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Amputees can make a staged "battlefield" look real. check it out (VIDEO)

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*sigh* I like all my

*sigh* I like all my likeminded peeps here at the DP but these posts don't keep us from fringe status. Haven't we already confirmed that it wasn't a false flag and people really did get hurt? Does anyone know someone who was hurt or at least witnessed the bombing at ground zero and if so can you testify so the air can finally be cleared?

Why don't you buy a ticket to

Why don't you buy a ticket to Boston and interview one of the people who lost their legs? Not up for REAL investigation work... afraid you'll look like an idiot???

OH, probably you can't afford a plane ticket since you don't work and you sit in your Mom's basement all day jerking off to manga and videos about the occult?

The prosthesis in this video look used.

How long between the blast and the wheelchair photos?

Shouldn't the flesh wounds look fresh.

Why the asymmetrical smile in the hospital picture. A cheater's smirk? Or a grimace of pain through the morphine. Pre-race photo has symmetrical smile.

The eyebrows, nose and jawline of the amputee doing pushups sure are similar. Military has DNA which could set the record straight.

Losing a leg is a tragedy. No one should suffer such a fate.

I just don't know. Nothing Iv'e seen is without contradiction.

The right to be wrong cannot be infringed.

Why would anyone wish marshal law on Boston? It's all so troubling.

Free includes debt-free!

(This is still just

(This is still just investigative speculation.)

In the ninth image down in this video image series, Is that the Cowboy hat and hand flag guy on the ground behind the black metal fence adjacent to the two rectangular brown tables with the big black duffel bag?

Then appears cowboy hat and flag in hand guy by the brown wooden picket fence before it was pulled away, in front of the guy with the bone sticking out of his leg on the ground.

How did the cowboy hat hero guy have the presence of mind in all that turmoil to grab his American flag and cowboy hat from his duffel bag before he ran to the help of the minimally bloody legless guy?


Also behind the guy in the red jacket helping the lady up, you see a woman with part of her yellow undershirt showing, spilling the red liquid on the ground behind him.

What kind of clothing do Hollywood directors use that blow off with high pressure air without cutting through the skin? Most of the people who had their cloths blown off had hardly any physical wounds.


Athenian law makers decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.

We are daily, hourly, and every minute on Daily Paul and throughout the whole of the USA, Bullied to shrink from controversy.

How did it get so opposite from what the Athenians decreed, to combat the political correctness bullying, at one point in time?

No one bullies me to shrink from controversy.

No doubt the bombing was staged for an

episode of NCIS.

Just adding fuel to the fire!

@0:28-0:29, @0:44, @1:34-1:41, @2:16-2:19, @2:23-2:27,

Men in black shirts, khaki pants, and brown boots...

Just sayin'!

I don't subscribe to this conspiracy theory at this time. This comment is more tongue in cheek!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


wheelchair guy, Appears to be him.

How many guys fit this description?


I hope it's not...

Said in the NYTimes article that Jeff Bauman worked at cosco. Then that should be easy to corroborate. At least a hundred people worke with him at that store. Which cosco? No facebook page Jeff?


more of the government trolls!!! Gotcha TIGER!

as usual

nothing new here. The facebook cover up page and NYT hoax aren't admissible evidence on DP. GO AWAY TIGER!!!


So you ask for a facebook page and I show you it and now it's no good anyway. What a damn joke you are kid.

Like I said, the 14 people they say had to have limbs amputated are going to have to somehow play it out for the rest of their lives if they are acting.

it's scaring me

you show evidence and you get shouted down. Amazing. Like I've been saying Alex Jones down 2 blocks and take a left. The Daily Paul is for constructive talk about how we can advance liberty.

A facebook page BEFORE he bacame jeff Bauman

Don't play dumb with me , you Knit!

Before he "bacame" jeff

Before he "bacame" jeff Bauman

is that anything like the "crutucal thinking " you told me to do?

You're not playing dumb, you're way beyond dumb and you're not playing.

trolls don't want anyone to see evidence

That is your job. Distraction and a waste of life. Period.

Good video

Using amputee actors in training exercises adds depth to the training scenario. While this type of training can and does cost quite a bit more than normal training scenarios, the more realistic the training, the better we react when the firefight starts.

Agreed. It definitely boosts military spirit in times where

they are in shock and allows them to cope to more realistic scenarios.

anything to boost spirit in times where suicide rates are so high.

considering what they can do with making these amputees look real lends itself to the credence of staging scenarios.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

prison planet

down the block around the corner...that's where this talk is going on.
I don't trust my government, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Look dude. This post is an

Look dude. This post is an insult. People were killed. A guy lost his legs. This is so fucking in sensative. I hope the victims don't ever find the DP. These posts need to stop.

Oh not politically correct enough for you??

Then you are the problem

I see you've just thrown this

I see you've just thrown this out there, without making any claims, which I think was wise. But there are 14 people that they are saying had to have amputations. These people didn't die, they are alive and had limbs cut off. So if these people were just acting, then they are going to somehow miraculously grow their limbs back at some point, all of them. I mean that isn't something you can hide forever.
Think it through a little bit.

And this guy with his legs blown off in the wheelchair is not the army Lt. some are claiming he is, it is Jeff Bauman jr. and he definitely had legs before the Boston Marathon bombing. So let's see if he sprouts legs again or not.

the substrate is ripe for any new sources, and just like me

you can change your mind given new evidence, but if a form of media is not there to source it then the information will never be tested, hence this post and the ensuing test of claims.

I don't deny or approve of anything, but I want a place to wade through the best evidence the DP can offer.

In Jeff's case it very much seems like him, but that shouldn't deny people from discussing whatever is on their mind and adding to this post.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I can understand that and

I can understand that and that's why I said it was wise to just throw it out there without making claims.

I don't think from looking through many photos of the explosion and the injured that anything is faked anyway, but I think I pointed out a solid problem with that scenario if you think i through a bit anyway.


thanks and you definitely pointed out that there are real faces on these victims with seemingly normal lives.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

Somewhere on the Daily Paul

Somewhere on the Daily Paul this week was a link to pictures of a military amputee claimed to be the actual man in the news photos who was being wheeled off, still without a tourniquet on either of his legs.

My god

claimed by who?...a passing resemblance but please that's is a disgusting accusation.


is trolling this .. Let us look at evidence and go defend Nick somewhere else.

Show this to the guy who got

Show this to the guy who got his legs blown off at the marathon.

Also a "Boston bomb" @ 0:27?

Looks like the same type of bomb.