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Boston Terror Suspect Caught, America Cheers With No Evidence (VIDEO)

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These people are uneducated and insane that's why we have

Affordable housing, they can't seem to see how everything is handed to them they think they are in a movie

Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

You know what's crazy?!

After all those police, fbi, SWAT, etc stormed the streets going home to home costing millions....
who found the guy? an average american citizen checking on his boat. he might have been able to find him earlier had he been allowed to go outside of his house.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

The Cheering really disturbs me

And the fact that the kid has received no miranda rights. who knows how he might be manipulated while in the hospital.

Please stop with the "no evidence " BS though. They may be patsies, but at the least they shot at police.

There is no evidence

that they committed a crime for which the police would have been able to JUSTIFY a manhunt. They would never have been shot at if they had not been chasing them down WITH NO WARRANT. "The ends justify the means" is REALLY backward thinking here, as the means are what created the end.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Actually there is the video

Actually there is the video of them robbing the 7/11, not to mention the car jacking where they - according to the man that was carjacked - claimed they were the marathon bombers and told him that they had bombs strapped to their chest. Come on people, use your head. I don't trust the government but not everything is some grand conspiracy.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

They did NOT rob the 7/11 ...

... head cop said in a press conference that it was someone else and misreporting (by cops or media). They didn't have anything to do with that.

As far as the car jacking, I read that the car was owned by a cop, and it is his word that they "confessed," but cops aren't exactly the most honest people when they want to convict someone.

So, we will need to see real evidence, not claims.

Please see the thread I posted.

"Why I think (I used their names)are innocent" this morning.
Do you think I run around making public statements that will draw a target on my back because I think it is amusing?
This is serious shit.
They can, and do, RUIN GOOD PEOPLE with their mind control games. You are NOT immune.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Well why don't we learn how to do mind controll

and turn the tables on them ?

Its apparently pretty easy.

He who fights monsters...

I mean, isn't that at least part of the reason why the 'cycle' humanity seems to be stuck in never ends?

I've had similar thoughts, but I personally feel that we (as individuals, or groups, whatever works) need to find a new path, to evolve past what has already been tried. A bit pie in the sky? Perhaps, but I'd like to think that hardship helps spark innovation.

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I don't because it jacks with a person's free will.

If I ever find myself face to face with a Rothschild or Rockefeller, you may best your ass I will try. I really do not foresee that happening, I try to spend my days with the chickens and fish.
The "happy medium" I try to strike is being a little fairy of cognitive dissonance. A hypnotized person is not really free, and I believe if people were truly free, they would embrace love over fear. One of the BEST ways is to let the TV entranced blather on, and smile politely so they think you agree, and when they finally take a breath, smack them between the eyes with a question they cannot answer. If you have done any real research into the tangled web, there is always something.
I like "How is it justice if there is no trial, no evidence presented? Is it OK to execute people because the government and media decided they were guilty?"
Some will justify and rationalize, but just having there little nose rubbed in it when they thought they were "among friends" really has an affect. Ask like you really want to understand, not like an argument.
And sadly, unless we have a media as pervasive as theirs, we can't do what they do. I'm sort of hoping for Anonymous to come through with a "They Live" type scene - lol!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

One point of confusion and curiosity....

As the boys' aunt say, "Where is the evidence?" Obviously, her way of saying "innocent until proven guilty".
But here is where the confusion comes in. Their mother staed (on teh phone) that the FBI had close tabs on them for 3 to 5 years. If these two sons of her are so "innocent", why has the FBI been locked in on them? To my way of thinking, the FBI does not keep close tabs on you unless you are leading a shady life. I think she even said that the FBI was "controlling" them. again....why? What what it aboptu these brothers that would make the "persons of strong interest" to the FBI? THAT is NOT normal....and we are talking about the FBI, as opposed to the police.
Here's one more poin of interest. During Friday evening, I was watching a new cast where one guy, who appeared to be involved with the police force, was being interviewed by a newcaster. The "police force guy" said something to the effect that during that shootout, one brother threw his backpack at the police, but it landed on the ground. Apparently, there was a "pressure cooker bomb" in that backpack. He also said they sound homemade grenades on him.
If this is TRUE, why would a so-called "innocent" 19-year-old be roaming those city streets while toting a pressure cooker bomb and hand grenades? That is, unless we are being lied to.....or the information is simply incorrect. As I said, this is simply my point of confusion. Hopefully, the TRUTH will be revealed.

Meanwhile, that CISPA internet Bill is making it's way thru the doors of approval. Man, those people are SOOOOO obssessed withy money, power and control. And they spin the CISPA bill as being something that is good for us. Arghhh!!!

Robby Lane

Please see my thread.

I went to a lot of work to explain why I believe what I do.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

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They should be cheering for the home owner.

If he had not been allowed to come out of his house the "drones" would still be looking for him.

The home owner found him, not the police "state".

Three cheers for the American citizen!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Will those that think....

All guns are bad and we need more gun control because of recent shootings....Make the same connection about those that Love Barry might all be terrorists? because of the recent terrorist attack?
(One of the brothers loves Barry, so there's gotta be a connection)

And now the MSM is stroking

And now the MSM is stroking the mindless drone morons cheering on the streets showing that all over the nation. Three cheers for big gobment.

Thanks for this video of sanity.

hooray for the police state

hooray for the police state who needs evidence, warrants, or probable cause. If the media is reporting it and the cops/feds say so it must be true lets hang him from the nearest lamp post and be content we got our man... Cough choke puke...

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"Bin Laden - Justice Served"

Seen that sign downtown? Every time I see it, I want to pull over, go in and have a chat with the man about DUE PROCESS, aka "justice."

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

The thing that bothers me is...

Why did the brothers assault the cop, take his weapon, and then shoot him with that weapon, if they were innocent?

And, was there a previous relationship between the brothers and the FBI and if so, what was that relationship.

These questions bother me about this event.

The Real Question Is

Why would you assume they shot a cop without proof. What makes you think any of this is real when it has all the earmarks of a Hollywood production?

B.S. LE is NOT supposed to

B.S. LE is NOT supposed to release info on an active case if it might comprimise the case. It's not to much different than a lot of other investigations. Just like a lot of DP and AJ members fawned over pictures of THESE ARE THE HIJACKERS they were wrong. Could these guys have been framed, yes. But christ must we always have to see the body to believe anything anymore? Wait until the body of evidence is released. There are plenty of other sources of information, eg pictures, statements, etc to compare a lot of their "official" evidence against. But for some of us to constantly jump to conclusions, without any analysing of ALL of the evidence, whenever anything bad happens is almost laughable, but honestly closer to pathetic and ignorant.

How long are you content to wait?

I'm still waiting for them to release all the CCTV footage they confiscated on 9-11.
Sorry if "the body" makes you queasy, you don't have to look but yes, they have to produce "the body." It is a quaint little notion that some call "habeas corpus."

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.