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How should the Boston situation have been handled?

Just a thought experiment and question for you all: for the purposes of my question, assume that this younger brother is the actual culprit behind the Boston bombings. In a more libertarian society, what would have been the appropriate response by law enforcement and Boston government?

I'm already thinking they would have had much less hoopla to do because a libertarian citizenry would probably be much better informed and well-armed...

In a libertarian society people would likely be more well-informed, and well-armed, and probably would have defended their own properties and shot the guy on sight from their balconies. Certainly the people told to cower in fear and hide would have had a better angle to fire at the guy than cops on the street.

But in a society of people always looking to someone else to tell them what to do, this guy got a lot of extra time and opportunity to fight back.

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Anyone? Anyone?... Bueller?

Anyone? Anyone?... Bueller?