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Why I believe Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are innocent patsies.

Let me open with a little coincidence. Did anyone else notice that 4chan identified men near the bomb scene, before the bomb with a backpack, then after without the backpack. Then, the FBI produces photos of Dzhokar and Tamerlan and presents the exact same rationale, AND demands we not look at other photos. WHAT? Why are we so confident these are the only people involved? There were more than 2 bombs. It also means that when you or I try to discuss this with neighbors, they will think we are talking about these boys, not the men in gooniforms. Sure, just an oddity, but when I start piling the oddities up, they paint a pretty clear picture for me. Let me lay out a few more brush strokes, see what you see for yourself...

Does hypnosis even work? Oh yes. Hell yes. Without a doubt.


The hypnotist at the comedy club will assure you that he CAN NOT make you do anything you would not normally do, and that is a lie. He may believe the lie, that is what the instructors will say in hypnosis training. However, anyone with a little hypnosis training and a little curiosity soon realizes that it is not true. The simple fact is, ANYONE can be hypnotized, and if the hypnotist is evil enough, they can make you do anything. For the record, I do not even try to hypnotize people, I try to educate them about the dangers of hypnosis, mass hypnosis in particular but today I want to focus on MK Ultra type hypnosis. You see, we are ALL ripe for the picking. If I caught you at the right moment, I could drop you off to la-la-land. How is the right moment created....?

Anyone feel overwhelmed these days? You've got 40,000 "secret numbers" you have to remember or you can't access your banking accounts, you emails, your voicemails... Then there is the stress at work, or the stress of unemployment, the ENDLESS bad news, family issues (good or bad, they weigh on the mind)... In the course I took, all data was called "information units." You flood a brain with "too much information" :) (they do love ritual mockery) and it starts to look for a solution, any solution, to start getting all that data processed. Someone with the very basic training I took knows what to look for in your eyes, your breath patterns, and if we catch you at the right moment, I can snap my fingers, touch you, and... nighty-night. I do NOT have to plant a suggestion beforehand as some will claim. I have to catch you at the right moment, that is all. Once you are under, you are utterly vulnerable.
Think I'm kidding?


This video needs a LOT more views, don't you think?

OK, so why do I think this case is a government mind control project?


It is time to find a way to bring JUSTICE for all, or there is no hope for liberty for any of us. This is out of control, they killed the hacker kid, killed Adam Lanza and smeared his name, destroyed James Holmes and continue to pharmaceuticly torture him... Then they use this all to get everyone to agree that the "mentally ill" should be disarmed. Well, the mentally ill are the ones with a military at their disposal, and we really need to take away their power. No violence, no threats, just stop using their FRNs. It is that easy and that hard. I'm open to better suggestions, but if we don't stop these maniacs people who love liberty are going to be set up and taken down one by one, and that includes YOU.

Thanks to dducks for reminding me of this: You don't need to be a hypnotist at all to gain total control of a person temporarily.


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Thank you, fishy!

Derren Brown's 'street hypnosis,' using blank paper to "buy" a $4,500 diamond ring from a NYC jeweler is hilarious. I have watched a lot of his show's episodes, but I had no idea he conducted that MK-ULTRA-like mind controlled assassin experiment. HOLY F ^ C K. I already fully believe in top secret mind control programs (and a lot of various-"use" programming,) but with that Derren Brown episode! Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to watch.

To know what is possible, then assume our government (and others) is NOT doing it is pretty naive. Dangerously so.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

at this point I am reserving

judgment until evidence is brought forward. So far all I have seen or heard is accusations. I will wait for the proof.

I repeat, how long will you wait?

I am still waiting for the CCTV video they confiscated on 9-11.
Please note the difference between "innocent" (due to being mind controlled) and "did not do it." The foundation of our "justice" system is supposed to lay on the premise of "innocent until proven guilty." I believe I have presented "reasonable doubt" as to whether these young men acted of their own free will, and the history of a government that uses their own citizens lives as pawns in their chess game.
And I will repeat this, as it has fallen to page 2...
NAME THE EXCEPTION. I have listed several by name, given links to search pages full of other cases... I get snide remarks and downvotes, but no one can name a "terrorist" that was not linked to the US Government, including Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. If you really think I am wrong, NAME ONE. One. Can you even come up with ONE? I cannot. I HAVE TRIED.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

What if he sees Stephen again?


Btw, notice how it is usually the younger who are partaking in this. A more matrue mind would not fall this stuff imo.


i dont know if they are or if

i dont know if they are or if their not, i just want their fair day in court, without the hysterics of obvious bias

Is James Holmes getting a fair day in court?

Under threat of drugging, unless he cops a plea bargain? Did Adam Lanza get a fair day in court? Chris Dorner? Osama bin Laden?
I want JUSTICE, not people dragged through a farce of a legal system.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

i agree with that sentiment,

i agree with that sentiment, hence the "fair day" comment, probably should have enthasized it

believe me, i know where your coming from

edit:IF, one is given no choice, but to go to court, as it seems to be in this day and age,

im no advocate for government and its bodies ever interfering with peoples lives if they so choose, if they respect the basic rights of other people, even if they dont, i wouldnt advocate an extreme response to minor infringements as they would do to extreme infringements

edit2:dont forget
Bradley Manning
Julian Assange
Kim Dotcom
John Kiriakou

the Daily Paul

I feel the same way.

I'm done with the Daily Paul, which really should change its name to the "Daily Jones."

that would explain this:

zhokhar Tsarnaev 'Acted Like Nothing Happened' Day After Marathon, Friend Says


Ok...that's weird. Why would

Ok...that's weird. Why would he go back to school?

1) he was innocent
2) to act innocent


Innocent patsies or useful idiots?

There is no way that anyone in this day and age could think that they would not be caught after doing something like this with all the surveillance there is. But my question is the same as always after something "like this": Why? What possible motive would you have to blow up the Boston Marathon? Why would you murder innocent children in a school? Why would you riddle holes in people in a theater?

Who has the most to gain from these acts of violence? That is the question. If these people were mad at the system then why did they not target the "authorities" who run the system. Christopher Dorner was pissed and went after the "authorities" that are responsible and that makes sense. An argument could be made that the Oklahoma bombing was in retaliation for the Waco murders and in Timothy McVeigh's mind that may be just what he was doing and it would make sense. These events lately make no sense at all unless you focus on who has the most to gain.

Like Timothy McVeigh I think these people are useful idiots. I don't call them innocent because I think they "willingly" do what they do but at the covert coercion of the PTB. Mind control may have been used in some way but they had to have the propensity for such action in the first place. They are somehow convinced, by the very powers which they oppose, that these actions will bring about the results they as individuals desire yet it is all for the purposes of the PTB.

I can think of no other logical explanation. Unless they are just what the government says which is just deranged individuals who want to randomly kill people. I could entertain that thought when single individuals do things like this but not when two or more are involved. But in the end we will not know and the government will acquire more power and we will loose more freedom. Who has the most to gain?

The TITLE is good...

The rest is not.

However, there are many reasons we should not take what the FBI puts out there as gospel.

Confession of a government mind controling doctor

"In his book Hypnotism, [48] Dr. Estabrooks states that the creation of experimental multiple personality for operational use in military subjects, whom he refers to as super spies, is ethical because of the demands of war. BB 159, 162"


Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

So right.

They only threw grenades at the cops because the cops would just not leave them alone.

As for having grenades in the car anyway, it's probably just some ethnic Chechen tradition. Nothing suspicious there at all.

As for not declaring their innocence immediately once the world was informed they were the suspects, how could they know their pictures were all over the TV since they never watched TV and only used the Internet to play games and socialize on Facebook?

And, I mean, let's be sensible about this: At night one could easily mistake a Mercedes for a Honda and take the wrong car, even if there is already a driver in it.

It's all perfectly normal behavior when you're innocent.

The police and Media has

The police and Media has claimed that they had grenades; is there any proof other than those two sources?

Where does one acquire grenades; it is not like ones local criminal -who sells guns out of the trunk of his car- carries grenades.

You are operating off of the premise that what the police said is the truth. You have no other evidence but what the police and Feds have said -via the media- is truthful.

As long as one can prove that the police and Feds have lied in the past, then one is more prudent to believe that everything the police and Feds say is a lie until proven otherwise. If one has been shown evidence that the police and Feds have lied to the American people in the past, and yet this person -for one reason or another- still believes without question the story told to them by the police or Feds; then it is reasonable to question if said individual has actually learned anything, or if this said individual thinks.

Reportedly, they had grenades, much firepower, and

one account said they were still throwing pressure cookers out the window! Why, (and how) did they manage to have such an arsenal? It must have taken many hours to load it all in their vehicle!
I have my doubts that even two navy seals would have been capable of carrying out the trail of destruction that has been described repeatedly!!

FBI versus cops!

The FBI equipped these people with all the grenades (or whatever) and hypnotized them and COMMANDED them to kill cops.

Even though you can't trust the media you can rest assured these details are probably true.


Your comment made me laugh.

Your comment made me laugh. Thinking of a car travelling down the road with pressure-cooker flying out the passenger-side window, to then explode on the road behind the vehicle but in-front of police cruisers which would be swerving around the pressure-cooker explosives. This made me think of how in Donkey Kong, Mario had to dodge barrels thrown at him by Donkey Kong.

I wonder that also, about how they acquired such an arsenal, especially since they stole a car at MIT before they started shooting and throwing pressure-cooker bombs at the police. I think it would be worth looking into where they happen to acquire hand grenades as well; they are not that easy to come by -only certain people(arms dealers) carry that kind of weaponry. One cannot go to their local criminal selling guns out of the truck of his car and proceed to acquire hand grenades.

LOL @ Donkey Kong! That is

LOL @ Donkey Kong! That is funny to picture.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Many different people heard

Many different people heard explosions

And this guy who had a bullet go into his house saw them throw explosives

Answer me this question. If

Answer me this question. If they stole a car at MIT, where did they get yet another pressure-cooker bomb, which your witness says he saw the two people light and through at the police? Also, he never identifies the individuals -at least not from what I saw of the video. A technicality is that the NEWS woman is leading the witness in questioning; this is not a good practice to utilize if someone wants the truth of what someone witnessed- it is a good practice to utilize, however, if one wants to direct the testimony of the witness.

He's not my witness, he is a

He's not my witness, he is a witness. You said that you can't take just the word of the police, so I provided other witnesses. I had actually heard the Kitzenberg guy in a different interview with a radio station and he said the same thing, that's why I looked him up online, so I don't think he said what he said because he was "led" to by the news woman. Also I don't find it too hard to believe they had 3 explosives on them in backpacks. I think most people claim they heard 1 large and 2 small explosions. You can investigate and ask questions and whatever you want from there, I'm just pointing out it is not just the word of the police, there are other witnesses.

please post the links

please post the links for these, so i can make my own mind up, from my perspective, ive only heard third hand comments to these claims, i want to read the article or whatever it is that convinced YOU, of these claims.....not gonna shift through the histerical bullshit, when i can reasonably ask someone else whose already done so, were to look......up to you

ok, for those who are in this boat, heres what ive found so far


Our very own micheal nystrom (hope hes safe), hearing loud bangs, with links to twitter feeds covering the event unfolding, so we know at least there were explosions

Micheal, your worth a thousand msm's, you i trust

edit2: except the red ones...i luuurve the red ones :D

edit3: what were we talking about again..

Look at the friggin' links!

MIND CONTROLLED. Yes, people who are being DELIBERATELY MIND CONTROLLED are innocent.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Is it ok to think

that it was a couple of small time losers that wanted to be big men and kill people. I am a small gvt Ron Paul supporter who gets that gvt does bad things, but I have seen 119 theories, please consider 2 ham and eggers did this.


Ah, the old fashioned sensible type is not extinct yet!!

The "Manchurian Candidate" defense?

Perfectly logical. I wonder if his Public Defender will try that one.

I think you've been watching too many movies.

"Hypnotic mind control" is no different than training a dog

Humans maintain a certain degree of delusion regarding their mortality for psychological health.

Like any other animal, humans are subject to conditioning. Many of our behaviors are not within our conscious control. Awareness of this can be unsettling, so most of us maintain a delusion in regards to the extent of our free will.

This feature of humanity has and always will be exploited for every conceivable purpose.

Watch more Derren Brown. He exposes human nature.