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Today on Ancient Aliens, The Boston Marathon Bombing.

opening shot: Some dude in a suit opens in a place with lots of books.

Some dude: "With so many points on the map of Boston, if one looks, one can find the right dots to make a pentagram. We see this again and again."

Cut to freaked out looking dude with funny accent:

Freaky Dude: "So you can't scientifically rule out aliens?"

Some Dude: "Well to be honest I have also found 20 instances of Barney The Dinosaur. Heck you look long enough you can find anything you...."

Freaky Dude: "So you can't deny the scientific possibility that Barney The Dinosaur represents a deep seated meme manifest cosmically in the Illuminati inspired streets of Banker controlled Boston?"

Some Dude: "Well I uh..."

Freaky Dude: "In the next half hour we'll explore these unexplained mysteries and bring in experts to talk about quantum physics, time travel, ancient aliens, butterfly caterpillars and tomato soup. Join us as we explore the universe and speculate about earthen tablets that experts agree don't necessarily have to be interpreted as having anything to do with humans. Here on Ancient Aliens: The Boston Marathon Bombing."


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I think my detractors are ignorant of certain things

like the spiritual vortex created in my bong which teleports me into the Youtubes of life where I totally see and apprehend the cosmic forces at play against us at all times...

so can anybody give me a ride to Carl's Jr?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Sounds more coherent than

Sounds more coherent than what's normally on that show.

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don't understand the negs

i thought this idea would fit right into the programing lineup lately.

This was supposed to be my big break into television and you guys had to RUIN it for me.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.


The problem just may be, it's easier to believe the ancient aliens theory than believe some of the propaganda the government comes up with.