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CBS Oct. 28, 1993: World Trade Ctr. Bombing was a FBI Inside Job! Yes, You read correctly: CBS!

Rare TV NEWS report about WTC bombing FBI Foreknowledge


RearNakedSmoke | Published on Oct 5, 2012

Mirror of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F1Y6cGRXEs

Allegations of FBI foreknowledge
In the course of the trial it was revealed that the FBI had an informant, a former Egyptian army officer named Emad A. Salem. Salem claims to have informed the FBI of the plot to bomb the towers as early as February 6, 1992. Salem's role as informant allowed the FBI to quickly pinpoint the conspirators out of the hundreds of possible suspects.

Salem, initially believing that this was to be a sting operation, claimed that the FBI's original plan was for Salem to supply the conspirators with a harmless powder instead of actual explosive to build their bomb, but that the FBI chose to use him for other purposes instead. [4] He secretly recorded hundreds of hours of telephone conversations with his FBI handlers; reported by Ralph Blumenthal in the New York Times, Oct. 28, 1993, secton A,Page 1.

Ralph Blumenthal @ New York Times' Archives: When NYT actually did investigative journalism

Oct. 27, 1993: Tapes in Bombing Plot Show Informer and F.B.I. at Odds

Oct. 28, 1993: Tapes Depict Proposal to Thwart Bomb Used in Trade Center Blast

Oct. 31, 1993: Bomb Informer's Tapes Give Rare Glimpse of F.B.I. Dealings

Background on the former FBI Informant and 1993 WTC Bombing FBI Inside Job Whistleblower, without which SOME of you, even here at DailyPaul, would still will be bitching "Show me the Evidence!": Emad Salem

** If you've never heard of/about/seen that CBS clip, NYT article, or Emad Salem, and yet continue to arrogantly, a-priori, condescendingly lecture others that there's no such thing as false flag, especially in the more recent years, you literally have zero clue, about any geopolitical matter.

Time to grow up, cowboy the f' up, and move beyond the Blue Pill; whenever ANY event/misfortune/act of mass violence that proceeds to be largely propagandized into the 24/7 'news' spin cycle with constantly changing narratives, missing witnesses, and blatant omissions, you actually are a Tin-Foil hat wearing pro-conspiracy theorist, if you DON'T assume govt & its corporatist intel network are guilty, until 100% proven innocent.


Would you give a rapist a box of condoms and a compiled list of addresses, of the most vulnerable single females in a 2 mile radius, in any given city in America?

Seriously, WHEN does the 'brand' Govt become synonymous with assaulters, kidnappers, torturers, pedophiles, rapists, and murderers?


How many more proven, documented, factual 'evidence' do you need?

"Bad apples," is the single biggest, statist mechanism protectionist myth-meme: ALL coercive systems, ie. governments, are human-command control systems precisely designed to nurture and 'fail upwards' the most degenerate control freak tyrants among the 3% of the human population, for whatever reason, end up genetically predisposed to being sociopathic & psychopathic.

However, observing the cycle of recent DP-comments on the Boston Massacre, glad that it filtered out who are/aren't still gulping down the Blue Pill here.

What is hilariously ironic is, some of you, as a de facto default position, almost NEVER believe any govt agency or MSM at their word, yet, somehow at a time/after such ghastly, potentially Bill of Rights changing event occur, when they should (and must) be scrutinized the most, you literally hang on almost every picture and word that FBI and MSM tell you to believe. Worse, get emotive and be fearful about the very things that they're telling you to get emotional and be frightened about?

WTF gives??

Frankly, lately, I've seen more anti-AJ/InfoWars hate, than actual intelligent questioning of the info coming out of FBI & MSM et al. Even in his worst moments, his info 80% of which are simply links to actual MSM headlines (Infowars is still much more of a daily news aggregator), are still a gazillion times more accurate, honest and a yotta-times more sincere than any MSM on its best most blatantly non-lying days (which would be akin to you discovering a non sucky cosmic blackhole in your living room).

Even after 8yrs of GWB regime, 5th year into oBUSHma's with TWO Ron Paul presidential cycles and numerous posts on factual account of past history of govt-sponsored false flag terrorism, Sen. Church Commission MKULTRA and COINTELPRO reveal, some here actually still delude that govt never successfully conducted 'mind controlled assassins?' Sirhan Sirhan ring a bell?

Ex-CIA Agent Opens Up About MKUltra During Interview

What one does not know the awareness of the existence of, cannot know, no?

Seriously, do some of you actually 'think' that bad guys actually wear black, Devil Horns, and a ginormous high-altitude satellite lens legible sign that says "Me! Me! Me! I'm the bad guy! I'm who you're looking for!" ???

PS. Their patterns don't change:

OMG! OMG! via Infowars:

Boston marathon bombs: Tamerlan Tsarnaev 'interviewed by FBI in 2011'
The FBI interviewed one of the Boston marathon bombing suspects in 2011 at the request of a foreign government, reports have claimed.

Sarah Titterton and agencies

3:59AM BST 20 Apr 2013

Officials told the Associated Press, Reuters and CNN that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died in a shootout with police outside Boston on Friday morning, was interviewed by federal officers.

The matter was closed when it did not produce any incriminating information.

One official told AP that the FBI shared its information with the foreign government. The official did not say what country made the request about Tamerlan Tsarnaev or why.

and... OMG! OMG! That 1993 CBS video clip? Also linked via Infowars! OMG!

and... OMG! OMG! Alex Jones has a smart entrepreneur friend Mike Adams, who agrees with AJ's sentiments! OMG!

Security theater moves to Act Two following arrest of Boston marathon bombing suspect

Saturday, April 20, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

(NaturalNews) I'm trying to get a grip on the full spectacle of the police state theater we have all just witnessed in Boston. Where to begin?

Do we begin with the "lockdown" order that forced 400,000+ Bostonites to stay off the streets and hide in their homes while nobody admits it's actually martial law?

Do we begin with the militarized masses of armed-up police rolling down the streets of Boston in bomb-proof assault vehicles, all in the hunt for one teenager? Click here for astonishing pictures of martial law in Boston.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039996_security_theater_Boston_ma...

PS 2. To all Alex Jones and InfoWars detractors, can any of you, actually, honestly claim that you as an individual, personally woke up, or at the least sew the seeds of skepticism vs. "Channel Normal," among MILLIONS of human souls around the world? Or, be in a self-initiated financially stable position with an entrepreneurial business infrastructure to support and grow what you need to do?

Seriously? Can you?

If you can do it better, please do.

But, I truly don't get all the hate sedentary keyboard jockeys bitching about him and his endeavors, which if you do dislike AJ, can always tune out, or even those posts and links here that cite his, if you don't want to partake in the discussion.

It's like do you have a news crew that can pursue issues you want to task them with, or themselves be individually inspired to cover?

No, really. Do you?

Please tell me.

Um, yeah. Just as I thought.

Now, git! Got bigger common enemies to fry, no?

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Yea I heard Scott Horton (the antiwar radio guy) talk about this

THe FBI had a dude on the inside and he was working with them. Once the guy figured out how big the case was going to be, he decided all the risk he was taking being an informant wasn't worth what he was getting paid. Think about it...would you want Radicals to even suspect you working with the FBI?

Any way he asked to be compensated more and the FBI said Nope!

So he went to the radicals and told them look the FBI is following me and stuff so if you want this to go down you need find another guy to help you. And that was that.

I think he was supposed to be the bomb builder and the cell found another one. Presumably one that wasn't working for the FBI; I mean real hard core radical that was a true believer or what ever.

No Hard info on it but Scott usually isn't too far off and he doesn't get into Alex Jones territory.

thank you

thank you

Sounded to me that it was a

Sounded to me that it was a "sting" operation. the FBI supplied the bombs?

hmmm hard to tell.

See my post above.

From what I recall they were going to when they had the bomb maker on the payroll, but when he didn't get a raise he asked for he quit. Then the radicals hired a guy that was NOT going to be helping the FBI.

Nice !


Thanks mucho grande for this shizzie!

What would the Founders do?

One would only lament

that with so much power our government, secret service, Bilderberg, CIA, CFR, Zionists, Illuminaty, Masons, Jesuits, Saudi, Queen of England, Queen of Holland, Vatican, NATO, UN, IMF, etc have, question remains - why do they need this FAILURE to bring down the building in 1993, wait 8 years to finally do it, then do not do it again? A normal person would expect at least one new building going down every year, so NWO rulers can complete their final plan within their lifetime.

sho nuff a sweet

pile driver----- dropem on dey head - Matey !!!!

serious ass bustin OP !!!



"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

So, how did this all get swept under the rug?

Did Dan Rather FORGET that he knew about this? Did America's highly trusted journalist think it was not worth following up on? What do you suppose was on his mind when he said this?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.



Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul