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James Corbett: When False Flags Don't Fly...

James Corbett hits the nail on the head. Worth a brief watch.



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I'm a new fan of James Corbett

He tells it like it is.

Electable Ron Paul is my hero.

There has ALWAYS been false flags and lying from our government,

but the heights that the Bush and Obama Administration have taken it to with 9/11 and the phony assassination of Osama Bin Laden shows that there is no longer even any need to come up with even a semi credible story.

The masses will believe ANYTHING.

Given how many people even on a site like this

don´t really understand anything, means the chances of resistance to tyranny is virtually zero.

I hope i am wrong, but things are going down right now so best of luck to ya all. Police state coming and no. no one will stop it.

Good bye. I really hope i´m wrong.

I´m glad I dont live in usa, but it will come here I suppose as well, in some years.....after..

Justin Raimondo said it well...

"The Boston marathon massacre has brought out the worst in American journalism, as reporters jostle with one another in a frantic rush to get the story first (rather than get it right) – and as opinionators rush into print with opinions based on little else but pure speculation. The “sides” are already drawn up, with the usual suspects playing their tried-and-tired roles: we have the Muslim-baiters, the lefties convinced it was right-wing gun nuts, and “truthers” hoisting the “false flag” story up the flagpole in hopes the usual types will dutifully salute. The reality is that, as of this writing [Thursday, 2:37 pm PST] we know next to nothing about the perpetrator(s), and less than that about his/their motive. We’ll just have to wait and see – an admonition that, in the Land of Instant Gratification, is bound to fall on deaf ears."


Support James Corbett!

This guy's work is incredible, and the volume with which he pumps it out is equally as astounding. His website is worth a daily visit, but even more so, a donation that one is comfortable making in proportion to their income. James provides all of his open-source work free of charge and lives solely off of the generous who are willing to financially contribute proportionally to his time and effort.

As someone who also runs an alternative media site, I can tell you how disheartening it is to produce media, offer it for free, have hundreds if not thousands of downloads, and not receive any contributions for the effort. That, of course, comes with the territory of offering anything for free, and the message is most certainly more important than the money.

That being said, it costs a lot to operate a website; not only in time and effort, but in hosting fees, domain fees, podcast hosting, etc. It's unrealistic to imagine that one could become an independent journalist full-time from donations, but would it be too much to ask of people to help with the basic costs of keeping sites like Corbett Report online? I think not.

I just donated $10 to The Corbett Report. It's not a lot, but it's the most I can spare. If you like what you see, you should, too; because if you don't, it might not be around one day.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat

Excellent assessment.

Excellent assessment.


This is exactly how I feel
Thank you,

Bump for unadulterated truth!

Bump for unadulterated truth!

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I watched it through all the way before I noticed that it was recorded in 2010. That made me grin. Corbett REALLY nailed it, and current events are just proving him right.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

good youtube/video--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Ben Swann and James Corbett ought to team up.

These guys deliver the goods without the panicked tone.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Swann, Corbett, Gerald

Swann, Corbett, Gerald Celente, Paul Craig Roberts, Peter Schiff, and Alex Jones for some extra excitement.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

photos prove that he was walking by the blast area but with a

backpack on, and the backpack had already been left. photos also prove the craft int'l agents with a bag at the blast area and then just before the blast being on the other side of the street without the bag.

captions to the photos in an anonymous post on 4chan Monday predicted the entire week of events including the raid and capturing of the suspects friday.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

The photo the false flagers

The photo the false flagers don't want you to see



The suspect has been caught alive. He'll likely admit to it. then what with the false flag nonsense around this case? i'm not claiming that there has never been a false flag incident. i'm sure there have been many, but the quickness of people to jump to absurd conclusions without evidence really shocks me sometimes.

I don't get it, why don't

I don't get it, why don't they want you to see that photo?

It shows the suspect with the bag by him and he's by the kid that died, the photo only helps their case, does it not?

The photo proves nothing

But the retarded comments prove a lot. This country is doomed.

Everyone wants a photo of the

Everyone wants a photo of the bag drop. It's right there. Open your eyes. I didn't say it proved the case, but it does prove he was in the right spot and he dropped his bag.

The evidence is there in front of you and all you can say it's you don't get it.

There's a lot of photographic evidence against the brothers and to say there isn't is a complete lie.

Like I said it proves nothing.

To the left in the photo is another man with an almost identical back pack. And if you had access to all video and photographic evidence you could see no telling how many people cross that path with backpacks. And since these are two photos of the same place just seconds apart then that would indicate that they were cut from video so why not show the video that they were clipped from so we can see him drop the bag? That would be proof.

In this world of constant surveillance where they can rewind time and pick and choose who they want to pin something on or set someone up then they can make anyone look guilty as sin just for being in the wrong place at the right time. It's like saying that YOU are planning to make a bomb just because you have everything needed to make a bomb in your house or apartment right now. So you are guilty.

Is this guy and his brother guilty of participating in this crime? Maybe but until I hear of some logical motive then nothing is proven because images can be picked out of context or even edited to sway opinion.

I couldn't agree more. All

I couldn't agree more. All of those people just assume that this kid is guilty, and the only thing they are basing that on is the government say-so. So disgusting; it is reminiscent of when the Romans fed Christians to the lions and everybody cheered.

Also, that picture doesn't show anything. It shows one of the suspects, a bag next to two girls pushed up against the railing, and a circle around a kid who appears to be about twelve. How does the 'smoking gun' know that one of the girls didn't put the bag down when they got to their spot? Plus, the picture never shows either of the suspects with the bag.

trying to figure out

what this is supposed to prove?

All that one has to do is

All that one has to do is look at this event -The Boston Marathon Bombing- and the narrative to see how the government plans to proceed. The patsies are from Chechnia - Can anybody say Immigration reform -total lock-down; with the bombs -supposedly- being made using black-powder or gunpowder, the Feds plan to severely control those -Frank Lautenburg of New Jersey is already proposing a Bill for that. This is similar to when the British tried to confiscate the Powder of Lexington and Concord -it is interesting that the very same people who wouldn't allow the British to do it are clamouring for their own government to do it; how sad and pathetic. We shouldn't forget, that the government thought it was going to have Gun control past, and this could have possibly been instigated when it was to try and ensure the passage; but that failed -for now at least.

So, if the government had its way, then this event would have done what exactly: Gun Control would have Passed, Black Powder and Gun Powder Control would be Passed, Total Immigration Reform would be done including a National ID card and possibly RFID Chipping of individuals would be Passed, and Martial Law would be Cheered and Accepted.

Result, so far: Martial Law has been cheered and accepted, Legislation to control Black-powder and Gunpowder is being openly talked about.

You will see in the coming days and weeks that Immigration reform which will include e-Verify, a National ID card and possibly even RFID chips, will make it to the forefront.

Very Informative

Of course some asshats on here will say, this guy is only doing it for the money, and is a POS agent of the state, he is fearmongering ... I am really getting sick of it