a conscience? Our newspeople seem not to have conscience, for all of their "weeping" about gun violence..

Somebody needs to drop a bunch of iPhones into the tribal districts.

Could that work?

I can hardly get cell phone coverage where I am, would they be able to use iphones? Cuz the idea is awesome.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Their not gonna use boston as

Their not gonna use boston as justification to USE foreign drone strikes

Their gonna use boston for justification to CONTINUE to use foreign drone strikes

a very important distinction

one i suspect will not register in alot of people

"does not compute"

That's what the President would call.............

a slow day.