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To the Minions of Alex Jones

Are there any terrorists in the world or is every single act of terrorism a plot by the New World Order?

And, if there are no terrorists, then how can any of you be a Ron Paul fan when Ron Paul believes that 9-11 was a terrorist attack. Does anybody remember when Ron Paul took on Rudy Giuliani by saying 9-11 was a derivative of our foreign policy? Kind of proves that he doesn't believe Dick Cheney did it, doesn't it?

That being said, I ask the question again. Are there any terrorists out there?

Are Ron Paul and the rest of us still "sleeping?"

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I found the video

It's at the 51 second mark. Ron Paul says he has too much on his plate.

Somebody down-voted this??

I wonder what the reason was. Are they down-voting my premise (and ignoring what Dr. Paul says here)?


Ron Paul is a principled man. So much, that he was politically dead until his bid for presidentin 08

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

MSNBC Martin Basher had a

MSNBC Martin Basher had a lengthy hit piece on Alex Jones and Infowars this afternoon. AJ is getting a lot of MSM advertising these days.

Proof - Poof !

Lack of proof just means that there was no thorough investigation. Ron Paul follows the rule of law. He responded according to the information and scenario GIVEN. We were told Bin Laden was dead because a photo of a room with a bed and someones blood on the floor proves it. You and I may need more proof but some people are more trusting. The logic behind Washington is: NO PROOF = PROOF .
It was another brilliant way for Ron Paul to stick it to the establishment that even when MSM/Washington lies they can't get away with it. Ron Paul agrees our foreign policy is a problem. Ron Paul agrees people do not hate us for our freedom and culture. The question should be WHO are the terrorists? The answer is : - How to instantly tell who's evil vs. good. : The philosophy of "control" vs. empowerment. excellent read. I dont know how to do the pasty thing sorry.

Is Ron Paul your God?

Alex Jones is an egotistical fearmonger and frequently reports misinformation, most commonly by referring to proposed legislation as if it is already law.

That being said, I really think you need to get off the Internet and do some old-fashioned learning through books. Order yourself a copy of Tragedy and Hope by Georgetown professor Carrol Quigley. Grab the works of Stanford University's Hoover Fellowship member Antony Sutton. Call it what you want, the Rhodes Roundtable, Illuminati, NWO, etc. but there are MORE than enough ACADEMIC, REPUTABLE, WELL-RESEARCHED works out there that quantitatively PROVE a conspiracy of some sort of an elite ruling class operating in secrecy to preserve their monopoly on force.

"The state is the great fictitious entity by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else."
-Frederic Bastiat


I know a few terrorists....

They wear red, white and blue.

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"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

42 failed Alex Jones Predictions


One of his predictions (at the 2:13 mark) was a terror attack on either April 15th or April 19th. Yes it was for 2010 but if this video is supposed to disprove AJ, it's even more scary.

By the way, I still at least some and possibly many of these (at least that I heard - I stopped after him predicting an April 15th attack) could still happen. If 15 European nations fail in 2014, does that mean AJ was really wrong?

Okay, let's say you're right and AJ is "disinfo" Question:

who do you think would be a better person to give us the news? I would like to know where you get your news so I can understand why you say things like this.

No sarcasm. No insults. Just a question for you to answer. That's all.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Q; Are there any terrorists

Q; Are there any terrorists in the world or is every single act of terrorism a plot by the New World Order?

A: Yes, there are terrorists everywhere. One is the current POTUS.

Q: How can any of you be a Ron Paul fan when Ron Paul believes that 9-11 was a terrorist attack?

A: Because Ron Paul does not dictate every belief that I have.

Q: Does anybody remember when Ron Paul took on Rudy Giuliani by saying 9-11 was a derivative of our foreign policy?

A: I do.

Q: Kind of proves that he doesn't believe Dick Cheney did it, doesn't it?

A: KIND OF, never proves anything. KIND OF, is not logical. Once again, who cares what Ron Paul believes about 9/11. That is not why I like him. I like Ron Paul because he believes in Freedom and the ability for a person to believe and do as they wish, as so long as it, doesn't hurt anyone else.

Q: Are there any terrorists out there?

A: I swear we already went over this.

Q: Are Ron Paul and the rest of us still "sleeping?"

A: I hope so, as science has proven that 8-10 hours of it is, recommended for a healthy adult lifestyle.

somehwere ron paul had said

that he believes the government dropped the ball ...not that the were complicit with it but didn't heed the warning signs...I believe he doesn't really know and even if his gut tells him its an inside job he cant prove why futher complicate his position ?

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!

zzzz or not who cares...

don´t need anyone to tell me what is happening..

You wanna know the TRUTH? THE REAL TRUTH?

The truth can be found at the infowars store for $19.95

"Truth is Treason in an Empire that lies" - Ron Paul

Educate the masses, and win in the end.

Terrorism? What terrorism!

Terrorism is not a person and it's not an ideology it is a method, a means to an end. Do individuals terrorize to obtain a certain result from their victims? of course, so why is it so hard for someone to entertain the thought that a group of people, large or small, public or private can or would engage in such behavior to get results just like an individual might do, this is a paradox and I'm afraid there are a lot of people here and in the world in general that are unable or unwilling to reach this conclusion in the face of voluminous historical evidence.
Alex Jones is just as much a fallible human as the rest of us and to idolize or attack him is to loose focus on the message and that is there are individuals and groups of people that commit acts of terror in this world whether for money, power, recognition, or just for the sport of it because they are psychopaths and these people come in all forms and flavors, to say that these acts couldn't possibly be perpetrated by someone because he/she is a politician, religious figure, police & military, doctor, lawyer, etc. is the height of ignorance.
I for one don't really care what Ron Paul said or didn't say concerning 9/11 he is just as fallible as you or I but he gains my respect for his consistency as a statesmen and for his love of this country and the precepts it was founded on. I'll end on this note for the unfortunate public schrool indoctrinates amongst us, with a question. Does anybody here believe that the founders of this country thought there was such a thing as government i.e. state sponsored terrorism? If your answer is a resounding NO! go back to sleep and stop reading any further.
The first ten amendments to the constitution and those who wrote them by examples of their writing them down for us to inherit lived through the kind of shit we witnessed in Boston the other day, but if my memory serves me, I don't believe they cheered and clapped for the red coats or as I like to think of them as, our modern day Waffen SS who terrorized! Yes, terrorized unarmed private citizens in their private homes who were going about their private lives. Tyranny is here folks, stop making excuses for it and in doing so pissing on the graves of real patriots!


An oathkeeper & combat vet


I'm not always number 1; but when I am, I piss everyone the hell off. haha!! Good fun guys!! Good debate too!! Lots of good stuff going on here.

Awakening the conspiracy believers will be a long arduous task with many unpleasant responses and down votes. All of you that helped out and were subsequently down voted deserve a pat on the back. If its okay, I'd like to make a suggestion of not attacking our evidence-deficient friends as they attack us. I will try hard to follow my own advice.

Alex Jones currently being

Alex Jones currently being mentioned a lot on FOX Red Eye. Nice.

I Love Alex Jones!

I Love Alex Jones!

People please, when you're documenting current events, Please make the effort to lift up the screen in your window and turn your smartphone sideways when filming. Please.

And remember, your photographs and videos have a time/date stamp on them. Please have the right time zone on your recording devices and post the exact time and date you took the images when uploading.

I mean, this is DIY-CSI 101, really.

When you right click the image on your computer when your device is attached, scroll down and click Properties, you see the time and date the image was taken. All that information is right there. Alex Jones should have a DIY-CSI 101 class on this.

You have my permission to use "DIY-CSI 101" Alex. I am the inventor of that terminology.


The thread was at -99, so I logged in to make it -100...and someone beat me to it!

A signature used to be here!

Damn, dawg! This is quite a marathon you have

going on this post! Almost -100, too....

That's dedication.

What would the Founders do?

Never seen an Alex Jones show in my life

but I did study architecture in school and spent 13 plus years in the field. I'll support your theory of demolition by plane if you can show me 1 of ANYTHING completely crushing 9 of the same masses below it. That's what the official story claims happened. Approx. 1/10th of the top of the building (which would have been lighter actually)supposedly crushed the 9/10th's below it because of increased force resulting from acceleration due to gravity. Hey, I'll even reconsider if you can show me 3 of any mass crushing 7 below it. Tape seven coke cans together and drop 3 taped ones on top of it. Drop 3 crackers on a stack of 7. Find anything, I mean anything of equal mass, and drop it from 3 or 4 times the height of the whole if you'd like, and see if you can make this happen. Post a video of it, and the next day I'll call to take my name off of the petition I signed at AE911 calling for a new investigation.


I hear you guys are a lot like structural engineers. I'm an Aerospace Engineer myself.

Getting into the science of the 9/11 attacks would be very time consuming, and I haven't done it. So.....I can only say, without doing the proper structural analysis, that we are not knowledgeable of every phenomenon that can possibly happen from a structures standpoint.

I would also like to say that I've never seen a similar phenomenon; but I also have never looked. It is possible that there is nothing comparable to the 9/11 attacks; but that is not proof that the official story is not true. There is a first time for everything; although I'm not saying conclusively that this type of structural disaster has never occurred before.

Well... it isn't quite like that...

The tower was a structure built from millions (billions?) of components.

The tower was destroyed floor by floor - and I'd suggest component by component... your analogy wants us to destroy many floors in an instant.

My point is that your analogy is bad... and I don't think one can be made - even if you made a perfect scale model, I think there would be a problem scaling up (from what I remember, when you scale up/down such a model, the value of gravity has to also be scaled).


I can't help but add... your approach to the problem is not like any engineer I know. How many on the list of 'Architects and Engineers' are of the same caliber?

The fact that...

Alex Jones fans are downvoting your posts en masse shows just how right you are.

As I so often say when tragedy strikes and people on here immediately rush to conspiracies, the REAL government conspiracy happens out in the open every single day when a bill is passed or a note of fiat money is printed, and that's the conspiracy to erode our liberties. THAT'S what we should be focused on stopping, not these unprovable, assumption-based NWO/Illuminati theories.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Very Well Said

Thank you for the support!!

What I find most interesting, is how you've chosen to Frame this

You are Framing reality in this instance, defining "Ron Paul followers" and "Alex Jones minions" thusly:

Simply by using those words and the tone of your posts, you have defined two imaginary groups of people - composed of living, complex, diverse *actual individuals* in the real world:

Followers - wise, reasoned, rational, exemplary = Good

Minions - foolish, reactionary, irrational, damnable = Evil

You then take this artificial Frame and take a complex tactic - an indefinably evil tactic, no doubt - and come to an emotionally charged, accusatory challenge to the foolish, Evil latter group.

This is all mainly generated in your head imo.

There are many of us out here that are way, wayyy more concerned with Truth and Solutions and have no use for your Frame.

In answer to your question - which never needed to be Framed the way you just did - and actually is inhibited in being accurately answered by falling into it ... personally I'm sure that it's both.

Of course there are "real" terrorists. There are many people in this world that are turning to violence to push a political view and political change using fear as a weapon.

The sad, creepy reality is that the independent terrorist groups are fighting against the corrupt elites by targeting innocents.

AND the corrupt elites are infiltrating, manipulating, impersonating and outright fabricating terrorist to consolidate their positions.

Normal people that merely wish to live in peace and not be bothered by any of the evil corruption and violence - 99.99999% of the worlds population - don't resort to and would never dream of terrorism.

That doesn't mean we don't step back and objectively view current events without prejudice and come to the conclusion that this guy Alex and his team are often on to something.

Just as this guy Ron is in his way.

Make your own choices. Don't let anyone Frame you

Yes, I am a Ron Paul fan, here’s why and No he is not sleeping.

Ron Paul doesn’t target Dick Cheney specifically because that is not his style; rather he stated repeatedly that Bush and Cheney “lied us into invading Iraq.” He stood up before Congress and entered evidence of Bush war crimes. That’s good enough for me as that testimony will likely be used should actual impeachment proceedings ever transpire.

Ron Paul Enters Evidence of Bush War Crimes in Congressional Record

Linking Ron Paul in the same thread with AJ is self-defeating because they are two different personas; one is a humble statesman who has sought to educate people about the Fed and its economic malfeasance and the MIC’s destructive geopolitical influence while the other is an animated radio personality who focuses on current
events disseminating data and news to an audience. The pejorative use of the word “minions” to describe AJ’s followers thus need not reflect on Paulites some of whom like AJ and what he is trying to do, some of whom aren’t sure due to his strident style, and some like me who use the data he puts out as a counter to MSM’s corporate
sponsored pablum. His site is just one of a dozen sources I access for information.

With respect to the terrorist and NWO issue, I think it’s a stretch to imply that RP would attribute every terrorist act to the NWO. Terrorism is a tactic (RP’s own definition) with a psychological component made all the more complicated via the motives of dark forces. Rather than uproot the source, elusive (RP’s own description)
and unseen, he focuses on the symptoms (blowback, police state oppression, Fed manipulation) where people can digest the ill effects of misguided policy and agendas. How many of us worked our way to and from the idea of the destructiveness of foreign aggression. police state oppression, banker/Fed manipulation, corporate/fascist oligarchy, political DC skullduggery, and false flags. Having our eyes opened did not transpire through the prism of a vacuum consigned solely to the NWO with anointed king masters. We needed to see a logical succession of discoveries before it all made sense.

Ron Paul’s congressional speech (above link): “Are we being lied to?”
I think that is the overriding question which has caused me and DPers to appreciate both RP and AJ who have taken up the task of asking that question bravely where others have failed miserably. So my last answer is yes, some of us are sleeping, but that is changing.

Cyril's picture

Terrorists? Okay. And what about tyrants btw? Here's a refresher

Terrorists? Okay. And what about tyrants, btw? Here's a refresher for them :

History Lesson for Future Tyrants

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I'm not sure....

what this has to do with my post? Can you explain?