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To the Minions of Alex Jones

Are there any terrorists in the world or is every single act of terrorism a plot by the New World Order?

And, if there are no terrorists, then how can any of you be a Ron Paul fan when Ron Paul believes that 9-11 was a terrorist attack. Does anybody remember when Ron Paul took on Rudy Giuliani by saying 9-11 was a derivative of our foreign policy? Kind of proves that he doesn't believe Dick Cheney did it, doesn't it?

That being said, I ask the question again. Are there any terrorists out there?

Are Ron Paul and the rest of us still "sleeping?"

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Are we even speaking the same language?

Your reply has nothing to do with my comment. Where did I say anything about "showing me evidence?" You are just a hateful person doing your best to pick fights with everyone regardless of what they actually say. You are worse than the MSM, the way you misrepresent other people's statements. I find it rather tough to believe that you can logically follow evidence that you are shown when you don't even understand English. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions and you don't recieve your evidence in English. If so, well I guess my bad. I think there may be a movie on Lifetime right now if you want to get those tear ducts juiced up again.

I guess I'm not alone

Just checking in to downvote you.....

Your post is another example of negativity that serves no good. It also comes across as you being smug and self righteous. If you think you know how the world works better than all the "minions", why can't you just quietly enjoy your superiority without the post here?

And commented

You commented too and down-voted. Two negative acts. Can you enjoy your negativity quietly so as not to wake up the Alex Jones supporters?

Sorry, I Call it Like I See it

We are being screwed. The so called "News" is nothing but lies. 911 was an inside job, the giffords event was staged, sandy hook was staged, gulf of Tonkin was staged, Kennedy's murder was staged, etc...etc...etc.

Staging these sorts of events in our country seems like a bit of a problem. But yeah, probably shouldn't discuss it. That is the talk of the conspiracy theorist nut jobs.

Seriously, can see the point where it hurts politically. On the other hand, there is so, so much evidence to show quite clearly to anyone with the time to view it all, that without a doubt there is an entity within the US government that colludes to enact these staged tragedies. That entity works even further to control all major broadcasting, publication, and Hollywood with literally nefarious intent. That same entity has the power to influence elections. Past presidents have eluded to that entity. It is a HUGE when and where should we discuss it? Or should we continue to call any talk of it "conspiracy theorist nut jobs"?

To say there is a secret club called "skull and bones" who's members occupy our highest conspiracy theory nut job talk. But personally, I don't like the idea of a top secret club having so much power in our country, so why can't it be discussed? Oh yeah...that's "conspiracy theory". No, really, I want to know more about that club.


And I rarely watch Alex Jones. Have done my own research, most of it starting from information found here on this site.

Winning politically helps a lot.

The problem is much deeper than who is president. The problem is we have a lying media, years and years of corrupt influence with every form of media. The media takeover can be clearly traced and the resulting influence is evident. Whether Wilson's intent was good or bad, he established a federal "department" to orchestrate the media; employing the nephew of Sigmumd Freud and another prominent PSYCHOLOGIST. Initiating that department may have been due to influence, because he later spoke of a power behind the government so powerful that even the greatest men would not speak above their breath of it in condemnation. Imagine what a hay day a bunch of psychologist could have designing influence in film, television programming, children's programming, and "news". Well, that's exactly what has been done. American's believe the tales of evil Muslims, they believe that the American government stands for good and not evil (which kind of messes with 'em when confronted with the body count on our bombings that were initiated with lies).

Anyways....what a mess. The media is a very powerful weapon.

The bag with the gray trim

The bag with the gray trim straps the FBI supplied blown up still doesn't add up. I didn't see either of that kind of backpack the brothers were carrying.

younger brother still had his backpack after explosions

there is a youtube video - this guy shows images of the younger brother running away from the explosions - like all those around him are doing...

what's more, he has his backpack on.

What about..

the legless victim that immediately asked for a pen and paper to describe the person he witnessed toss a bag at his feet?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

What about

the fact that all three above comments are not proof of anything?

This is a fair, reasonable post (and it's sad it's so downvoted)

The Jonestown bury brigade is in full force. It's ironic. On one hand, you demand "investigations" and want to seek "truth." On the other, you engage in shouting down everyone who disagrees with you--EVEN WHEN THEY'RE TRYING TO HAVE A CIVIL DIALOGUE WITH YOU.

I'm done with any movement that tolerates Jonesians. If Rand wants my support in 2016, he'll have to stop appearing on the Jones show and distance himself from unreasonable folks.

F Civility

It's not civil to profit of off every single American tragedy. What are you? A gentlemen from 1826?

Grow a pair. Its the 21st Century.

I am getting to that point myself

before the smoke has cleared there have been 90 theories. talk about being lead. The AJ crowd believes everything he says these days...even though he throws out 25 explanations. And he should stop running the ad where he says he lost 37 lbs.

Fair and reasonable to you (which is fine by the way)

To someone who happens to view the output from Infowars as relevant and meaningful (even if partially so) its insulting from the get go.

A minion is defined as: a follower devoted to serve his/her master relentlessly.

So the word in the title is pejorative. Its insulting and demeaning in its intent from the get go. From there it offers an either/or question as if that sums us the position of the minions vs. himself. Ignoring there are many levels of in between here.

After this the OP goes on to claim Dr Paul as falling on one side of this either/or. Not recognizing the depth of responses he has given in different interviews, the limitation of him saying anything polarizing on this topic as it relates to his other (and even more important) endeavors.

You take the name calling a step further (which is obviously your right) and then shout that its a civil dialogue. You are engaging in the same antics you are decrying.

The truth is that there are a lot of vociferous JOnes/INfowars supporters on this site who may tend towards extreme support *as is thier right). ANd then there are many more who take it for what it is....another resource of information. Some incredibly unique, insightful, and important information. Along with bombast, bluster, fallacy, and the like.

I think the debate would be better served in finding common ground instead of drawing lines of separation. And IMO, this would start with realizing the post is insulting and demeaning (as are many responses).

Why punish people on the DP for believing differently if they support the core beliefs that you do? Why spite Rand in 2016 if he represents your most acceptable candidate.

I would guess that there is MUCH more in common than in difference.



When a group of people follow somebody else who has no evidence-backed information, those people are mindlessly following. AJ has been discredited so often that there is no reason to ever take anything he says as a credible. You have to proof of what you say when you say it. AJ doesn't have that; therefore, these people who believe anything that he says are minions.

There's nothing insightful about non-evidence-backed information. Your just playing with yourself.

You should really how a

self described libertarian uses pitiful logic to call names and paint with a broad brush.

There is plenty of evidence for many stories covered on Infowars (they run many MSM media stories you laud elsewhere in this thread...more on that in a moment).

To try and paint it ALL as having no evidence is absurd and beyond logic or reason. It is obvious that you have an agenda on this thread that is roundly unaccepted and disproven based on your need to use superlatives and generalities. Maybe if you toned down the air of superiority you would actually reach people (as you professed to want to do often). But in reality it seems you simply like the attention as sad as that is.

Earlier in this thread you mentioned that the Gov and MSM provide multiple sources for some stories and should be considered. But they also have been discredited countless times. You then go on to say Infowars should be wholly ignored because they have been discredited.

You should try for some more rigor in your argumentation and a little less bravado in your obvious inconsistencies. Without that you are the one playing with yourself. And doing it in public no less...with people laughing at you while you are at it.

You prove to be more divisive than your subject of ridicule. Well done.

I call it like I see it


Alex Jones

is a showman...with scatter-shot theories

sounds just like Fox, ABC,

sounds just like Fox, ABC, NBC, news.... Which one was saying it was going to be a right wing nut job bomber because it was tax day?



Best post I have seen in

Best post I have seen in sometime. If you are not a Writer consider taking it up!

It is not a fair and reasonable post

because the title is:

"To the Minions ..."

This post is titled as an insult to Alex Jones supporters. I don't like Alex because I don't like over the top sensationalism for news but I can read and when you are inferring someone to be one's minion it is about as "fair and reasonable" as much as Fox News is fair and balanced.

Furthermore ... if you are going to make an UNCIVIL post inferring people are minions at least have the common decency to define your terms.

What constitutes a terrorist?


I agree 100%

This post wasn't even disrespectful. Just tried to open an honest conversation.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

You're a good guy Nicholson

I know you don't need to hear it from me; but I want to say it.

Paid misinforments...the new trend..

Paid misinforments...the new trend..

Be very careful..The Daily Paul is swarming with them now. It's a compliment to the Daily Paul but a detriment to those who would seek truth..

Participate in America's future- Research Ron Paul- Truth will Prevail! You too, will be proud one day, to be able to say: "I was a Ron Paul supporter."

Please do not drag Dr Paul into your tirad...

Of course there are terrorists. Not even Alex jones disputes this. The question is who funds them? A- western governments.

That is the point.


Liberty = Responsibility

Not to mention whom profits?

Not to mention whom profits? Sure doesn't look like the Taliban. The US military industrial complex appears to do well every time blood spills.

Following the money...

is not perfect and proves nothing without secondary sources.

Ron Paul knows 911 was an inside job.

Meaning, done with the blessing of our rogue criminal govt. he just couldn't admit it publicly. That'd be political suicide. That's why Rand stays clear of that conversation. He wants to stay alive.

And of course, there are terrorists out there who are independent. It's just that most that have money are funded by and creations of our CIA.

Thus Ron Paul stating at a JBS meeting that there was a coup in our country, where the CIA took over long ago. He wasn't joking.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

I don't agree

the problem with "inside job", is that it washes the slate clean and offers NO accountablity, no justice, no solutions, no answers.. just more YouTubes..

Ron Paul said 911 was "blowback", from our meddling and being over there.

By saying that it is blowback, Ron Paul is not saying 911 is an inside job, but that 19 terrorists attacked the WTC because of our foreign policy.

Ron Paul is not a truther. I am not a truther, but like Ron Paul, truthers have the right to enjoy their conspiracy theories about 911 or not.