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Why I believe Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are innocent patsies.

Let me open with a little coincidence. Did anyone else notice that 4chan identified men near the bomb scene, before the bomb with a backpack, then after without the backpack. Then, the FBI produces photos of Dzhokar and Tamerlan and presents the exact same rationale, AND demands we not look at other photos. WHAT? Why are we so confident these are the only people involved? There were more than 2 bombs. It also means that when you or I try to discuss this with neighbors, they will think we are talking about these boys, not the men in gooniforms. Sure, just an oddity, but when I start piling the oddities up, they paint a pretty clear picture for me. Let me lay out a few more brush strokes, see what you see for yourself...

Does hypnosis even work? Oh yes. Hell yes. Without a doubt.


The hypnotist at the comedy club will assure you that he CAN NOT make you do anything you would not normally do, and that is a lie. He may believe the lie, that is what the instructors will say in hypnosis training. However, anyone with a little hypnosis training and a little curiosity soon realizes that it is not true. The simple fact is, ANYONE can be hypnotized, and if the hypnotist is evil enough, they can make you do anything. For the record, I do not even try to hypnotize people, I try to educate them about the dangers of hypnosis, mass hypnosis in particular but today I want to focus on MK Ultra type hypnosis. You see, we are ALL ripe for the picking. If I caught you at the right moment, I could drop you off to la-la-land. How is the right moment created....?

Anyone feel overwhelmed these days? You've got 40,000 "secret numbers" you have to remember or you can't access your banking accounts, you emails, your voicemails... Then there is the stress at work, or the stress of unemployment, the ENDLESS bad news, family issues (good or bad, they weigh on the mind)... In the course I took, all data was called "information units." You flood a brain with "too much information" :) (they do love ritual mockery) and it starts to look for a solution, any solution, to start getting all that data processed. Someone with the very basic training I took knows what to look for in your eyes, your breath patterns, and if we catch you at the right moment, I can snap my fingers, touch you, and... nighty-night. I do NOT have to plant a suggestion beforehand as some will claim. I have to catch you at the right moment, that is all. Once you are under, you are utterly vulnerable.
Think I'm kidding?


This video needs a LOT more views, don't you think?

OK, so why do I think this case is a government mind control project?


It is time to find a way to bring JUSTICE for all, or there is no hope for liberty for any of us. This is out of control, they killed the hacker kid, killed Adam Lanza and smeared his name, destroyed James Holmes and continue to pharmaceuticly torture him... Then they use this all to get everyone to agree that the "mentally ill" should be disarmed. Well, the mentally ill are the ones with a military at their disposal, and we really need to take away their power. No violence, no threats, just stop using their FRNs. It is that easy and that hard. I'm open to better suggestions, but if we don't stop these maniacs people who love liberty are going to be set up and taken down one by one, and that includes YOU.

Thanks to dducks for reminding me of this: You don't need to be a hypnotist at all to gain total control of a person temporarily.


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So which is it?? And you guys

So which is it?? And you guys wonder why people don't take you guys seriously!

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

Apparently you don't know the

Apparently you don't know the case in question -like much of your fellow government apologists who comment. McVeigh was apprehended for traffic violations approximately 50 mile a way from the Murrah building at nearly the same time as the explosion. This means -for those who know the story and who happen to think- that McVeigh had to travel those 50 mile from the Murrah building in under 20 minutes. Meaning that he(McVeigh) needed to be travelling in excess of 200 miles per hour -to account for red-lights and turns and such, or he needed to travel at a constant rate of speed of 150 miles per hour without any stops or slowdowns. Maybe you should actually look into the case before you make ridiculous comments which only make yourself look like a fool.

This is why sheeple are called sheeple. You know nothing of the investigation or the facts of the case, and yet just like lemmings you fall in line with the loudest narrative which violates some, if not all, of the facts; very intelligent.

@ Unblided Also, anybody can

@ Unblided

Also, anybody can clearly calculate that to travel nearly 50 miles at 85 miles per hour -which was the speed he was pulled over for travelling at- it would have taken 0.588 hours. This is greater than 30 minutes(35.29minutes to be exact), which is more than fifteen minutes greater than the time allotted, even without taking into consideration red-lights, stop signs, turns, and just general traffic.

So yes, basic knowledge of the case can go very far when questioning government propaganda.

I do not provide links for a very simple reason. It took me under two minutes to do a basic search using terms from my comment to find the information needed; if you are so interested in the case then it is better that you yourself do the most basic of investigations. For, I cannot prove anything to you; you must search for it yourself.

I definitely believe that the

I definitely believe that the govt is untrustworthy and has and does do downright evil things, including false flags. What I don't believe is that they are smart enough to pull off these elaborate schemes, but dumb enough to leave a giant hole like that in the story because they can't do simple math! Next

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

You'll have to claim to be an adult to watch this

Google won't be responsible for the content...
Yes, Ted Kaczynsky was a patsy.

Tim McVeigh:

Now, I don't expect you to look at one article and "believe" - I expect you to take one article as "reasonable doubt" and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH now.

And as for Randy Weaver not having any charges against him, he has a dead wife instead. That seems OK to you? Have agents come and set you up, then murder your wife in cold blood, but hey - they did not press charges...

Look into Edgar Steele. You will see him painted as a really bad man. But ignore the "character" and look at the circumstances, and see what you think of how well the system protected his wife, Cyndi.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


If they had them under ANY FORM of mind control, they are indeed innocent. You need to get that through your head. We ALL get used, and we are most vulnerable when we refuse to examine HOW we are being manipulated.
I don't think those who call me "conspiracy theorist" or deny there is any evidence for my claims are looking at the links at all. And NO ONE has provided me the NAME of the actual "terrorist" the alphabet soup goons have apprehended. NAME ONE or STFU.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.