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Father of Caught Boston Suspect: "I'm Coming to America, My Son Was Framed" ABC News(VIDEO)

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Should have had Russia

Should have had Russia declare a no fly zone over Boston and had them find the perps as well as secure freedom

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Listen to what the mother says...

This is FREAKING crazy!


A mother doesn't lie about her dead son.

Bottom line? The FBI was "working" the older brother (suspect #1) for several years.

My take? The younger brother was brought into the mix by the older brother with money provided by the FBI. The FBI "handler" has his face blurred on the video.

The kid should have said, "The FBI set us up" when he texted instead of saying, "you killed my brother and I will kill all of you".

Repeat the bottom line.

Again, the FBI had another WELL ESTABLISHED relationship with yet another "terrorist" they apprehended. This "relationship" was SO WELL ESTABLISHED that some duo of FBI Agents got a free trip to the Caspian Sea to speak with the mother and I bet it was during tourist season, too. Your tax dollars hard at work!

Jesus. This is just too freaking insane.

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I hope Russia sends a team of

I hope Russia sends a team of investigators.


well that presents some interesting opportunities for the media to explore a topic that they seem to struggle with.

It's All Part of the Script

The suspects, and their "father" are only actors.