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Anyone seen this Sandy Hook/Boston Bombing link photo? Thoughts?

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Sequester cuts

have hit everyone hard.

From one distraction to the

From one distraction to the next - The three guys sure look similar. The argument I hate is how could so many people be involved in a conspiracy - easy when you have a few key people and FBI actors. Wish we could prove this but then again we could not get it out to the masses even if we could.

Would you play along, for say $75,000 cash?

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Just found this one too. Don't know what to think of it. What's cool is that my Latino friends say that the Latino radio stations are talking about the anomalies of the bombing day and night. They told listeners to go to Site linked below.
Oops too soon


This appears to be a hoax

Unless someone can produce an original source, I would disregard it.

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Thanks fishy,

Sometimes I wish that these 'terror' attacks were just lone crazed wolves. That way we could relax and know that life sucks sometimes. But when every single event has anomaly after anomaly I feel obligated to get to the bottom of it. DP is the greatest place in the world to litmus test lies, propaganda, or dis-information. So hopefully we weed out the dis-info (possibly this) quickly. I always know you are on top of everything, so thanks.

What are the odds ...

... that 3 guys in each place would look so much alike?

It's not like there are 3 guys in Waterloo, Iowa who look like 3 guys in Long Beach, California.

This is SANDY HOOK and BOSTON. And they are (presumed) law enforcement. #3 looks like a dead ringer, #2 looks like very likely the same guy, and #1 hard to tell because of hat and angle, but certainly cannot be ruled out. And if 2 of the 3 are the same guys, then the 3rd is most likely, too, as they would be working as a team.

Show me any 3 cops, who work as a team, in any city that look almost exactly the same as another 3 cops, who also work as a team, in any other city. I bet nobody can do it.

Again, what are the odds that THESE 3 guys, working together, would look just like 3 other guys working together, in law enforcement, at BOTH Sandy Hook and Boston, where two mass murders occurred?

A trillion to one?

I do not believe

there is any way, judging by the "suspects" posture, the way the backpacks sit, or for that matter the shape of the backpacks, that those backpacks carry something as heavy as pressure cookers filled with explosives. Nor, do the suspects look at all nervous....thoughts?

Guy on the right

The guy on the right are not the same. In the top picture, his hairline is beginning to recede on both sides. Not so in the bottom picture

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This is high risk business

I have been fooled too many times on questions like this, and I have now stopped looking at this kind of evidence. The probability that it is wrong is simply to high.

It is not hard at all to find similarities - illustrated here:

Owners who look like their dogs. Which is the dog and which is the owner?


I don't know...

Call me racist, but I'm pretty sure all pigs look alike.

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Two and three are no where

Two and three are no where close


Where these guys dressed in Kraft International attire protecting the Sandy Hook families?

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Where's the evidence that the lower picture

is really from Sandy Hook? That's what I'm looking for. The picture by itself isn't enough to suggest anything.

You can go to the video and see the interview with the police...

...at the time shown in the picture 1:13:39


Not saying these officers are the same people dressed like Craft in the other picture, but the interview in the video where the bottom picture is from answers your question as to whether that picture is really from Sandy Hook.

edit- oops, I had had this page up for a while and should've refreshed before replying, as I see others already answered your question below.

It's a CBS interview

of Newtown, CT police officers by Elaine Quijano. She interviewed others as well:

As odd as certain circumstances of that tragedy were, I'm sure the similarity in appearance of the three officers is a coincidence.

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the answer to your question...

Below the posted pictures you'll see the title of the youtube video called Sandy Hook Hoax Ultimate- Reupload. I am watching it now and at the 1:13:18 mark the three men seen in the bottom picture are being interviewed about Sandy Hook. I don't know if they are the same men in the top photo but this is where you will find them. Whoever put this video compilation together did a great job of pointing out the oddities and bazaar reactions of those interviewed, it's worth the watch.

Looks like

All cops have an evil-twin in another department, not far from each other.
Looks like they have a "cookie cutter" at the police department and if you fit one of our "molds"...you get to be a cop.
I'm waiting for a scientific connection for how we look determines what we will be, or become in life.
Yeah, I know...I'm gonna catch it for saying that, but it does seem like most cops all have a certain "style" about them.
Maybe this is why there are so many innocent people in prison?

Living in several different States and working with people in

each one for a time, I can personally attest that people who look alike generally have the same personalities or share many traits, some even the same voice nearly.

There's even one case personal to me where someone I met said one of my family members looked and sounded just like her deceased sister. They even had the same first name.

It's rather spooky.

We may not all be as completely unique as we like to think. I suspect that our personality traits go hand in hand with outward expression of our genetics. It may not be as simple as a one-to-one correlation, most likely, it takes an great degree of similarity to show up, but I've seen it too many times to dissmiss the idea out of hand.

Not the same

Although the angles make a definitive answer very difficult, I am comfortable saying these are NOT the same three individuals.

The haircuts and the uniform lends to the mind wanting to make the connection, but n my honest opinion these are 6 different men.

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This trios new name from now on is

the three 'musketfears'.

One for all! All for one!

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Context please. Can you

Context please. Can you expand on this post for me. I am not up to speed on the photos. Thanks

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Hairline on #3 different

hairline on side of head different from the other pic.

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Wow! Uncanny resemblances, and even in the same order.

These guys are a team and must travel together for these photo oops.
They like to dress alike, which is pretty concerning.
Matching pajamas too, ya think? Thanks for posting.

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The guy in the middle is the same frigging guy!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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I tell you what

They are very bloody similar looking! All of them, Does anyone have some facial recognition software or something?

I have a feeling it's a coincidence, but then again, they look so alike! . . . . Especially that middle guy.

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So are the end guys.

The dynamic trio.