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Cong. Walter Jones joins Ron Paul Institute panel

Congressman Walter Jones has joined the advisory board for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, named after the former presidential candidate and former Texas congressman.
The institute will focus on foreign policy issues including creating a “peace and prosperity index” to record the votes of members of Congress. Besides Jones, the advisory board includes former Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, and Rep John Duncan of Tennessee.


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He does indeed make compelling comments

at the opening of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity: "I do not know where the conscience is in Washington any more...War is something that is accepted, not debated...Where is the outrage?...There's still hope. There still is a Constitution...I will do anything and everything I can to wake up America before it's too late."

Our hero follows his remarks with, "I don't know if anybody can't say it much better than that."