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Obscene 'Patriotism' & FiB (sic)-Worship: Statist Sheeple Youth cheer "USA! USA!" w/No Evidence!

This is how a Constitutional Republic Dies, with a thunderous America, F' Yeah!

Bill of Rights? Habeas Corpus? NDAA Sec.1021/1022? Miranda Rights? What's that again?

People cheer after Boston bombing suspect Tsarnaev arrested


Published on Apr 20, 2013

There have been cheers and applause at the end of a fierce shootout that saw a man who kept Boston on edge for days, caught and taken into custody. A 19-year-old suspect in Monday's deadly marathon bombings was seriously injured in the standoff with police and is now in critical condition - READ MORE http://on.rt.com/9ay7qr

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Here comes DHS/TSA's "Deine Papiere Amerikaner! Deine Papiere Amerikaner!'


Followed by the next generation of overgrown, braindead, brainwashed GWB-oBUSHma Jugend shouting: "Good Bye ___________! Good Bye ___________!"

at 11sec mark:


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