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*WINNING* My case against the government

You may remember my posting here before about the violent SWAT raid on my place of business. We have been to court many times already, and there is no end in sight yet. But, I am winning some of the battles in this little war. This week, I got back the merchandise that we all agree was taken outside the scope of the warrant; 16 boxes that filled the bed of a small Toyota truck, about $10,000 worth. And this is just a small dent in what they took.

We have another hearing coming up April 24, and we will hear more arguments regarding my property. We will win this one too, as there is no means for them to retain what they took. Almost 70 more boxes of merchandise, most of it glass, and most of that broken. This saga will continue. Thanks to all who have supported me through this. I will continue to update everyone on our progress.


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The bonding issue.

I don't know the specifics in this case, but I am wondering if there can be a connection to the bonding issue; whereby those injured by employees of government have the power to make a claim on the bonds of those employees who perpetrated the injury.


I hope

you are 100% compensated. (It would be awesome if money are taken from the police trade union fund.)

I wish the people responsible

I wish the people responsible for sending in everyone could be specifically named in cases so that they cant get off without more than a slap on the wrist.

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As well as the people who choose to follow those orders

See my post earlier in response to RobHino's image/video post: http://www.dailypaul.com/282641/an-opportunity-to-crowdsourc...

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Hopefully the destroyed property will be replaced

with original condition, usable items. We are pulling for your victory.

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I'm hoping the resolution is

I'm hoping the resolution is that my destroyed property and violated rights are made to feel better by a big fat check, and forcing some policy changes at our local police dept. Stay tuned!!

Good news bump!

See if you can get Ben Swann to cover your story - lol!

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